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The Low FODMAP Diet provides short term relief AND is clinically proven to further unbalance the gut. I'll explain that paradox, and what can be done.00:00 Welcome01:40 Overview04:08 Clinical Results07:26 MitigationShow notes: book: the show (
005 - Betaine HCl

005 - Betaine HCl


In this episode I provide an overview of betaine hydrochloride and respond to several listener questions.00:00 Welcome00:59 What Is Betaine HCl03:46 Who Shouldn't Take Betaine HCl06:52 Benefits of Betaine HCl 09:22 How to Take Betaine HCl15:00 My Experience On Betaine HCl17:30 HCl as Part of a Comprehensive PlanShow notes: book: the show (
In this episode we’re going to cover a few mind-blowing facts about the microbiome.00:00 Welcome02:29 1. Pound for pound, the cells in our body are more than 99% human. Gene for gene, however, our bodies are more than 99% microbial.03:13 2. Antibiotics are like a nuclear bomb for your microbiota. Yes, they kill the bad guys, but there is collateral damage05:25 3. Many bacteria traditionally considered bad, can play beneficial roles in our guts06:57 4. Humans are 99% similar in their DNA, but not in their microbiomes09:02 5. Like tree rings, the microbial community in your gut can tell scientists if you are overweightShow notes: book: Support the show (
In this episode we review a meta-study based on 188 independent reviews of diet and their effects on the microbiome.00:00 Welcome02:28 Protein & Fat04:28 Carbohydrates & Sugar07:05 Probiotic Supplements08:28 Diets10:22 Q&AShow notes: book: Support the show (
In this episode I respond to five listener questions:00:00 Welcome01:04 How can dietary changes and supplements help if my reflux is caused by a physical problem like a hernia?06:16 I wanted to get your take on why pepsins come up into your esophagus and nasal cavities and why it doesn't stay down.08:48 Should I start on probiotics as mentioned in your book?14:25 Did you ever have pH testing to see if you were producing enough acid?21:13 Should I avoid all sugar, even sugar from fruits and veggies?Show notes: book: Support the show (
In this episode I discuss the connections between acid reflux and mood disorders such as persistent anxiety, stress, and depression.0:00 Welcome3:25 Enteric Nervous System4:20 Stress / Gut Connection8:33 Medical Research13:35 Implications Show notes: book: Support the show (
I share some of my personal experiences dealing with escalating forms of reflux for more than 15 years. After healing myself, using natural remedies, I share what inspires me to help re-write the narrative on this poorly understood disease.00:00 Welcome00:35 My inspiration for creating this podcast06:05 Structure and content of future episodes06:41 How to suggest content for future episodesShow notes: book: the show (
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