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Part 2 of the conversation with Neil Byers from Horse Thief Hollow, it just gets even more interesting as the segment goes on. Intro this week features a short tribute to the fallen with music by Grace Barry, Liam Durkin and Out Of Touch.
Unbelievable night of conversation with the owner of Horse Thief Hollow in the Chicago Beverly neighborhood, Neil Byers. The title says it all. you'll learn alot in this episode and in part 2 as well.  Incredible story that will prove to you to follow your dreams, passions and heart and never give up.
Will, Vito, Tim and Beck are back in The Lounge.  Back for a podcast in The Lounge which is also their new home for practice, jam sessions and writing. Great conversation about where the band is headed and how they got to where they are at now.  Where they got their first instrument and from who may suprise you. Rene' Jr. is your host.
Good to hear the voice of Northwoods Matt in this one, but the girls go wild for a bit and steal the show.  You'll enjoy this one and more to come in the weeks ahead of over 2 hours of conversation that night in The Lounge. Music by Liam Durkin and  Out Of Touch The Band
Rene' Jr. is your host and Matt "Special K" joins him to talk all things First Responder. Matt's willingness to help his fellow man is discussed as well as everything grilling, chilling, and the importance of using your vote in the upcoming Chicago Mayoral Election.   Chatting about an amazing Industry Night with Phil Wingo and the folks at #porkmafia.    #paulvallas #windycityredneckthepodcast
Rene' Jr shares his thoughts of "White Sox Bill" from Rosangela's. Then Rene' Jr. and One More are joined by Jim Butler to share memories of Bill Doran, a SouthSide Neighborhood Legend. In the conclusion of the episode Whisky Jim provides some warm thoughts about Northwoods Matt.  It all concludes with The Stockyard Kilty Band performing "Amazing Grace". S3EP2 is dedicated to the memory of - William E. McElligott, "White Sox Bill"William J. Doran , "Billy D"Matthew R. Finstrom, "Northwoods Matt"May they rest in peace.
The Stockyard Kilty Band belts out the tunes at Rosangela's in Evergreen Park.  Rene' Jr., One More and Capt. Jim are your hosts for the debut episode of season 3 of Windy City Redneck The Podcast.  Great insight on what it takes to play the pipes and drums, also your hosts deliver some bad news but show you there is light at the end of the tunnel. 
S2EP25 - A Bunch Of Firsts!

S2EP25 - A Bunch Of Firsts!


The boys sit down at The Barn and relive one of the best beginnings to a hunting season for WCRN.  Join One More, Capt. Jim and Rene' Jr. for a bunch of laughs and a bunch of firsts.
S2EP24 - The Brotherhood

S2EP24 - The Brotherhood


The Parlimentarian and his son Christian join your hosts Rene' Jr. & Northwoods Matt for a wide ranging conversation while at The Barn during the beginning of Deer Camp 2022.   Martial Arts, Our Veterans and of course friends, family and all thing Windy City Redneck are covered! A couple of Man Tears are shed and you'll enjoy this one. 
A great Episode recorded at The Barn! Hosted by Rene' Jr., Just Ron and One More.  This week's guest is Our Boy Floyd the ranking member of Windy City Redneck.  Pour a drink , sit back and enjoy the laughter in this one.  The prelude to Deer Camp is the hot topic along with everything family.
Getting a bit wordy towards the end in this one. Enjoy Rene' Jr., Northwoods Matt, One More and Whisky Jim sampling the great #DuncanTaylorBrands #BlackBullScotchWhisky from the SouthSide at #Rosangelas.  Fun times and great conversation. #raffle info also.
S2 EP20 - It's Here!

S2 EP20 - It's Here!


The 2022 Illinois Deer Archery Season has arrived. Your hosts Rene' Jr. and One More enjoy the return of Crew Member Ron to the podcast. The guys get you caught up on the implosion of the White Sox, Chicago Hts. Moose Lodge, American Legion Seabees and of course the start of the hunting season.  Lots of laughs in this one.  Grab a cold one and sit back and enjoy #windycityredneckthepodcast    Music by Liam Durkin and Out Of Touch Band.
Recorded from American Legion Post 854 - Otis, Dave and Tom join your host Rene' Jr. with "One More" co-hosting as usual. The crew gabs about the enlistment process, why you go back for more, the brotherhood and of course whisky. Plenty to learn in this one and lots to laugh at as well.  Music by Liam Durkin and the band Out Of Touch.
Chuck and Dan - 2 of The Camper Clan mainstays join Rene' Jr. and Northwoods Matt from the outdoor studio in Western Illinois.  A laugh a minute Episode that again is all over the place yet still entertaining.  Music by Liam Durkin and The Band Out Of Touch.
Jax, Michelle, Kelly and Gloria join your host Rene' Jr. at the picnic table studio from The Camper Clan's Compound in Western Illinois.  This one is all over the place! Drinks, Food and all the fixins are discussed as well as reflections on raising your kids. Music by Liam Durkin and The Band Out of Touch.  Explicit Language for sure.   
Sit back and enjoy some wide ranging conversation with Tom and Tractor Matt recorded at The Camper Clan's Compound in Western Illinois.  Rene' Jr. and Northwoods Matt are your hosts. Music is discussed as the guys talk about what they listened to growing up and the emergence of pop country. The sadness of Farm Auctions comes up but everyone finished on a happy note.  Music by @LiamDurkin and The Band Out Of Touch.
Rene' Jr. is solo this week with clips and commentary on current events with music between segments from Liam Durkin recorded at Rosangela's Pizza in Evergreen Park.  
Rene' Jr. and One More are back home in The Windy City Redneck Lounge on The SouthSide.Getting you caught up with everything WCRN and enjoy some beers from Horse Thief Hollow. An offer is made for 2 listeners to join the next podcast as well.  Music by Liam Durkin and The Band Out Of Touch.
The SouthSide's very own Liam Durkin joins your hosts Rene' Jr., One More and Northwoods Matt for a great evening of conversation and acoustic performances from the window seats at Rosangela's Pizza in Evergreen Park.  The crew learn from Liam that he certainly has been around the world and began performing at an early age and that he's not afraid to try any genere or venue.  A great listen with great music.
A best of featuring Tanner, Will and Christian.  A visit to better days for the Bulls, F1 and a hilarious review of Space Jam.  The 2nd segment features 5 shots at a big buck and what the guys learned from the event.  It'll make you laugh as usual.  Rene'Jr. is your host.
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