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Living With Noble Purpose

Author: Sheila Rose

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Stories can help us learn and heal. That’s why I share my own story of life-changing loss and life-shaping purpose. I'm here to help others find a path forward that gets them closer to their passion and closer to their purpose, too. I invite you to listen to the Living with Noble Purpose podcast, for inspiration, insights, and tools for growing a life well-lived.
7 Episodes
Music can fill my soul and give us hope. Today's song is "Something More", by Sugarland. I explain the evolution of self around grief and how grief itself never changes. "Some believe in destiny and some believe in fate. I believe that happiness is something we create."



Giving constantly can leave us feeling depleted.  Putting yourself first can seem selfish... but man, it is important! 
Damn you imposter syndrome... I won't let you hold me back. I talk about riding the wave of negative thoughts and fighting back!
This is tough. I drop a few bad words in this episode... This is my story. Please note that I make an error in talking about the month Adeline passed away. I eventually realize I'm saying September, and correct myself to December.  She Died December 5, 2015. She was 2 days short of 4 months old. Nadolol is the medication she was prescribed for her Hemangioma.   Here is the article in the American Medical Journal of Paediatrics.
 Just when we think we need to to do more, be more, have more... That's not at all where the focus should be.
Asking for help

Asking for help


Having a full life and being sad... it ok. Learning to ask for help is so important. Here I talk about the struggles of trying to do something impossible, accepting the challenge and working my way out of difficult situations.
Grow a life well lived. Here's a broad dive into the life of myself, Sheila Rose.  How the life changing loss of my daughter has shaped my purpose. How I grew a small hobby into a sustainable business through grief, anger and courage.
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