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I'm Working On It With Matthew P Brown

Author: Matthew P Brown

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This is where comedians, musicians and entertainers get together to share stories and talk about what they are working on.
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This week Matthew speaks with Comedian Randy Valerio. Matthew and Randy talk about how time is the most valuable part about life, work hard to make your life be full of as many good moments as possible, being present, staying positive and the importance of continuing to grow from failure and success. Instagram|MattPBrown Subscribe YouTube: Subscribe iTunes: Rate and Review on iTunes! Instagram|RandyValerio Ready Set Blow Podcast 
This week Matthew talks with Comedian Ali Macofsky. Matthew and Ali talk about how Ali got into Comedy, her experience performing in Arenas with The Powerful Joe Rogan, her upcoming shows in London, how she dealt with drinking and Comedy when she first started her career, living out a singers dream and much more! Subscribe iTunes: Subscribe YouTube: Matthew P Brown Instagram|MattPBrown Ali Macofsky Instagram|NotAliMac
Matthew talks with comedian Pat Quinn about getting arrested at Disney Land, working hard on your dreams, failing, moving forward and being positive. Instagram|MattPBrown Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe YouTube: Instagram|ImPatQuinn
On today's episode, Matthew talks about being a young bowling champion, 20 year old memories, Nintendo 64, being in High School when he was in Kindergarten and having a "Positive Mindset".  Please be sure to tell a friend to enjoy the pod and remember to tag Post Malone to be on an episode with the hashtag #PostyandMatt Instagram|MattPBrown Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe YouTube:  
Subscribe on YouTube:  Subscribe on iTunes: Matthew P Brown Instagram| MattPBrown | Abby Roberge Instagram|AbbyRoberge The Door Guys Podcast   This week Matthew talks with Comedian and Actor Abby Roberge. Abby works with todays top Comedians including Bill Burr and Theo Von. Abby has also appeared on Modern Family and works all over the Country as a Stand Up. Matthew and Abby talk about Abby's unusual upbringing in a Village in Vancouver where there were on 27 kids in his entire school. They also talk about the great achievements that Abby has had so far in his career and how important it is to constantly work on your self and work hard at what you love. The importance to keep going and putting positive energy out in the World is another one of the many topics they hit on. This is a great episode and a motivating talk about following your dreams.  
SubscribeonYouTube: Subscribe on iTunes: Matthew P Brown Instagram|MattPBrown Matthew has the final set up of the new studio! Matthew talks about the importance of failure in life. Getting through hard times and focusing on how to come out of it stronger and to learn and grow from it is a part of working on your self. Matthew talks about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and how some of the most brilliant minds and successful people are proof to keep going.    Rate and Review on iTunes! Subscribe!
In this episode Matthew speaks with return guest, Shapel Lacey. Shapel is a Stand Up Comedian. Matthew and Shapel continue their previous conversation in this episode. They go into detail about Shapel's hard upbringing, working on doing what you are passionate about, never giving up and so much more. Available on all formats. Subscribe! YouTube: Matthew P Brown Instagram|MattPBrown   Shapel Lace Instagram|ShapelLacey   Rate and Review on iTunes!
This week Matthew introduces Video to the Im Working On It Podcast. This week is episode number 91 and the first video ep! Matthew talks about meeting Adam Sandler, performing at the Comedy Store and going to the Winter Classic in 2010. This is just the start of a new chapter to the Im Working On It Podcast! Matthew P Brown Instagram|MattPBrown YouTube Link: Rate and Review on iTunes! Subscribe Everywhere!  
In this Episode Matthew talks about how important it is to go work on whatever it is you are trying to accomplish regardless how you feel. He shares stories of recents shows, talks about supporting the people around you and shares a crazy story about when he was a kid and had to read "Green Eggs and Ham". This story is one that you will want to hear!   Matthew P Brown Instagram|MattPBrown Rate and Review! Subscribe!
Matthew talks with Comedian Justin Hoff in this episode. Justin is a Comedian from Boston who has moved out to LA to pursue his Comedy career. Justin works with Bryan Callen, Andrew Santino and some of todays other top comedians. Matthew and Justin talk about how important it is to stay true to your self and follow your dreams. They talk about when life gets hard how important it is to keep going regardless how hard it may be. They also discuss some great career moments, funny memories and motivating stories.   Matthew P Brown Instagram|MattPBrown   Justin Hoff Instagram|TheJustinHoff   Rate and Review on iTunes! Subscribe!
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