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Every Whisky with Avishai Sam Bitton

Author: Avishai Sam Bitton

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Every Whisky is a podcast about entrepreneurship, startups, and investing where I talk to startup founders I invested in. On this podcast, we talk to founders about their entrepreneurial journey, and the startup they are building while drinking whisky.
3 Episodes
I invested in an exciting startup named Rep, which is developing an AI conversational technology that is changing the way eCommerce sellers engage with their storefront visitors.I met Yoav at the 8fig offices 7 months ago, and it was love at first site. I knew that he was the kind of startup founder to take something from 0 to 1 and beyond.Rep ( is the best solution an eCommerce seller can install when they are looking to scale and bring in high volumes of traffic.If you want to ...
I invested in an exciting new startup named Skillset, which is developing hiring technology that is changing the way companies hire people and how the future workforce is going to find their next job. I got introduced to Maya through our mutual friend Efrat Dagan who was the past the lead recruiter of Google and Lyft.Skillset ( ) creates smart simulations that make sure that people who are applying for the job are qualified, regardless of how their CV looks like.If...
Every Whisky Podcast Episode 1: On July 11th, 2021 I sat down with Omer Matz for IndieFlow to talk about his startup and how he and his team are going to bring musicians more power than ever to prosper financially and professionally from doing what they love. I never sat on the interviewer side on a podcast before, and I even had trouble finding a name, that's why eventually I decided to not give it too much thought and just combine two things I love - startup founders I am invested in a...