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BtoB Marketing & Sales Podcast

Author: Aurélien Gohier

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The BtoB Marketing & Sales Podcast is held by Aurélien Gohier, a French BtoB digital marketer, blogger, speaker and consultant. Through this podcast, Aurélien and his guests exchange views about the latest BtoB Marketing & Sales trends in the area of Social Networking, Video Marketing, Digital, ABM, Sales & Marketing alignment and much more.
8 Episodes
I started following Evan Kirstel on Twitter long time ago. This year, while I was attending the world's premier and largest event dedicated to the aviation and space industry, the Paris Air Show, I proposed Evan to join me on the Dassault Systèmes chalet to immerse himself into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. One thing lead to another: we ended recording a podcast together about B2B influence marketing.  Evan is certainly much more experienced than I am, but we have a few things in common: Industry 4.0 is the core of our business and daily job, and we are kind of passionate about the potential of Social networking applied to the B2B world.    
In this episode of the BtoB Marketing & Sales Podcast I am very proud to welcome Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of B2B Marketing, a reference for anyone involved in the B2B industry. Together we discussed a very important topic: is there an ideal B2B marketer profile, and if so, what would it be?
Today I am glad to welcome Jeff Davis, specialist of Sales & Marketing alignment and founder of The Sales and Marketing Alignment Summit. In this sixth episode of the BtoB Marketing & Sales Podcast we will exchange views about how to reach the holy grail to business success: manage a smooth and efficient alignment between your B2B marketing & sales forces.
For this fifth edition of the BtoB Marketing Sales Podcast I had the very pleasure to welcome John Smibert, Founder at Sales Masterminds Australasia (SMA) and above all one of the most experienced Strategic Social Seller on the B2B market.  
A nice small talk about B2B video marketing with one of the best experts of this domain, Chris Savage, co-founder and CEO of Wistia, a professional video hosting solution with amazing viewer analytics, HD video delivery, and marketing tools to help understand your visitors.
For this third edition of our B2B Marketing Sales Podcast I am glad to welcome Bruce Johnston, whose job is to help companies understand why LinkedIn just doesn’t seem to work the way they have heard it should in a complex B2B sales context. We all face situations where we have no bloody idea why LinkedIn is not working the way we expected. Well, this is such a situation which allowed me to meet Bruce. Three weeks ago I was trying to understand why my LinkedIn Pulse article were getting such a ridiculous number of views, while I was pretty convinced that my audience of technophiles / marketeers would at least be interested by the topic. So I used my best friend Google and landed on an article from Bruce Johnston on this specific topic, entitled "Down The Rabbit Hole That Is LinkedIn Notifications For Publishing". I found in this article answers to my question, still I was not happy about what I learnt, but at least I knew what was going on. I decided to contact Bruce to find out more about his vision of how sales people should "Make More Effective and Efficient Use of LinkedIn for B2B". After a first very rich and friendly discussion we decided to record this B2B Marketing Sales Podcast #3 together!
For this second edition of the B2B Marketing Sales Podcast, David Hubbard, CEO of Marketing Outfield, join me to talk about how to close the gap between B2B Marketing vs. Product vs. Sales.
Today I received for this B2B Marketing Sales Podcast #1 David Meerman Scott, Marketing Speaker & Leadership Speaker & Author of Number #1 bestseller "The new rules of marketing & PR".
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