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Author: Hopkins Connect (a Johns Hopkins University podcast)

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Conversations between Students and their Future Dream Selves
23 Episodes
Veet Zaveri, an graduate student in Computer Science, speaks with Rob Rowello, Global Vice President at OracleWhat does diversity mean to your vision of the Future of Work in Value Selling and Cloud Strategy?  What is your personal, core belief and values as a leader? And what are ways those pushed you to lead better in driving high performance when up against complex challenges such as navigating crises or uncertainty, difficult personalities, cultural stagnation, or resistance to change? 
International Student and Mental Health EditionRiti Chandrashekhar, an international student and recent graduate in Mental Health, speaks with Mervyn Christian, a global health leader and Director of Advocacy, Financing and Sustainability at University of California, San FranciscoSifting through real, human layers of their non-citizen career journeys, Riti and Mervyn connect on what it means to navigate economic crises, visa systems, bias, fears, loneliness, chance, and belonging toward reclaiming their agency—a thrilling conversation that gives representation for cultural nuance and a voice to call on for more equitable public health pathways
WUGU x Hopkins Hacks Livestream for Imagine Center LaunchChinat Yu, an undergraduate senior studying Computer Science, embarks on a two-part conversation with Neil Bardhan, a Cognitive Scientist from Hopkins. In part one of this conversation, Neil talks about earning his PhD, working and teaching abroad, and developing his passion for helping others tell their stories. The story continues: Hear Part 2 on the Hopkins Hacks podcast now!
Rebecca Redding, a chemical and biomolecular engineering graduate student, speaks with Cynthia Johnson, Chief Chemist and Founder/CEO of Cindy J Cosmetic Labs. Exploring the creative flow in designing formulas within cosmetic science, Cynthia gives a glimpse into how a serendipitous path in network marketing nurtured an entrepreneurial mindset to start her own laboratory
Dr. Sahil Khan, a medical doctor and Masters student aspires to work in the field of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, speaks with Dr. Jed Wolpaw, an Associate Professor, Anesthesiology Residency Program Director and co-leads the Anesthesiology and ICU medical student clerkships. Through a conversation on the heart of the history of anesthesiology and medicine, Dr. Wolpaw shares what his journey—that began as a K-12 history teacher—has meant to his focus on quality teaching in medicine
Landon Johnson, a graduate student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering, speaks with Dr. Dave Jansing, a Principal Remote Sensing Scientist at the Applied Physics Laboratory. Dave shares his experience as a young engineer, finding work that would "get him out of bed every day", what it means to be a full-time student, and the future of remote accessible PhD programs in the sciences
Tony (Hsiang-yu) Liang, a graduate student at the School of Education, speaks with Rebekah Jackson, Senior Director of Enrollment Management at The Bryn Mawr School and Ann Marie Strauss, Director of College Counseling at The Bryn Mawr School to learn about the insides of higher education. Both Rebekah and Ann share their journey and how one could identify opportunities and excel in the field education
Ria Golecha, a graduate student studying public health, speaks with Kavi Misri, CEO and Founder of Rose: Smarter Mental Health, a platform that values leveraging technology to augment care toward early detection of depression and mood disorders
Hanna Webster, a graduate student studying Science Writing, speaks with Virginia (Ginny) Hughes, a Science Editor for the New York Times
Richard Pedersen, a SAIS graduate student, speaks with Sergio Guzman, Director and Co-Founder of Columbia Risk Analysis
Keidai Lee, a transfer student in Philosophy, Computer Science, Comedy, and Humanity, speaks with Luke Kelly-Clyne moved from Political Science to comedy to a successful Hollywood career03:20     When it's time to grow up and quit corporate finance to do comedy06:30     Taking risks in a smart way08:24     "Am I sacrificing my dreams?"11:26     Going through the trenches of the comedy world20:33     The delicate intersection between art and commerce
Ethan Seals, a graduate student in Financial Mathematics, speaks with Osei Yiadom, a Senior Financial Analyst at PayPal and resilient, financer change-maker for the public good 04:03    "Any interest in finance? No, not at all."05:48    When Friendster was more popular than MySpace, and Amazon only sold books13:52    Developing personal traits to support the community22:50    The challenge of solving the issues of jobs, healthcare, education, transportation, and more28:48   "Be impatient about your career"
Mohamad Elgendi, a graduate student in Engineering Management and startup entrepreneurship, speaks with Sarah Pierce,  a startup veteran and Director of Product at   Sharing what led her to fall in love with "disrupting a boring industry," Mohamad and Sabrina take a memory roadtrip of her wealth of experience in trying, risk-taking, succeeding, failing, and learning all along the way01:23   Doing everything wrong in Product Management 03:52   "You cross the river, then you burn the boats so you can't go back"14:15   Problem-solving as art21:04   Employers HATE this one weird interview answer!25:11   The excitement of disrupting a boring industry
Alakarthika Ulaganathan, a graduate student in Data Science, speaks with Noor Islam, a Principal at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch6:01 - Being persistent, getting rejected, feeling humiliated, and getting even. 8:16 - "The sooner you stumble, the better it is."11:17 - The discovery of partying, and burning out in grad school.15:22 - "I do some real work... sometimes."18:34 - It's just money. We make mistakes. It's not that important.
Tere'ssa is studying political science and pre-law, and is wondering about her first move into a world facing a pandemic and taking risks as a professional. Nina shares her journey into service from Hopkins, to the classroom, to the DOJ, and then into non-profit refugee work.3:33 - The path from teaching, to law school, to refugee work10:24 - Government work vs. non-profit work12:24 - Is the UN a dream job?14:46 - Being willing to live in the grey25:28 - "No one I know has had a linear path"
Fatima wants to blend entertainment and law into a career and hopes to find insight in how to do so as a first gen, Mexican American woman. Jay shares his insights on his winding, varied career within the legal realm.4:14 - The weird, confusing road of lawyering9:24 - Market crashes, nuclear deals, and cable companies13:28 - Finding one's niche in law19:12 - What even IS law school?23:57 - A legal fairy tale with a happy ending28:21 - Correcting institutional biases in the legal field
Lara, a recent grad, reaches out to professional screenwriter Shruthi to untangle the nebulous world of paid writing. 4:05 - Screenwriting 1016:45 - New York to Los Angeles is a terrible commute7:31 - The power of "wanting it more"10:00 - To be a screenwriter, spy, sportswriter, or something else???12:15 - "Live the story you want to tell"16:25 - The three levels of art in writing19:55 - Writing for different mediums23:23 - Tell yourself the story of your identity and purpose26:55 - Your 11 year old self holds the secret to your career
Josh is a year away from graduating and can't pick a path between medicine and entrepreneurship until Sunny swoops in and shows him the many possible ways to do both.4:13 - Want to help patients? Become an entrepreneur!8:10 - My name is Business. Dr. Business.18:20 - Alphabet soup! MD MBA PhD23:30 - "Urine is a tricky fluid to work with."32:00 - What entrepreneurs eat for breakfast.
Rajat Tiwari, a graduate student in Computer Science Engineering Management, speaks with Dani Dinstein, a Product Manager at PulsePointStep into the mind of a product manager—dubbed as a "mini-CEO" by Dani—in charge of the development and adoption of new technologies. Dani and Rajat reveal product leadership insights, which has less to do with theory and more with instinct, when  building something from nothing. How do you influence consumers to care about a product to go from 0 to 1?
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