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"Gang fights, shootings, graffitti—these are the stories getting headlines where I work.  But there’s a bigger story being written.  It’s a story of hope, and God’s the Author."Erin Ahnfeldt teaches English in a public high school. A teacher for more than two decades, he is passionate about using his writing and teaching to point to a God who is very much present in the secular and the day-to-day.  He earned his Master of Arts in Teaching from Wheaton College and currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and three kids. In addition to teaching, he writes honest stories to a list of subscribers about the struggles and beauty of being a Christian teacher in a public school. "Just like in sunsets, there's beauty in the stories of our lives, and God is the Creator behind that beauty.  If we pay attention, we'll see just how intimately involved God is in our day-to-day and just how perfect His love is for us."Erin Ahnfeldt: God is the Author of Our Stories | That's the #truthConnect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Erin:
"Life can change in an instant. For 20-year-old Aaron Baker, not only did a neck injury leave him paralyzed from the chin down -- it also nearly killed him. The doctors told him he’d never feed himself again.Until he did. Instead of giving up, Aaron went all-in and rebelliously achieved things he was told would never be possible.The Rebellious Recovery follows Aaron on a mind-expanding, odds-defying journey from quadriplegic to inspirational figure riding a bicycle across the country twice, training for the Paralympics, starting a business and a family, and more." Aaron Baker is a husband, father, athlete, author, keynote speaker, and ambassador for spinal cord injury. He has spent over two decades rebuilding his body and redefining life from complete paralysis. Through his adversity, he discovered a profound purpose and a deep passion for empowering others to live the highest version of themselves.Aaron Baker: Rebellious Recovery | That's the #truthConnect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // - That's the #truth: with Aaron:Website: Website: the Book: - Coming to My Senses: Watch Coming to My Senses: for Life:
Miracles, Faith, and an Undeniable God. From complete healing to overcoming medical obstacles, Josiah Stutzman has a story to tell.  After being diagnosed with seven strokes and a brain stem tumor, Josiah experiences the power of God as a nine-year-old boy, who in less than twenty-four hours, receives complete healing. As Josiah says, "You can't tell me God isn't real. You can't tell me God doesn't care." Join us as we talk about one man's incredible testimony, the power of prayer, and a God who cares. Josiah Stutzman: Walk by Faith | That's the #truth Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Josiah:
Faith, CHD, and the ability to find meaning in the midst of struggle. With a three-chambered heart, Letitia Aloysius lives her life on fire for God. She recognizes where she has been and she knows where she is going, as she so beautifully puts it, ""We are not broken, we are made whole in him." Join us as we talk about life with CHD, the power of God, and one woman's incredible passion and ability to find God's beauty and perfection in the challenges we overcome. Letitia Aloysius: We are not Broken | That's the #truth Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // //
Searching for Eden | Keith MadsenThat's the #Truth podcast Season 2 Episode 9 | Daniel & Jenny MuscatellTodays guest is Keith Madsen. Keith is a retired minister, well-acquainted with the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, as well as the other mythology of the Middle East. He is the author of The Sons and Daughters of Toussaint and Searching for Eden. He has also published short stories in Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, Talking River, Short Story America and Adelaide. He is an active member of the author’s cooperative, TellTale Authors and  lives in East Wenatchee, Washington with his wife Cathy.In this episode, Keith shares the motivation behind his writing and talks about his vision of what our world might look like if we could apply the innocence of The Garden fo Eden to our daily walk.  Learn how this perspective can help in the role of social change, mission work and our interactions with those in the world around us. Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Keith: @keiththewriterguy
John DeDakis | Bullet in the Chamber That's the #Truth podcast Season 2 Episode 8 | Daniel & Jenny MuscatellFrom Journalist to Novelist & writing coach, today’s guest is John DeDakis. John, a former editor on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," and former White House correspondent, is the author of five novels in the Lark Chadwick mystery-suspense-thriller series. His fourth novel, "Bullet in the Chamber" contains a subplot that fictionalizes the accidental heroin overdose that killed his youngest son Stephen in 2011. John's novels are set with a journalism backdrop and are drawn from personal experience, including the suicide of his sister in 1980. In this episode, John discusses life, the motivation behind his writing, politics, journalism, and much, much more. Connect with John: with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // //
Debi Lewis | Kitchen Medicine | PodcastThat's the #Truth podcast Season 2 Episode 5 | Daniel & Jenny MuscatellToday’s guest is Debi Lewis. Debi is the author of the parenting and food memoir, Kitchen Medicine: How I Fed My Daughter out of Failure to Thrive. She has written for outlets including The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Huffington Post, Romper, Wired, and more. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and two teenaged daughters. Kitchen Medicine: How I Fed My Daughter out of Failure to Thrive tells the story of how Lewis made her way through mothering and feeding a sick child, aided by Lewis’ growing confidence in front of the stove. It’s about how she eventually saw her role as more than caretaker and fighter for her daughter’s health and how she had to redefine what mothering—and feeding—looked like once her daughter was well. This is the story of learning to feed a child who can’t seem to eat. It’s the story of growing love for food, a mirror for people who cook for fuel and those who cook for love; for those who see the miracle in the growing child and in the fresh peach; for matzo-ball lovers and the gluten-intolerant; and for parents who want to feed their kids without starving their souls.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Debi: Website:
Susan May | A Mother Knows | PodcastThat's the #Truth podcast Season 2 Episode 6 | Daniel & Jenny MuscatellToday’s guest is Susan May. Susan's love affair with books began when she made a bad grade in math in the sixth grade. Not allowed to watch TV until she brought the grade up, Susan filled her time with books. She turned her love of reading into a love of writing. Writing as Susan Carlisle she has completed more than thirty books for HarperCollins’s Harlequin imprint medical line. Her heroes are strong, vibrant men and the woman that challenge them. She also writes nonfiction. Her book Nick’s New Heart 30 Years and Counting…is about her son’s heart transplant experience. Her second nonfiction is a historical biography called A WWII Flight Surgeon’s Story released under the author name S. Carlisle May. She lives in Cartersville, GA with her husband of over thirty years. They have four children and eight grandchildren. Susan loves castles, traveling, cross-stitching and reads voraciously.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Susan: Website:
Lauren Bednarz | Living with a Fontan Heart | PodcastToday’s guest is Lauren BednarzLauren is a 34 year old who was born with Complex Congenital Heart Disease to include Tricuspid Atresia, a Hypoplastic Right Ventricle, and a large VSD that was not  detected until Lauren was eleven weeks old, and in heart failure. She he has undergone three major open heart surgeries, with her most recent being four months ago. She has had multiple heart catheterizations, a cardiac ablation and three eye surgeries. She has experienced hundreds of testing procedures throughout her life Despite everything she has been through medically, her life has been pretty , as she puts it, “normal - whatever normal is." She holds a BA in psychology, has been married for ten years to her husband Chris, and has been a big part of the CHD community for about fourteen years. Lauren considers herself a strong  advocate for CHD, and has worked hard to spread awareness by sharing her knowledge and experience. She is currently a homemaker which she loves. She also loves to organize, bargain shop, and make people laugh and smile. She enjoys going bowling when able, listening to music, and much more.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Lauren through her facebook group:
Michael Liben | Bereaved But Still Me Today’s Guest is Michael Liben. Michael is a former filmmaker, high school teacher and real estate agent.  He currently works in hotel security and has been a podcaster for the last five years.  His podcast, Bereaved But Still Me, is part of the Hearts Unite the Globe Podcast Network and can be found anywhere you get your podcasts. During this episode Michael shares a glimpse into the precious life of his daughter, some of the emotions he experienced, and decisions he had to make after losing her, and the importance of organ donation. He discusses the role faith played in those moments and tackles the centuries-old theological debate topic of free will. Learn about how his career in podcasting began, enjoy some humorous stories along the way, and gain some amazing insight into why Michael's message that "Moving forward, is not moving away," is so important. Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Michael: Facebook:
Thomas H. Dahlborg | Love in ActionThat's the #Truth podcast Season 2 Episode 3 | Daniel & Jenny MuscatellToday’s Guest is Thomas H. Dahlborg. With almost forty years of extensive healthcare leadership experience, Tom is a voice for relationship-centered and compassionate care, servant leadership, and quality and systems improvement.Tom and the Dahlborg HealthCARING Leadership Group positions leaders (in healthcare and beyond) to engage heart and mind in all they do so that they are well-positioned to embrace and embody compassion, care, and love while leveraging science and evidence, to honor their callings and achieve betterment for all.A leader and advisor, he is also an internationally recognized speaker and writer with an expertise in healthCARING models, heart and mind communication, courageous vulnerability, systems thinking and improvement, stopping bullying, adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and bringing “love in action” to all we do.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Tom: Website:
Tori Joy Geiger | From Vulnerable to VictoriousThat's the #Truth podcast Season 2 Episode 2Today’s Guest is Tori Joy Geiger. Tori is a chronic illness mentor, lifestyle blogger, and recent author of the book From Vulnerable to Victorious, Turning Your Chronic Illness Into Your Victory Story. Tori's mission is to  empower women to stop letting their chronic illness define them or what they are capable of and to help them turn their adversity into a victory story that impacts and blesses others.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Tori: Website:
Frank & Anna Jaworski | There Has to be Something GoodThat's the #Truth podcast Season 2 Episode 1Today’s Guests are Frank and Anna Jaworski. Frank is a nurse anesthetist and Anna is the producer and host of the longest running CHD podcast show, Heart to Heart with Anna The couple has been happily married for 35 years.After having a child born with a severe heart defect in the early 90’s, Frank and Anna have dedicated over 25 years reaching out to support other families  impacted by congenital heart disease. Listen in to hear how they found hope when handed a devastating prognosis, and how being a heart dad strengthens Frank's relationship with his own patients. In this episode you will learn more about the fight often shared by CHD parents who have refused to give up and the reason why helping others is so important to Frank and Anna.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Anna and Frank: Website:
Lisa Colvil | The Beauty of Grace | Daniel and Jenny Muscatell PodcastThat's the #Truth podcastLisa was born to a Vietnamese refugee who came to America after the fall of Saigon. She grew up as an only child, born with three types of CHD She had her first surgery at the age of 3 months in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In hopes of warmer weather and better health, she and her mother moved to California where she had her second surgery at age six at Children's Hospital of Los angels, California.Lisa knows the ache of living with CHD within the Vietnamese culture. She understands the challenges involved in trying to face  a major illness, with the added complications of language and other barriers. But She also knows the power of love and the hope of God. As a result, it is her passion and desire to help others who have experienced similar hardships. She is a fierce advocate in the CHD Community and has made it her mission to break down stigmas associated with this invisible illness and provide support to those who live with CHD. Lisa wrote, Through the Beauty of Grace I will, to bring hope to those living with CHD Lisa resides in California with her husband and two beautiful children and remains a strong ally to the CHD community. Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Lisa:Website:
Isaac Kinzambi | When the Impossible Became Possible | Daniel and Jenny Muscatell PodcastThat's the #Truth podcastIsaac Kinzambi is an inspirational speaker and Poet. He was born in Africa in 1972. He worked from 1997-2016 as Community organizer, Life coach, and Minister in France, South Africa, Congo, Angola, Portugal, and Namibia before moving to the USA.His study background includes theology, practical philosophy, coaching, public speaking, mentoring, counseling, media production, applied science, and information technology. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and has created the concept of Dream-Time-Motion, for human and community development. He is the founder and director of Kinzambi Dream Time Motion Institute which specializes in mission information, formation, and transformation. He has been  organizing trainings and workshops in the private and public sector in French, English, and Portuguese throughout Europe and Africa since 2009. Isaac is also a gospel singer, radio and TV host, soccer analyst, choir master, worship leader, songwriter, actor and poet. He is the proud father of four incredible daughters; Esther, Sabina, Elsie and Worship.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Isaac: Youtube: LESS
Arlene Samen | One heart Worldwide | Daniel and Jenny Muscatell PodcastThat's the #Truth podcastToday’s Guest is Arlene Samen, Founder& Chief Visionary Officer, of One Heart Worldwide .Arlene began her career in Utah as a nurse practitioner at age 27, specializing in maternal and fetal medicine. In 1997, His Holiness the Dalai Lama asked Arlene to save the lives of mothers and their newborns living in Tibet, where one in ten newborns were dying of preventable causes. In 2004, Arlene left her clinical practice to found One Heart Worldwide (OHW). While working in Tibet, she developed the “Network of Safety” model, which brings life-saving care to expectant mothers and infants where the need is the greatest. In 2009, OHW extended the model to remote villages in Nepal and the Copper Canyon of Mexico. OHW has now arranged to construct and operate nearly 500 birthing centers in Nepal alone. Over the course of her work, Arlene has endured political uprisings, earthquakes, and the SARS epidemic in order to provide women safe, clean deliveries, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of women to date. Arlene has received many awards for her efforts; most recently she received the Global Thinkers Forum 2016 Award for Excellence in Women’s Empowerment. Arlene and her team are hard at work to bring OHW to scale in Nepal and globally. In 2020, OHW was selected as one of six global organizations for a case study by the Gates Foundation on the Network of Safety model. Arlene is now the Chief Visionary Officer with One Heart Worldwide. Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Arlene: Website:
When the Tables Turn | Michael Doud | Daniel and Jenny Muscatell | PodcastThat's the #Truth podcastSpecial Bonus FootageGuest, Michael Doud, author of Falling into Freedom, turns the tables at the conclusion of his episode recording and interviews Daniel & Jenny about their journey into podcasting.  Tune in to hear part of the story behind the creation of And That's the #Truth.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Michael: Website:
Falling into Freedom | Michael Doud | Daniel and Jenny Muscatell PodcastThat's the #Truth podcastToday’s Guest is Michael Doud. Michael is an explorer of both the inner and outer worlds of his life. Never did he think as a 6-year-old boy standing on the sand in Redondo Beach, CA, that he would travel the world. He’s explored Tibet, Europe, India, North America, Nepal, China, and other Asian countries, discovering how the people, culture, and belief structures of these countries are both different and the same as his own. Along the way, he also found that this travel was only an appetizer to life-changing and meaningful inner explorations. He learned that the more fascinating and more profound adventure was learning about how his mind and actions responded to work, relationships, killing, love, addiction, homelessness, parenting, and depression. From the cultural explosion brought forth by the protests and love-ins of the 1960s to sitting in silence for ninety days in an old English convent in 1998, Falling into Freedom is his journey to discover his five principles for personal freedom. These principles have helped him see things as they are and not how he wanted them to be. Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Michael: Website:
The Fight | Chrissy L. Whitten | Daniel and Jenny Muscatell PodcastThat's the #Truth podcastToday’s Guest is Chrissy L. Whitten. Chrissy is an award winning author of her new book release, The fight - Journal’s from a warriors mother. The Fight is the first book in a series of four and walks others who may be struggling, through a  faith-filled journey of extraordinary circumstances. Chrissy writes honestly and openly about her daughter Lilian, who defied odds and mountains stacked against her. Doctors encouraged Chrissy to prepare for Lillian’s first breath, to also be her last, but  God and Lilian had different plans, and for 103 days, Lilian lived. She touched lives and left a legacy of love, and hope. During this journey, Chrissy kept a blog of each of those beautiful 103 days. This blog came to be known as Chrissy’s Caring Bridge Posts. Through faith-filled inspiration, a strong call from God, and some encouragement from some amazing individuals, Chrissy has turned her Caring Bridge posts into a beautiful guide filled with scripture, songs, and soul food that will encourage and equip you for spiritual battle. Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Chrissy:Website:
Encounter Freedom  | Matthew and Karen MuscatellThat's the #Truth PodcastJoining us today are Matt and Karen Muscatell. Matt graduated from Valley Forge Christian College and has served in ministry since 1996. He is a passionate communicator of the word of God and author of 40 Days to Freedom, a devotional designed to open the door to God’s truths. Karen also studied at Valley Forge Christian College, as well as Liberty University where she completed her degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling. She too, has served in ministry along side her husband since 1996, having lead Empower, a dynamic women’s event. Together, with God’s leading, Matt and Karen established Encounter Freedom, an evangelical ministry, focused on connecting with individuals around the globe to show others the freedom experienced when the truth of God’s word in applied to their daily lives. Jenny & Daniel host And that's the #truth podcast __ Everyone has a story, but not everyone gets to tell it. Life gets busy. We talk. We text, but do we listen? Are you looking for real stories - raw and unchanged? Want to experience life through another's eyes one story at a time? Daniel and Jenny have you covered. It's time to start the conversations and that's the #truth.Connect with Daniel and Jenny:Website:https: // // // with Karen and Matt:Website:
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