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Our workplaces today are full of lingo, tools and trends promising to make our teams more efficient or in sync. But do they actually deliver on that hype? Join Atlassian's Christine Dela Rosa and a team of debaters as they duke it out over today’s most popular practices - from scaling agile, to dogfooding, to IRL offsites - and learn how you can make your team work better.
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Should that meeting have been an email? We all know what it's like to sit through a long and pointless meeting, but a good live gathering can be more inspiring than any async exchange. So whether you’re working remotely or in the office, what should be the default way of collaborating – asynchronous, or live?Join host Christine Dela Rosa and debaters Marshall Walker Lee and Dominique Ward for a meeting of the minds and see what they discover.In this episode, you'll hear from John Kim, of Emory University's Goizueta Business School about the high cost of unnecessary meetings, and GitLab's Jessica Reeder shares the story of her mind-bending move to flexible, asynchronous work. Harvard Business Review's Christine Liu joins to defend the magic of collaborative, working meetings, and "Rebels at Work" author Carmen Medina shares what gets missed when groups don't meet in real-time. For the transcript and takeaways, visit
Is there a shortcut to innovative ideas? Some say hackathons are a pressure cooker for out-of-the-box thinking, and others say they’re just a recipe for half-baked prototypes. Join host Christine Dela Rosa and debaters Shannon Winter and Kelvin Yap as they argue whether hackathons really are good for business.In this episode, Atlassian's Philip Braddock, Workday's Alex Jones, and service design director Rachel Lane share their experiences with hackathons – from the innovative and inclusive to the not-so-collaborative. For the transcript and takeaways, visit
The name is hard to defend, but the practice of “dogfooding” is a staple in product development. But should every company be product testing this way...or should we leave this practice behind? Join host Christine Dela Rosa and debaters Marshall Walker Lee and Shannon Winter to learn if you really need to “eat your own dogfood” to make products that work.In this episode, co-CEO of Easy Agile Nick Muldoon joins to share his successes with dogfooding. Atlassian's Head of Engineering Paul Slade speaks of the dangers of dogfooding, and Project Inkblot's Akilah Scharff talks about the limits of the practice when your team doesn't represent your audience.For the transcript and takeaways, visit 
Is your company working as well as it could be? This new podcast from Atlassian brings you fun and fiery debates over today's trendiest workplace practices, from dogfooding to agile at scale, asynchronous collaboration to ERGs. Join host Christine Dela Rosa and a pair of debaters each week, as they argue if and how you should add these practices to your work life. New episodes out September 7th.  
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