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We changed our name from Stonecrest Weekly. STONECREST, Georgia Residents STAND UP!!! The Stonecrest Podcast is our community’s podcast. We will scour Google on your behalf to find hot topics about the city. But…We are also opening the mic to all of our listeners. Yep you!!! CHECK THIS OUT!!! Every Monday we will cover:* The Weather* Real Estate * Crime Trends* Yard Sales (if you guys tell us about it)* Community Events* And More!! What’s the more?????You get to SOUND OFF 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊!!!We have a call in line for you to celebrate your wins, give a heads up about an event, air a grievance or almost anything you want as long as it happened here in Stonecrest!!! .We also have a surprise entertainment segment!!! Listen until the end of every episode to hear weekly audio drama episodes.

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Hey Neighbors!!!We are excited to share this interesting conversation with our Stonecrest neighbor Joel Thibodeaux. Joel Thibodeaux is a DeKalb Schools audit director, and a former State Senate staffer.In this conversation, we discuss economic development, how Stonecrest can have a bright future and insight on some facts we didn’t fully understand. Take a listen, we have a strong feeling you may learn something. Support the show
Hey Neighbors! It's been a while since we've been able to bring you a business feature from one of our Stonecrest residents. Please take a listen to learn more about BCloud Engineers and what they have to offer!ALL Stonecrest Residents Get 10% off the Bootcamp. Use code: STONECRESTTECHBCloud EngineersBCloudengineers.comBCloud Engineers is a cloud engineer consulting company that helps people of color decide on the best cloud tech career path that speaks to their interest and daily work-life desires with 0 tech experience.BCloud Engineers BootcampAbout The Cloud Engineer and Cloud Security Engineer Bootcamp:Enrollment Details:Enrollment Period: October 2, 2023 to October 30, 2023Bootcamp Start Date: January 2, 2024Bootcamp length: 8 weeksReady to master the cloud like never before? Dive into our bootcamp journey where we transform novices into cloud connoisseurs, in 7 phasesPost-Bootcamp Benefits:1 Free AWS Associate Certification Exam Voucher (valid for 12 months of bootcamp enrollment) or 1 Free Microsoft Associate Certification Exam VoucherGain skills expected of cloud engineers with 1-3 years of experience, even with 0 years of tech experienceAcquire tech skills to enhance your tech and catch the attention of decision makers in the industryConstruct 3-4 real-world cloud projects using AWS, Azure, and Google CloudReceive a bootcamp certification of completion for potential reimbursement, pay raise, or acknowledgmentEnjoy BCE swagCLICK HERE to learn moreALL Stonecrest Residents Get 10% off the Bootcamp. Use code: STONECRESTTECHSupport the show
Thank you for tuning in to our election series. We are pleased to have brought you all five mayoral candidates. Please make sure you listen to each candidate's episode to ensure you can #voteintheknow !Follow us on instagram @thestonecrestpodcastSubscribe to our newsletter by clicking hereBernard Smithwww.voteforbernard.comWHERE I COME FROMI'm from Greenville, SC. I'm the son of Bernard & Sharon Smith, the wisest folks I know. I have a big little sister named Cassandra who has the cutest dog named Cooper. I was fascinated by Martin Luther King as a child so it was only fitting that I graduated from Morehouse College. There I met my beautiful wife Shun on the library steps and we married on 07/07/07- God's day of completion. We now have 3 little boys, Elijah, Emmanuel, and Ezra. Being there dad is my life and everything I do I do for Shun and the boys. I tell them we groom leaders in this house.A THRIVING CAREERMy background is in marketing. I received my bachelor's degree from Morehouse in Marketing. I dabbled in marketing and advertising for a while, but most of my work was done in the financial banking industry. After my firstborn child, Elijah was in a terrible car accident that left him in a coma for about four months, I never went back to work. He is the soul of our family. He now suffers from Cerebral Palsy. After Elijah came home, I started having my visions and started The Wise Men Group, and although it didn't pay anything it kept me busy. I day trade for a living and work as a consultant for GM. What started as a hobby, I'm also a professional photographer. I own You can go there to check out my art or read about my son's story at ​Thanks for taking the time to read.Support the show
Thank you for tuning in to our election series. We are pleased to have brought you all five mayoral candidates. Please make sure you listen to each candidate's episode to ensure you can #voteintheknow !Follow us on instagram @thestonecrestpodcastSubscribe to our newsletter by clicking hereDele Lowmanwww.deleforstonecrest.comDele (pronounced DAY-lay) is the daughter and granddaughter of civil rights and community leaders and has been serving and leading in Stonecrest and DeKalb for nearly 10 years. As a local government executive, past board chair, professional facilitator, and activist, Dele believes government should be responsive to citizens, transparent and ethical in its practices, and innovative and efficient in program and service delivery.Dele is a proven leader who has demonstrated her ability to set a vision, make transformational change, and raise the profile of the organizations she leads. She cares about the Stonecrest community and has the experience, credibility, work ethic, and vision to lead our city.Support the show
Thank you for tuning in to our election series. We are pleased to have brought you all five mayoral candidates. Please make sure you listen to each candidate's episode to ensure you can #voteintheknow !Follow us on instagram @thestonecrestpodcastSubscribe to our newsletter by clicking hereKirby FrazierBy way of introduction, my name is Kirby Frazier.  I am a former Army Paratrooper; a former dedicated member of the Big Red One (BRO); and United States Army Europe (USAREUR); who is Service-Connected Disabled COLD WAR VETERAN of FULDA, Europe and a Gulf War Era Veteran, and a Life Member of Disabled American Veteran (DAV). I am still praying for peace and the people of Ukraine in Europe. I am a graduated of Strayer University, Class of 2009, with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Acquisition Management, and a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering Technology from South Carolina State University (SCSU), historical black colleges and universities (HBCUs) diligently seeking the office of Mayor for the City of Stonecrest, GA. I am a former Army Officer/Sergeant, former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) for the State of Georgia Contract Management Professional, Manufacturing Operation Management, Quality Management, Plant Engineer and Process Engineer/Management Consultant and Loader/Unloader, and Package Car Driver.  I have worked in management within the private Industry for over 20 years.  Additionally, I am a humble recipient of the coveted 2015 Outstanding Alumni of the Year Award from Strayer University which is located within the City of Stonecrest, GA and Douglasville, GA up to the point where I had a life changing medical challenge.  Strayer University's Board of Directors bestowed this coveted award upon me for my leadership performance within the National Contract Management Profession.  Under my leadership and vision, we were awarded our first of two (2) covet Gold Graalman Industry Awards during my administration.  Under my administration, we expanded and strategically aligned the Atlanta Chapter to be the benchmark for other NCMA chapters to model after within the Contract Management Professions worldwide. This was accomplished by instituting a realistic strategic plan and chapter reorganization plan coupled with establishing collaborative key partnership and outreach to local universities, and provided government contract management continuing education to numerous corporate sponsors, prime government contractors and subcontractors, and other governmental agencies such as Center for Disease Control (CDC), Government Service Administration (GSA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FMEA), Veterans Administration (VA),  Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Corp of Engineers, the City of Atlanta, and Georgia Tech Assistance Center (GTPAC), where the NCMA Board Members conducted the monthly board meetings, along with the support of both the public and private sector partners of the chapter seeking professional growth ,and training. and professional development through mentorship. In short, l will leave you with something very simple. "Together, We Can Restore the TRUST and Not I. We can leave a STRONG LEGACY for FUTURE GENERATIONS to be PROUD of.  There is no "I" in the word TEAM! It will never be about ME.I am a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. and the Nation Pan-Hellenic Council of Dekalb County, (NPHC),and Advocate.Support the show
Thank you for tuning in to our election series. We are pleased to have brought you all five mayoral candidates. Please make sure you listen to each candidate's episode to ensure you can #voteintheknow !Follow us on instagram @thestonecrestpodcastSubscribe to our newsletter by clicking hereMayor Jazzmin Cobblewww.cobbleformayor.comMayor Jazzmin Cobblewww.cobbleformayor.comMrs. Jazzmin Cobble was sworn-in as the second Mayor of Stonecrest on June 17, 2022. Mrs. Jazzmin Cobble is honored and excited to serve as the Mayor for the City of Stonecrest. As a fellow resident, she has a vested interest in seeing that each generation in the City of Stonecrest has the representation, resources, and services to enjoy a quality of life. Ensuring that the city can directly provide these simple yet necessary elements to its residents is of the utmost importance to her.During her 5.5 years on City Council, Jazzmin built a reputation for being a strong voice for her constituents while also demanding fiscal responsibility and accountability from the city administration. She dedicated herself to setting up the city government with a foundation of fiduciary integrity and servant leadership. Mayor Cobble led by being vocal about improprieties and vigilant about instituting effective solutions. She worked in partnership with my fellow city council members to implement legislative solutions that have resulted in the unified government you see working today.In 2019, she created her signature, annual community event, "Screen on the Green and Entrepreneur Expo" featuring both youth and adult entrepreneurs in Stonecrest with free food, live DJ, children’s activities, live performances by resident artists and a family-friendly movie in the park to culminate the evening. Mayor Cobble has also served as the Chairwoman of the Finance Committee of the City of Stonecrest working closely with the city staff to ensure that contracts and purchases were compliant with state laws and city policies.Mayor Cobble believes that future of the city rests in the critical work that lies ahead in rebuilding and reforming Stonecrest. Continuity between both branches of government is the stronghold that will reinstate confidence throughout her beloved community. Under her leadership, the Mayor’s Office works in lockstep with the City Council to advance one unified agenda that will make the city one that everyone can be proud of. Restoring hope to the residents and resetting the level of expectation for the business community helps move the city forward, together. She believes this is accomplished by bolstering sustainable policies, processes, standards, and principles throughout all the lines of service that the city provides.Mayor Cobble holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from her beloved alma mater, Albany State University. She also holds a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Government and Nonprofit Management from DeVry University. Additionally, she holds certifications from the State of Georgia in both Procurement and Fiscal Management.Mayor Cobble has served in state government for over 13 years through various state agencies. Currently, she serves this great State of Georgia as the State Director of Fleet Management. Immediately preceding that position, she served as the Operations Manager for the Department of Audits and Accounts.Mayor Cobble is a member of the Albany State University National Alumni Association (also DeKalb Alumni Chapter), DeKalb Chapter of the NAACP, DeKalb County Democratic Party Post Seat HoldSupport the show
Thank you for tuning in to our election series. We are pleased to have brought you all five mayoral candidates. Please make sure you listen to each candidate's episode to ensure you can #voteintheknow !Follow us on instagram @thestonecrestpodcastSubscribe to our newsletter by clicking hereDR. DIANE DANIELS ADOMAwww.dianeformayor.comDr. Daniels Adoma is the current owner of Diane Adoma Consulting LLC a professional management woman owned firm who specializes in training, communications, and marketing. She is the former owner of Adoma & Associates DBA H&R Block in Rockdale County and was the first Black American to own franchises in the southeastern united states. She is currently a Public Information and Communications Coordinator subcontractor for the largest project that GDOT has awarded in DeKalb County and this year her firm reached a major milestone in growth.Her past work experience spans more than 25 years with fortune 500 firms such as CNN, AT&T, and others. Diane Adoma Consulting LLC is currently certified through SBA as a Woman Owned Small Business and is certified as a Minority Woman Owned Business and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise in five (5) states. Dr. Adoma has a doctorate degree with an emphasis in Human Resources Management, a master’s with an emphasis in eCommerce and a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She is also a published author and an expert in small business research in Georgia with her writings available in libraries across the nation.With a passion for small businesses, Dr. Adoma launched the “100 Women 100 Million Dollar Project” to help women become government contractors. Her community involvement spans across not just Georgia but around the world. As Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the largest chamber for people of color in Georgia she is also the membership chair for the Tucker Rotary Club. She has volunteered with Georgia Greater Black Chamber and ATL Airport Chamber and the Conyers Rockdale Chamber. In addition, as a member of National Council of Negro Women she hopes to one day be president to continue to inspire and motivate women that failure is simply a “stepping stone to success”.She has formerly volunteered with United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Be Someone Inc, Beverly Cunningham Foundation, American Businesswomen’s Association, Eastern Star, NAACP member, ACLU and many more. Dr. Adoma is often referred to as “Little Shirley Chisholm” and she is a former Stonecrest City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem and a graduate of Leadership DeKalb and Leadership Rockdale, Georgia Economic Development Academy, Minority Women Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Rotary Paul Harris Fellow, recipient of global Rotary Five Avenues of Servicer, two times congressional recognition from Congressional Hank “Henry” Johnson, Bold and Courageous Award, Titan Award and the James P. Culpepper Volunteer of the Year Award and many more.Dr. Adoma has two children; a daughter who is a graduate of Stanford University who is a pediatrician and a son who is a local business owner and is a member of Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church and chairs the business ministry.In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, walking, cooking, reading, traveling, and attending the opera. Her passion for quality education is exemplified in her journey from “GED to PhD”.Support the show
My name is Terry Fye, and I am fighting to Restore Faith in Stonecrest. Calling Stonecrest home since I was 13, I've watched the community come into its own and grow up alongside it. As an alumni of Miller Grove High School, I've worked as a young leader in my collegiate and political career to fight for a transparent and accountable government. During my time as a student leader at Georgia State, I fought to Create a pilot program for free menstrual products on campusFought to protect students during COVID-19 by introducing a Pass/Fail Resolution to the USGMentored young freshmen and guided them through their first yearsEducated and engaged students on the importance of youth involvement in their communitySince Graduating, I've been blessed to work for the community in Stonecrest and Lithonia by advocating for the passage of two ordinances to decriminalize cannabis under an ounce in city limits to protect citizens from overbearing government. Im a Gen-Z leader who believes in a Stonecrest that’s responsive to her citizens and active in their lives. Im asking to become your newest city councilman to continue that mission.Thank you for tuning in to our third Election Series! We are happy you have taken the time to learn more about the candidates running for office in our city. Support the show
Malaika Wells is a passionate and dedicated advocate for the City of Stonecrest residents and stakeholders, an exceptional leader, humanitarian, and devoted wife and mother.Over the years, she has dedicated her considerable talents to serving community with skill and grace as a program consultant for a collaborative action initiative, Co-Director of Global Ubuntu, and most recently as the President of the Stonecrest Citizens Coalition (SCC) - a nonprofit organization devoted to empowering residents and stakeholders in Stonecrest.Thank you for tuning in to our third Election Series! We are happy you have taken the time to learn more about the candidates running for office in our city. Support the show
Councilman Turner has served as Councilman for District 2 since the inception of the City. He has worked in various capacities of the community, advocating on behalf of children as PTA president; Committee and Fundraising Chair; GED instructor and community league athletic coach. He is presently the Chairman of the SPLOST Advisory Board and the Stonecrest Film and Entertainment Commission.  Councilman Turner holds a B.A. Degree in Mass Communications from Florida State University and a Masters Degree in Radio, TV and Film from Bowling Green State University. “I want what you want, safe communities; strong economic base; competitive schools; quality of life for our seniors and governmental integrity, that’s the CULTURE we will create for Stonecrest.” Thank you for tuning in to our third Election Series! We are happy you have taken the time to learn more about the candidates running for office in our city. Support the show
George Turner, Jr., retired MARTA General Superintendent and District #4 Councilmember - Mayor Pro Tem as of 2018. During the past 15 years, he has served on several boards, commissions, associations, coalitions, alliances and other volunteer groups, in an effort to improve the quality of life for the residents of South DeKalb.As a retiree with extensive leadership experience, he is accustomed to operating under very strict oversight and codes of conduct.Councilman Turner has lived in the 4th District for over 30 years and served as President of the DeKalb County District 5 Community Council.  He is very familiar with the codes and governmental operations of DeKalb County. His volunteer service of 8 years with the Georgia General Assembly has given him great insight into the operation of state and federal government. He served on the Board of Arabia Mountain NHA and is president of Hunters Run II HOA.Thank you for tuning in to our third Election Series! We are happy you have taken the time to learn more about the candidates running for office in our city. Support the show
Belinda Hull – candidate for Stonecrest City Council, District 2 – is running for city council to restore what's been lost in our city. She believes the city is at a critical tipping point in its young life. She believes through listening to residents, investing in seniors, inspiring youth, supporting existing businesses and attracting new ones, Stonecrest can be everything it was originally envisioned to be... and a place we all will be proud to call 'home'. She’s a wildly successful business owner and one of the most celebrated real estate agents in the metro area. She’s a wife and a mother and her heart is in Stonecrest… please welcome, Belinda Hull…Thank you for tuning in to our third Election Series! We are happy you have taken the time to learn more about the candidates running for office in our city. Support the show
Hey Neighbors!Follow us on instagram @thestonecrestpodcastGet something off your chest, shout out a neighbor, let us know about a yard sale, give your opinion on how we can improve, or just say hi; by leaving a sound off. Click here to record your message.In this episode we discuss the following, plus you know we went on some unintentional tangents.Walmart on Fairington Road Hour ChangesElection Series UpdateUpcoming EventsThank you all for listening! If you have an iphone, please visit apple podcasts and leave us a 5 star rating and write a review. Thank you in advance and we can't wait to thank you on our next episode.Support the show
Hey Neighbors! We finally made it back to the mic. As normal, our episodes are talking about whatever comes to our mind and little of what we put in our outline.We discuss the crazy murder mystery dinner that involved the MayorThe negative and positive comments we've heard about the candidates so farClearing the air regarding how we run our platformReminding ya'll to leave a soundoff for us to play next episode.Support the show
Listen!! We are mad at our neighbors. Why was turn out at City Hall open house so low but negative comments on social media so high. This is basically an episode of Angel being on a gigantic soap box pressuring neighbors to get more involved. Please tune in and share your thoughts with us!Don’t forget to complete the ARPA survey where neighbors can express how they would like to see the $9.7 million allocated. **ARPA Survey - Click Here to access    Due by 6/18Support the show
Hey Neighbors!Join us as we speak to City Manager Janice Allen-Jackson. She talks about her commitment to Stonecrest and the following. 1. The city’s open house - Click Here to register        Saturday, June 4th, 2022 11am-2pm2. ARPA Survey - Click Here to access       Due by 6/18Tune in to catch everything Mrs. Jackson had to share!Support the show
Angel and Gazza have returned to mic, bringing their authentic personalities and banter. In this episode they discuss their thoughts on the Mayoral Candidates and upcoming Memorial Day Events. You don’t want to miss it!!!!  You can also now listen to Stonecrest Weekly on YouTube! If you want to see our smiling faces while you listen, YouTube is where it’s at!! Click Here to head to YouTube!Click Here to follow us on Instagram Click Here to Subscribe to our newsletter Episode Links:Click Here to link to Mayoral Forum hosted by Stonecrest Citizens CoalitionClick Here to learn more about the opening of the Brown’s Mill Aquatic CenterClick Here to learn more about the Take Flight Summer Program info sessions Please see the links to the Mayor Candidate’s social media below: (alphabetical order of last name)Dr. Diane Adoma Instagram: @diane_adomaFacebook: Councilwoman Jazzmin CobbleInstagram: @jazzmincobbleFacebook: Kirby Frazier Instagram: @electkirbyfrazierFacebook: Charles HillInstagram: @doctor.charles2022Facebook: the show
If you missed the State of the City Address, we are pleased to share the raw and uncut version with you. We are proud to be residents this great city and extra proud to bring you this audio as quickly as possible. The anudio includes the entire program end to end. • Invocation• State of the City Address (Video Presentation)• Fireside Chat with former Mayor of Atlanta Shirley Franklin and the 2nd Mayor of Stonecrest Jazzmin Cobble• Mayor Progress Report presented by Mayor Jazzmin Cobble• Thank you• Closing PrayerYou can view the video on our YouTube Channel by clicking here.Thank you for subscribing to The Stonecrest PodcastSupport the show
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Lyon and Lyons, a story of reparations and repair in the form of Podcast documentary. Listen to a descendant of enslavers connects with two descendants of the people his family enslaved.Click here to watch the episode on YouTube!!Support the show
Gazza and Angel sat down with Matt Hampton at New Black Wall Street to see what’s new at the facility. He discussed some of what they’ve done to spread awareness about the facility, plus’s new events and partners. Make sure you tune in because he also discusses the plans for the land Bill Allen owns. Follow us on Instagram @thestonecrestpodcastSupport the show
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