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Sleepless nights with kids, Lydia reveals the "crazy" side in relationships, and Brandy's prediction on the Heard Vs Depp case (recorded prior). Insta: NSFWMoms_ThePodcast Email:
Brandy steps on the soap box for a few minutes about IEPs, How summers go in a house full of kids, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial updates. Also, go figure, Lydia loses something, but finds it with the help of her Catholic Crew. Insta:NSFWMoms_ThePodcast
This week's episode, the ladies are in person in Savannah. You get the whole group of ladies and one mic, enjoy. Brandy, Lydia, Lauren, Chelsea, Cheryl, Jan, and Sherry all have input on the topics. Insta: NSFWMoms_ThePodcast
This week, Brandy is hungover on a Wednesday, and Lydia has a problem with a Facebook post about how parents should stop complaining. They also dive into the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case because Lydia knows nothing going on in Hollywood and then they discuss Ben and JLo's second engagement. We are opiniated here, so please don't take what we say as 100% factual :). Insta:NSFWMoms_ThePodcast
This episode we go into what an IEP is for kids with a range of needs for school and sometimes how you have to stand up for your child in these cases because the school may or may not have the child's best interst at heart. Also, Elon Musk is buying Twitter? And the guilt trips your children can take you on. Insta: NSFWMoms_ThePodcast Email:
This episode is full of talk on hysterectomy aftermath, taking your kids out in public, baby showers, and more. Next week we will have more Wikipedia News :)
The ladies discuss the Kim/Kanye/Pete topic, smash or pass for world leaders, Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars, and a bat cat.... More of what you loved from episode 29 - bringing back Wikipedia News. Also updates on Evie's school board case *Notes - this is an opinionated show and not factual - please don't at us :) Insta: NSFWMoms_ThePodcast Email:
Potter has been constantly asking when the next episode will drop, so here it is. The weekly schedule will now resume :) Brandy and Lydia talk about work, jaw problems, fake lashes, Putin... again, and many more topics. Come join for the fun and prepare for more wikipedia "news" next week.
The ladies catch up, Brandy makes more fun of Lydia's functional medicine journey and then they discuss Putin and spit facts... well maybe, they check out Wikipedia.
Lydia and Brandy catch up. The episode was going to be about birthday parties, but definintely side tracked into many other fun topics. Updates on Evelyn's school fiasco are detailed! Also - if you're listening to us for the first time, don't listen to episode 1! Never listen to the first episode of a pod hahaha :). It's the learning curve.
Brandy and Lydia wrap up this co-parenting choas and move on to the rebutal letter from Harry Potter to God on why women should be relieved of their uterus post children. So settle in for some REAL life followed by some fun. Email: Insta: nsfwmoms_thepodcast
Brandy and Lydia discuss Brandy's time as a step-mom and the challenges that come with a not so friendly time between the OG parents. Lydia adds in her commentary from the point of view of witnessing the events, but also as a step child herself. Parenting is hard, but when you have added tensions... it can become chaotic. All opinions and experiences from Brandy's perspective. We all know there are 3 sides of a story, so enjoy this side. Part 2 coming next week.
Brandy and Lydia discuss Murder Cabin and who had to miss out. Also, one of the ladies is going to be missing a uterus soon, so obviously details have to be discussed. Enjoy this super early morning recording :) Insta: nsfwmoms_thepodcast
Countdown to girls weekend has commenced! Also, more details about Evelyn's quarantine. Things got a little heated! Bad dreams about exs and other random shit that pops in your brain unwanted.
Lydia and Brandy discuss Evelyn's school situation and why she is on an unnecessary quarantine for 12 random ass days. Also, foot jobs, are they a real thing? They discuss. A special guest, baby Jason, joins the episode with wonderful background inputs that make this one... interesting.
Season 2 opener - Back from the holidays and all the discussions on parenting, the good, bad, and the ugly.
The last episode of the season! The ladies bring you a very short no spoiler review of Witcher, Christmas Traditions, and other fun things before their holiday begins.
Cheryl joins the ladies again for another "ask Cheryl random shit" episode. Also a special guest joins for a couple minutes.
Things get real with Harry Potter's response to the Thanksgiving episode. Also, the ladies discuss step family tensions and if Christmas traditions are worth the stresss.
Brandy and Lydia discuss their ups and downs through the week with their own spin on things.
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