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When was the last time you felt immense clarity regarding your identity, purpose and future? Well, this week's episode shares 3 simple yet profound questions to help you deepen your understanding of yourself. And it was actually inspired by a med school essay prompt back in 2010!So whether you're facing a period of uncertainty, going through a transition, or just looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, these questions are for you.You will learn:1. Three simple questions that can help you gain a fresh perspective and rediscover your true self when you're feeling stuck or lacking clarity in your life2.  How to take control of your life and create a future that reflects your innermost desires and aspirations, particularly on those days where you feel like you're just going through the motions3. How to tap into your innermost thoughts and feelings and unlock the answers that are already within you when you feel as if you don't know what you're doing with your life In this episode, we share three basic yet profound questions to ask yourself when you're feeling stuck or in need of clarity:Who am I beyond the labels that define me?What am I really doing here?Where am I going if I continue on my current path?We encourage you to physically write out your responses and dive deeper to uncover your essence, purpose, and values. Don't let labels or routine confine you. Step back, think, and envision your future. These questions may be tough, but they'll give you the perspective and clarity you need to move forward.Follow me on InstagramFollow me on LinkedInLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here
After surviving a "widowmaker" heart attack, Adrian Jones is confronted with a life-changing irony: He must find his birth parents to fulfill his newfound mission of helping and inspiring others.His story is full of twists, turns and life-altering lessons that you can apply immediately to feel more present, connected to your loved ones and reinvigorated to wake up each day. In this episode, you'll hear:1. The dramatic story of Adrian Jones surviving a heart attack and the life-changing thoughts that shaped him in the aftermath2. How Adrian developed his "Survivor Superpowers" and practices them to this day3. The fateful story that led Adrian to find his biological family after his heart attackAdrian Jones is the host of the Profound Awesomeness podcast. After surviving a near-fatal heart attack in 2016, Adrian has become an advocate for living life to the fullest, sharing his story of survival, hope, and coming home to oneself.Chapter Summaries:[00:02:03]Adrian recounts his harrowing story [00:07:39]The 3 life-altering thoughts Adrian had as he confronted death that shaped who he is today[00:14:40]"Survivor Superpowers", being fully present in the moment and having a greater appreciation of life [00:18:10]Adrian's fateful quest to find and reunite with his biological family [00:28:09]How Adrian's heart attack was, in many ways, a mid-life gift [00:33:21]The Purposeful 3 questions that we ask every guest here on the podcast[00:36:40]Adrian: I would encourage people to take a full inventory of where they are, what they have. We get to wake up every day, what a gift. Once we understand that, then we will have a greater sense of meaning. Adrian can be reached through his podcast, Profound Awesomeness.[00:39:30]Post-interview segment You can find out more information about Adrian at his podcast: Profound Awesomeness And if you're ready to invest in yourself, to have someone by your side to help simplify your hectic life so you can spend more time with the people and activities you love, then click HERE to schedule a pro bono strategy call with me so we can help you refocus on what matters most in life.That's the power of coaching, and that's what I'm obsessed with helping clients achieve: RESULTSFollow me on InstagramFollow me on LinkedInLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here
Have you ever felt better just going outside and getting some fresh air? Well, there's a reason for that, and in today's episode, you'll discover why reconnecting with nature is such an incredible way to help us manage overwhelm, improve attention, ramp up productivity, regulate our mood and decrease stress In this episode, you'll learn:how spending the equivalent of 0.3% of your day on this one action can help restore your attention and reduce stresshow society's obsession with wanting to DO more is hurting us why humans feel so connected to nature from an evolutionary standpoint why self-care is never selfish and is the best way of providing care for others science-based reasons why connecting to nature improves our well-being, mood, and replenishes our cognitive resources Connect with me:Instagram: purposefilterLinkedIn: luyikathyzhangWebsite:, self-care is not selfish! And if you're ready to invest in yourself, to have someone by your side to help simplify your hectic life so you can spend more time with the people and activities you love, then click HERE to schedule a pro bono strategy call with me so we can help you refocus on what matters most in life. That's the power of coaching, and that's what I'm obsessed with helping clients achieve: RESULTSLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here
 "Why am I ALWAYS such an idiot?" "Oh, my friends NEVER want to do what I want""You literally do this ALL THE TIME!" If you are like most people, this is what your internal monologue sounds like or  you've exchanged or received some of these remarks during a heated conversation These common and seemingly normal phrases are particularly dangerous for your mental health and in this episode you'll discover: How subtle shifts in language can manifest in powerful changes in our identities and daily actionsHow all or nothing language shows up in our relationships A practical nugget of wisdom you can apply immediately after listening to help you combat your inner critic The relationship between word choice and our unconscious mindThe neuroscience behind why we tend to choose extreme words to describe various situationsWhy pattern interruptions are the key to creating change Connect with me:Instagram: purposefilterLinkedIn: luyikathyzhangWebsite: you are aware of your tendency to engage in all or nothing thinking, and you still have trouble breaking free from those destructive thought patterns, the good news is you are human. You're not alone and this is the work I love doing as a coach. Imagine how good it'll feel when you're so in control of your own thoughts and emotions that it doesn't even bother you when your partner doesn't do the dishes, or when your family member criticizes your life decisions and when no challenge is too great for you to wrap your head around That's the power of coaching, and that's what I'm obsessed with helping clients achieve: RESULTS Contact me today to schedule a consultation and take the next step towards healing your past and living your best lifeLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here
 Do you constantly strive for flawlessness in everything you do, but you find yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and even paralyzed by the pressure to be perfect? What if I told you there's a way out that you can let go of the need to be perfect and EMBRACE your imperfections? This week, we're diving into perfectionism—examining its origins, its impact on our lives and how we can break free from its graspTogether we'll uncover the hidden costs of perfectionism, learn how to embrace imperfection, and find the courage to live life on our own terms.Get ready to break free from the shackles of perfectionism and enjoy and discover what it's like to be perfectly yourself Topics discussed in this episode: Unlearning the patterns and behaviors during our early development that led to our perfectionist tendencies The sneaky ways perfectionism ties in with impostor syndrome, people pleasing and procrastinationThe intimate relationship between trauma and perfectionism How perfectionism manifests in people of color, marginalized communities and anyone who feels like an outsider The double edged effect of perfectionism in our daily lives The difference between striving for excellence and achieving perfection Disentangling our self-worth from being faultless and "good enough"Actionable and simple strategies you can implement immediately to regulate your nervous system the next time you feel your perfectionism start to spiral Connect with me:Instagram: purposefilterLinkedIn: luyikathyzhangWebsite: you're ready to break free from the trap of perfectionism and start living a more joyful, fulfilling life, I'm here to help. Together, we'll work to identify the root causes of your perfectionism, develop new habits and strategies to manage perfectionist tendencies, and cultivate a sense of self-compassion that will allow you to thrive no matter what. Don't let perfectionism hold you back any longerContact me today to schedule a consultation and take the next step towards healing your past and living your best lifeLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here
Are you feeling overwhelmed and unable to find a balance between your professional and personal life? Have you been trying to find a way to get more stress relief, peace, and balance with no success? If so, this episode is for youLearn how to maximize productivity, save time, money and energy with actionable strategies to give you back HOURS of your time and replace the myth of work-life balance with work-life integration.Here’s what I cover:1. Discover how to maximize productivity, save time, money and energy with actionable strategies to make your daily life so much easier 2. Find out why the myth of work-life balance needs to be replaced by work-life integration.3. Uncover how to make the most of time spent with loved ones and how to outsource time-consuming tasks to save time and energy. [00:02:42]why work-life integration is better than "balance" [00:06:17]practical suggestions to consider to help save time, money, energy and relieve stress and overwhelm [00:09:43]the one exercise that will give you HOURS back in your day [00:10:55]the impact of quantity versus quality of time spent [00:17:44]how to multiply your time and get a return on time invested [00:19:07]how to calculate your monthly budget and how conventional thinking about saving money is wrong [00:23:17]the myth of the 40 hour workweek [00:27:56]Life does not have to be so hard. You just might need a different way to live it.Rory Vaden's TEDx talk: How To Multiply Your TimeConnect with me:Instagram: purposefilterLinkedIn: luyikathyzhangWebsite: you're ready to get out of your head and step into action, then book a pro bono call with me here. We'll quickly discover what's holding you back and unlock the power you've always had within youLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here
 When Hilary Russo, a health and wellness journalist for over 25 years, receives a phone call from her father just hours before his unexpected death, she is compelled to use her superpowers of storytelling, amplification and connection to help those in need and ultimately find purpose and peace in her own life."We have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but the whole point of that episode was, which I called Pick Up the Phone, is to encourage you that you're never too busy. So I encourage you to make that effort to just not allow yourself to think you're too busy. Because the one thing that's never promised is time."In this episode, we cover the power of leveraging our superpowers to help others, Hilary's heart-wrenching experience in the newsroom during 9/11, and the life-altering lesson she learned from a simple phone call that she still practices today.Hilary Russo is an award-winning television journalist, producer, certified holistic health coach, and Havening techniques practitioner. She hosts the HIListically Speaking podcast and shares honest conversations and stories of trauma to triumph through health, healing, and humor. Chapter Summaries:[00:00:54]what it means to discover your superpower and leverage it to serve others.[00:05:09]What it means when "life is falling into" and removing resistance to what we want to manifest  How do people learn to let go and trust again?[00:08:43]Havening technique: a psychosensory approach that uses touch to calm the brain via various neurotransmitters and altered brain wave state [00:14:44]Journalists as first responders and Hilary's experience in the newsroom on 9/11 [00:19:38]Hilary's experience with the loss of her father 21 years ago [00:22:22]The fateful phone call from her father that changed her life forever [00:25:02]3 lessons Hilary has learned in the wake of grief [00:30:39]Being present, letting go and allowing things to come to you.[00:34:15]Post interview behind the scenes conversation Hilary Russo's website Hilary's Havening Technique to discover your purpose Connect with me:Instagram: purposefilterLinkedIn: luyikathyzhangWebsite: you're ready to get out of your head and step into action, then book a pro bono call with me here. We'll quickly discover what's holding you back and unlock the power you've always had within you Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here
Failure SUCKS. Let's face it—no one wants to feel it and it's so painful that most of us will do ANYTHING to avoid feeling like a failure.Unfortunately for many, that avoidance of the feeling of failure is exactly what keeps us stuck. We don't want to risk failure, so we stay safe and don't step out of our comfort zones.  Luckily, in this episode, you'll learn the 1 question to ask yourself about what it means to fail so you can finally get out of your head, take risks and pursue your passions without fear. Asking ourselves this question can help us overcome our fears and pursue our passions. Your full potential awaits!In this episode, you will learn the following:1. What would you pursue if you knew you couldn't fail?2. How can you change your definition of failure to pursue your passions?3. What would it be like to live a life without fear of failure?If you're ready to get out of your head and step into the "no failure" zone, then book a pro bono call with me here. We'll quickly discover what's holding you back and unlock the power you've always had within you  Connect with me: Instagram: purposefilterLinkedIn: luyikathyzhangWebsite: this episode? Leave us a review and rating here
Have you ever wanted to feel happier but just didn't know how? Or when you do feel happy, it's temporary and just doesn't seem to last? You might feel like you're chasing little slivers of happiness and life is the daily slog that happens in between those moments. Well, the good news is it doesn't have to be that wayThis week, you'll hear about the ONE concept I learned that fundamentally changed my perspective on what it means to live and to be happy. At the end of this episode, you'll learn what we've been getting wrong about happiness, how we're secretly sabotaging ourselves, and what to do about it Topics discussed:can happiness be a choice? the two most common pitfalls related to happiness the fundamental concept that is at the root of all happiness or unhappinessfinding more points of control in our lives so we don't feel as helpless re-examining the conscious and unconscious expectations we have for our lives why humans are so uncomfortable with feeling helpless zooming out and using the 35,000 foot perspective to evaluate your life stressorswhat dying patients want you to know about happiness Want to feel happier in just 60 minutes? Book a free goal setting strategy session with me HERE. You'll leave the call with an empowered mindset and a straightforward plan of action so you can move forward with confidence  Website: luyikathyzhang.comInstagram: @purposefilter
Has anyone ever told you that you seem to have it all together and that they never would have guessed you struggle with self-doubt from the way your carry yourself? Well, that's exactly what my friend and former podcast guest Katrina Mcghee said to me in a recent phone call And my immediate thought was "actually, I struggle with CRIPPLING self-doubt!" Our discussion was so honest and open and raw that I knew we needed to share it so that you know you're not alone That self-doubt comes for all of us, even if the version of ourselves we present to the external world seems supremely confident at all timesThis podcast episode was excerpted from a recent Instagram Live between Katrina and IIn this episode we discuss:how self-doubt affects our energy and puts us in a hole we need to climb out ofthe interplay between not feeling like you belonged as a child and how self-doubt manifests in our adult lives how we manage self-doubt now when it ariseswho we would be if we totally trusted ourselves the possibility of what life would be like if we believed we were good enoughbringing more fun, curiosity, play and intention to every aspect of our lives If this podcast has helped you in any way, please leave us a rating and write a review on Apple Podcasts and share your favorite episodes with friends!  Follow @purposefilter on Instagram for more inspirational content to help you overcome what stands between you and a life on your terms 
If you've ever set New Year's resolutions in the past only to break them by the third week of January, then consider this a sign to listen in so you can finally break that old habit for good! In this week's episode, we'll uncover FIVE wildly effective ways to make 2023 your BEST. YEAR. EVER! Topics discussed:the #1 reason why starting the new year off with intention is so effectivehow having a unifying theme to your year will harness your unconscious mind to help you achieve your goals the incredible power of visualization and how to leverage it in any aspect of your life what it means to be in "alignment"how taking action alone without guidance can actually hurt your chances of successwhy mastering one task causes a massive ripple effect for everything else in your life the power of asking yourself  "what would I do differently?"the uncomfortable imaginary scenario that could fundamentally change the way you live out the next 365 days of your life And as mentioned in the episode, I'm giving away 8 FREE (!) personalized mindset and strategy sessions to help you accomplish a specific goal you're working on in 2023.This is an incredible opportunity to start the year off on the right foot! You'll walk away without those pesky limiting beliefs that were holding you back and step forward with a clear, step-by-step action plan to turn your desires into reality. It's a limited time offer so click HERE to claim your spot! 
As we wrap up another year, I hope you take some time for restoration and rejuvenation this holiday season That's why The Purpose Filter podcast is taking a much needed winter break New episodes return on Wednesday January 11th, 2023! And as a reminder for the rest of this year, there are no "should"s and there is no "supposed to". This holiday season, I hope that you get to surround yourself with the people who bring you joy, and I hope that you get some much needed rest.I hope that you're able to look back at the past 365 days with some clarity and perhaps some gratitude for how far you have come this past year. You've done a lot and there's no pressure to catch up on all your favorite podcasts this holiday season or to not eat what you really want to eat because you're afraid of gaining weight.Forget about all of that and just live. If you're looking for some audio content, take a listen to episode 15 titled, Do This One Exercise to End Your Year on a High Note. My husband and I do this every year, and I guarantee you will love completing this exercise with your family as well. There's also episodes 16 through 18, the "New Year Purposeful You" series that I did earlier this year to make sure you start off 2023 with intention and purpose.Finally,  it has been SUCH an honor to be in your ears this year. I hope that you have had as much evolution and growth in your life as I've had in mind creating these episodes for you.Thank you for trusting me with the precious and valuable resource of your time.  I cannot wait to see what 2023 brings for all of us—more passion, more joy, more meaning, more fun, more contribution, more interviews, and just more LIFE. And until then, take care of yourselves and take care of each other. Happy holidays, have a wonderful new year, and I will see you on January 11th, 2023!!
You learned last week on episode 62 about the 5 personality subtypes of impostor syndrome, so we’re taking you even deeper and discussing the 5 myths you NEED to know to finally stop feeling like the fraud that you’ve NEVER been Topics discussed in this episode:refresh of the 5 personality subtypes of impostor syndrome from episode 62the 5 myths of impostor syndrome and why people fall into the trap of believing them The one and ONLY difference between people who feel like impostors and people who don’t mastering the ability to tolerate temporary discomfort for long term growththe relationship between psychological threats, stereotypes of belonging to any minority group and how it manifests as impostor syndrome real life stories from some of the best and brightest people who also felt like frauds despite their massive successchanging the narrative and associations of impostor syndrome FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE to the show so you're the first to know when the next episode drops!If you have a goal you’ve set for 2023, then you’re in luck because I’m opening my calendar up to a few lucky people who are committed to taking ACTION to CREATE the life they truly want. So follow me on Instagram @purposefilter and keep an eye out to sign up to receive a comprehensive goal setting strategy session that’s valued at $300… for FREE! Website:  
How is it that every single time you try something new,  imposter syndrome seems to rear its ugly head? Well, maybe because there's actually FIVE different personality subtypes of imposter syndrome!That's exactly what we'll be discussing in this episode so you can determine exactly which one of these personalities you resonate with the most, what problems are often associated with it and how to shift your mindset so you can stop feeling like a fraud NOWTopics discussed during this episode:brief origin of the term 'imposter syndrome'the harmful subconscious effects of calling it a "syndrome" the 5 subtypes of impostor syndrome as popularized by Dr. Valerie Youngwhy we relate to imperfect characters in stories or movies reframing mistakes as an integral part of growth rather than a sign that something has gone wrongdebunking the myth of the "lone wolf" success story Colin Powell's 40/70 rule for decision-making and how to apply it to your lifeuntangling your identity and self-worth from external measures of success On an upcoming episode, we'll dive deeper into imposter syndrome, the myths behind it, and how to dispel those myths so you feel more confident and empowered in the futureSo be sure to FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE to the show so you're the first to know when the next episode drops!Follow me on Instagram @purposefilter for more powerful ways to master your mindset and life your best life with the time you have left  Have something you're struggling with and want a FREE 1:1 mindset coaching session? Head to and book a call! I'll help you break through a limiting belief that's holding you back and if you're interested, you can learn more about my coaching services at the end 
What's something that has significantly makes us happier, healthier and more fulfilled, that the vast majority of people only do once a year? If you guessed gratitude (judging by the title), then you're absolutely RIGHT! We already know that gratitude has INCREDIBLE health benefits, like lowering the risk of major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, nicotine, alcohol, drug dependence, and abuse, not to mention all of the emotional benefits on our mental health as well. AND it turns out that what we've been told about how to practice gratitude is actually NOT the best way to get the most out of it So if you've always wanted to create a more consistent gratitude practice and you just haven't been able to do it, then this week's episode is a must listen Topics discussed in this episode:why gratitude matterswhy conventional wisdom about gratitude practices may not be the most effectivehow to create a gratitude practice to maximize the health benefits in the least amount of time the neural circuitry involved in gratitude how our primitive brains are wired to feel negative emotionsthe importance of intention behind our actionswhat it means to "invest" in gratituderesearch studies and evidence supporting gratitude as a fundamental practice in our everyday life how dying patients find ways to be grateful even in the face of unimaginable circumstances As always, thank you for supporting this podcast and we'd love to hear from you! Leave us a rating and review on Apple podcasts, and share this episode with a friend  If you’re a high achiever who knows you're meant for more and you just don't know how to make that happen, then click here to book a pro bono strategy session with me. You'll choose one thing that you'd like to change and I'll help you find some much-needed clarity and peace while we outline the next best steps for you going forward.  The future version of you awaits—on the other side of this call Follow me on: Instagram @purposefilterLinkedIn @Kathy Zhang 
Have you ever tried to quit a bad habit yet failed to make a lasting change? You were motivated, you knew what was at stake and yet you went back to your old ways faster than you could say "whiplash"What if I told you there something you could do that would EXPONENTIALLY increase your chances of achieving any goal you set for yourself? Well, that's exactly what this week's episode is all about! Tune in this week to learn how to leverage the power of this lesson and use it in your own life. Because while achieving goals are great, it's about SO much more than that. It's about creating an incredible life that you're proud of and seeing what you as a human being are capable of. Because, look, we're only here for a short amount of time, so we might as well make the most of it, right?Topics discussed in this episode:an emotional story about a young man and a mother's duty to her child how to use the human need for connection and community to help you crush your goalswhy feats of "hysterical strength" like lifting a car off a person can occur how to rid yourself of limiting beliefs and bad habits by using the pain-pleasure continuum of creating lasting change a powerful exercise to help you visualize your future and the consequences of maintaining the status quo versus making a necessary change If you’re a professional woman of color who wants to break old limiting patterns, feel empowered and go from where you are to where you want to be, then click on my website to book a free coaching consultation! I'll be your guide every step of the way on the journey to from "stuck" to your most empowered, authentic self."The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."  - Chinese proverbConnect with me on Facebook and Instagram
How is it that two people who start out under the exact same circumstances can get to the end of their life in totally different places?How does one radically transform their life while the other stays exactly where they are? The answer, as with most things is MINDSET. In this week's episode I share with you the 4 words that could be the difference between being chained to your past or breaking free and creating your own destiny.  Topics discussed in this episode:Profound insights and lessons learned from personal development seminarsThe 4 word phrase that will shift the way you see your past, present and futureThe relationship between thoughts, limiting beliefs, feelings and your true inner selfHow to unlearn destructive thought patterns Harnessing human potential to walk on 2000 degree hot coals The innate strength and power every human being possesses withinThe easiest and fastest way to close the gap between your present self and your future goals If you’re a professional woman of color who wants to break old limiting patterns, feel empowered and go from where you are to where you want to be, then click on my website to book a free coaching consultation! I'll be your guide every step of the way on the journey to your most authentic self. "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."  - Chinese proverbConnect with me on Facebook and Instagram
Picture this: you spot an attractive person across the room and you start walking over to introduce yourself but they panic sets in and you awkwardly run away to hide Or you finally muster up the courage to ask your boss for a promotion, only to talk yourself out of it because "what's the point in even asking?"Sound familiar? If you've ever been on the brink of putting yourself out there, whether in pursuit of a romantic partner, a job opportunity or even a discount on your next purchase, this episode is for you!You'll hear several examples from life, business and healthcare to hammer home the life-changing magic of asking a single question.  Because it only takes ONE question, ONE extra ounce of courage and effort to push past discomfort and RADICALLY change your life. Take it from me: my dying patients wish they had the opportunity that you and I still have—one that is too often taken for granted. It's time to be bold and ask for what you want and need—tune in this week to hear how! Topics discussed in this episode:the simple magic of the phrase "If you dont ask, the answer is NO"real world examples of how asking for what you want can get you a life saving organ or help start a billion dollar businesses how asking the right question can actually save you moneyhow one bold act of courage can change your entire lifethe 3-2-1 rule to help you take action when you're scaredthe power of word choice and phrasing when asking questionshow to ask questions that maximize your probability for a favorable response regrets of the dying If you've been positively impacted by this podcast and want to take your growth to the next level by working 1 on 1 with me as your coach, book a free call here! Together we'll help you break through the obstacles holding you back, change those deeply ingrained behaviors and thought patterns, and help you unlock your innate potential and achieve your goals as the best version of youEnjoying the show? Leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.
Please note that this episode carries a trigger warning, as it covers topics related to death and suicide. Please listen with care.Whether or not we are aware of them, mental health issues exist within our families, workplaces, and communities and have a profound impact on nearly everyone we know.Today, I'm opening up and being completely vulnerable as I share my own mental health story in the hopes that it will shed some light on these issues, normalize the experiences that so many of us are having, and perhaps most importantly, help someone who is struggling to feel a little less alone.There were some hard-earned lessons I learned during the early days of navigating the trauma and loss of COVID. And I want to share those life-saving lessons with you in this episode, so you too can feel comfortable asking for help when you need it.Just remember, it’s OKAY not to be okay! In fact, it's possible for you to turn your worst pain into your greatest source of power. Tuning in today could be the first step.Topics discussed in this episode:The soul-sucking demands of being an early career physicianWhy it’s okay to not be okayTragic stories from the early days of COVID in New YorkThe importance of seeking professional mental health supportWhy your emotional well-being should be a top priorityAllowing yourself to feel your feelingsA reminder that you are not aloneHow to turn your deepest pain into a source of powerThe immense value of therapy and coachingWant to invest in your future? Head to to book a free consultation call to help you live on YOUR terms, not anyone else's. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.Head to Apple Podcasts to hear more episodes!
How would you like to be remembered? What are the stories that you want people to tell about you once you’re gone?Answering these questions has everything to do with the legacy you’d like to leave behind. By knowing and understanding this, you can reverse engineer your life so that you are living with purpose and passion today.We can all name someone who has left a profound and lasting impression on us, even long after they are gone. Whether it’s someone you knew personally or a famous figure in history, what influential people have in common the most isn’t their achievements, wealth, or physical characteristics, it’s the impact they have on the lives of others.It might sound cliché, but today could be the first day of the rest of your life! Only YOU can write the stories that people will tell about you for years to come.To ensure that who you are now more closely aligns with the person that you aspire to be, tune in for some guidance and actionable strategies from Dr. Kathy Zhang!Topics discussed in this episode:Knowing where we come from to visualize where we're goingWhy money isn’t everythingWays to gain perspective on what truly mattersHow death forces us to reflect on lifeWhy storytelling is the essence of human communication and connection Why looking backward is essential to moving forwardThe stories people will tell about you when you’re goneWhat would you say about yourself if the “past you” died today?How to change the trajectory of your life right now!If you want to invest in your future and rewrite the story of the rest of your life, head to to book a free consultation call!Connect with Dr. Kathy Zhang on Facebook and Instagram
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