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Climate risks pose serious threats to Kenya’s sustainable development goals. India and Kenya share a lot of similar concerns, in this talk of Conscious Citizens, Abhilash will discuss with Lynn the different aspects of climate issues concerning Kenya.
In this episode, we will address a general question that I hear from many curious people: "How climate change is affecting biodiversity”. Let’s understand what exactly is biodiversity and then discuss the impacts of Climate Change on it.
There has likely never been a clear path to transitioning to a clean energy future. Since the first climate summit, there have been five more, all of which have failed to achieve goals. This latest setback may just be the most recent in a succession of missed opportunities. Increasing energy prices could prompt governments to set less emphasis on sustainable energy and renewables, which would be the wrong course of action.
It is impossible to separate the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the global energy crisis and the eventual threat to climate change. This act of Russia can give a major setback on achieving net-zero for carbon.
Why COP26 is suffixed with number 26 when it is happening in the year 2021? And when the proposed plan was requested to submit against the action to reach net zero by 2050, let’s try and figure out what are the probable reasons for India to commit 2070, that 20 years more.
I would like to start by wishing everyone a very happy diwali. This Festival of Lights which symbolises the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. And this is the core thought area that I would like to discuss on this episode today.
What could be the possible use case scenario of BlockChain when it comes to Climate Change. To understand that let me setup a high level understanding of BlockChain first, then we will discuss what problems we can solve with BlockChain when it comes to the Climate Action. This episode is not focused on explaining the blockchain and its benefits, if you are listening to me then you definitely have heard the word blockchain and willing to understand this technology alongside Climate Change.
Drone technology, which we all see primarily associated with film making or the military, is also being used in novel ways to combat man made climate change now. And it is very very important shift in our technological capability for combatting climate change. Information is key, and timely received information is gold and that’s one of the primary use case of Drones. But its not limited to that, drones have bigger potentials.
When you wash your cosmetics with fresh water, it actually goes through your sink via drainage system and gets mixed into the soil, oceans, and other water bodies, but these chemicals never go through any cleaning or filtration process before they are mixed in rivers or soil. And later, these chemicals boomerang, as we consume these hazardous chemicals as part of our daily drinking water and eatables. This is a serious threat, and the problem is — we still don’t know about it.
Greenhouse gasses are trapping heat and making this planet warmer, And the only major source that can significantly help on an immediate basis are Governments. If you don’t elect a right government today, your future generations may loose the reason to live a happy life.
Turn off your room air conditioning and water heater if you aren’t using it, as just by saving on this electricity waste we can save thousands of lives every year. This episode is the part second of the previous episode but you don’t need to necessarily listen to part 1 for catching up on this. This episode has its own independent pointers that will help us as individuals to understand the possible ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. The overall idea is to help derive a mindset — so that the reduction happens by default and through our habits.
In this Podcast Episode of Conscious Citizens, we will learn about the contributions that we can make as individuals. Like, how our car, our usage of public transportation, our eating habits, impact the climate. This episode is targeted to give an introduction of being climate conscious citizen. Climate change is the biggest threat to mankind, and it is very important to consider that this is a matter of a huge concern. This second Episode is a Part 1 and a subsequent Part 2 completes this episode, do not forget to listen that as well.
In this Podcast Episode of Conscious Citizens, we will learn about the preface of the concerning matter of Climate Change. Climate change is the biggest threat to mankind, and it is very important to consider that this is a matter of a huge concern. This first Episode is a baseline introduction, prefixed with an introductory prologue with COVID-19 and how the shift in mindset due to Novel Coronavirus can motivate us to take actions for fighting this Climate Emergency.
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