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97.4 KBHV - The Beehive

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97.4 KBHV - The Beehive is a live radio show and a passion project. It's a show with real conversations, real songs, and most importantly, real fun.

Series 1 consists of 6 episodes and they're all available now. Subscribe, like, rate, comment, email, tweet, anything to tell us how you feel about the show.
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The guys sign off, wrapping up series 1 of 97.4 KBHV - The Beehive. Do you want series 2? Tweet at us! #yesSac #imaSacHead Want us to quit? #noSac #youreaSacHead
KBHV_The_Beehive_S01E05_Short by 97.4 KBHV - The Beehive
KBHV_The_Beehive_S01E03_Rock by 97.4 KBHV - The Beehive



Can Mike guess how many people died on 9/11? Find out in the second episode of 97.4 KBHV - The Beehive. Part two of My County Quiz of Thee.
It begins. Witness the first live episode of 97.4 KBHV - The Beehive. It's a radio show. Pretend you're scanning the dial, stop here, leave it on in background, be entertained. The guys get off to a bit of a rocky start with some technical issues (rampant!) but land the "bee" smoothly. Mike puts C.J. in the hot seat during the first round of My Country Quiz of Thee.
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