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Author: Latisha Carr

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Podcast by Latisha Carr
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Halimah Deoliveira is an International Speaker, Author, Coach and Philanthropist and is passionate about helping people. As CEO of Be You In HD her mission is to ensure she and her team provide coaching that inspires people to live bold, authentic and purposeful lives through any of her programs, intense interactive workshops, webinars or one on one sessions. She specializes in coaching Muslim women to transition from 9-5 Employees to Full time entrepreneurship in hopes that they will use their new found confidence to empower and educate others to change the Muslim narrative and positively impact their global Community. She can currently be found hosting her podcast "Maintain Your Islamic Identity and Still Be a Boss Muslimah-Preneur" and is on a 1 year tour across the U.S. with her "Not Without My Hijab" Workshop both aimed at empowering Muslimahs to own their identity!
Dayna Bolden is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger and creative director based in Baltimore, Maryland. Dayna has always had a love for fashion and an eye for creativity and detail. Combining her love for both beauty and fashion, Dayna speaks to her audience through her daily style posts on her Blog and Instagram where she has grown an audience of over 40,000 loyal supporters. With Dayna being the seasoned creative director and content creator that she is, she has captured the attention of major online and print publications, including ESSENCE, Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily, and was most recently featured on FORBES. Dayna's mission is to inspire women to do all things with love, passion & STYLE. Follow Dayna: IG: @DaynaBolden Website: Follow Latisha IG: @Latisha.Carr Website:
Ep. 32 is here and our guest today is a girl after my own heart, a life coach, author, and speaker, Kendra Elaine. I am super excited to have Kendra on this week’s episode of views from a dreamer. Follow Kendra: Website: Instagram: @KendraElaine Follow Latisha: Website: Instagram: @Latisha.Carr
I created Views From A Dreamer to prove that dreams are real and regular people just like me and you are out here dream chasing and getting it to it! Views From a Dreamer is an expansion on a dream I started two and half years ago through my blog where do you dream and it is bringing me so much joy to continue to expand the territory of my own dream by bringing you all amazing interviews with Dreamers just like yourself to share their stories. Our guest today I became familiar with through Instagram, and was connected with her through our guest from episode 29 Suresh May, so I am super excited to have Nicole Garner Scott on this week’s episode of views from a dreamer. Nicole is the principle at The Garner Circle PR. She is an author, influencer, and creating an amazing platform for female entrepreneurs. Follow Nicole: Website: IG: @IAmGarnerScott Website:
Our guest today I became familiar with through Instagram, and was connected with her through our guest from episode 29 Suresh May, so I am super excited to have Ian Dunlap on this week’s episode of views from a dreamer. Ian is a business and finance consultant and the Founder of HyperAcceleration.
Ep. 29 is here! Our guest today is working to bring knowledge about wealth to you each week through his podcast WealthWeekly. Suresh May is an entrepreneur working to help bring wealth to the lives of billions. Suresh drops gems throughout our conversation so be sure to take notes! Follow Suresh: Website: IG: @wealthweekly Follow Latisha: Website: IG: @latisha.carr
Ep. 28 is here! Our guest today I became connected with through the Circle of Greatness Academy that Nehemiah Davis talked about in Ep. 21. Ashley Janelle. Ashley has her hand in a little bit of everything. She is the Founder and CEO of Element 13 at Marketing and Management firm, as well as the Founder and CEO Space and Company. Ashley works with the like of Karen Civil and Rob Hill Sr. just to name a few. Follow Ashley: Website: IG: @1ashleyjanelle Follow Latisha: Website: IG: @latisha.carr
Ep. 27 Seattle Seahawks f./ Dewey McDonald by Latisha Carr
Ep. 26 Rachel Travels

Ep. 26 Rachel Travels


Ep. 27 is here and our guest for this episode is a world traveler, that at the age of 26 took a huge leap to back pack in Southeast Asia alone. Since then she has left corporate America behind for good and helps and encourages other young, black women to travel, travel alone, and enjoy the world. Check out our interview today! Follow Rachel IG: @RachelTravels Website: Follow Latisha: IG: @Latisha.Carr @ViewsFromADreamer Website:
Ep. 25 is here! Our guest today is Rasheeda Gray. Rasheeda is the owner and chief designer of Gray Space Interior Design. She is a mother, wife, woman of God who is creating living spaces that inspire. Tune in to hear our conversation about "balance", temporary spaces, being a secret creative, and more. PS. Rasheeda is on my vision board to decorate my future home. Follow Rasheeda: IG: @GraySpaceInteriorDesign Website: Follow Latisha: IG: @Latisha.Carr @ViewsFromADreamer Website:
Ep. 24 is here! Our guest today is a someone I have a lot of respect and admiration for. Jessica Gaddy is the founder of Nia Noire, a national organization designed to educate, support, and empower women of color to take control of her mental health. She was also recently named in Huffington Post as one of the top 10 Black female therapist you should know. Follow Jessica: IG: @Jessica.Gaddy @NiaNoire Website: Follow Latisha: IG: @Latisha.Carr @ViewsFromADreamer Website:
Ep. 23 features the founder of the Black Speakers Network Brian J. Olds. The Black Speakers Network offers customized products, tools and recommended resources to help you grow as a speaker. As a new or rising professional speaker, it is critical to develop the fundamental skills and mindset for success in our industry. Follow the Black Speakers Network: IG: @BlackSpeakersNetwork Website: Follow Latisha: IG: @latisha.carr @viewsfromadreamer Website:
Ep. 22 is here and features Tammira Lucas, an entrepreneur who focuses on helping other business owners grow and flourish in their business. Her bio reads "Tammira realized early in life that helping others launch and grow their business was her passion. After obtaining two business degrees in honor, running her first successful small business and assisting many entrepreneurs in launching and expanding theirs she formed The Business Dr. The Business Dr. name itself is very unique to Tammira. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Business Administration but she always felt she was prescribing solutions to business owners challenges. The mission of The Business Dr. is to provide strategic marketing solutions to help business owners turn their challenges into profitable solutions." Follow Tammira: IG: @thebusinessdr Website: Follow Latisha: IG: @Latisha.Carr Website:
A native of West Philadelphia, Nehemiah is a social entrepreneur and philanthropist. In 2007, he founded the Nehemiah Davis Foundation (NDF), a non-profit organization; and NDent Worldwide Group, LLC, through which he has formed numerous businesses, including Daviso Junk Removal; Neo Daviso Group; and Myra’s Vitamin and Wellness Shop. Davis is motivated by contributing to the community, through his foundation and businesses, in order to facilitate change, as well as assisting other entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and dreams. He attributes his passion for philanthropy, to his mother, Myra Grant, who co-founded the Nehemiah Davis Foundation. Follow Nehemiah: IG: @NeoDaviso Website: Follow Latisha: IG: @latisha.carr @viewsfromadreamer Website:
Episode 20 features Emmelie De La Cruz is a marketer who turned her layoff into her legacy. Emmelie built her business as a personal branding strategist and digital marketer, best known for my ability to help millennials monetize their personal brands and use their skills to create a sustainable business. Emmelie's philosophy is the right brand will attract any opportunity you want and allow you to make money on your own terms. Show us some love and Like, Subscribe, and Review so we know it's real! Get Connected with Emmelie: Website: IG: @emmeliedelacruz Get Connected with Latisha: Website: LatishaCarr.Com IG: @Latisha.Carr and @ViewsFromADreamer
And we are back with Episode 19 of Views from a Dreamer featuring Johnny Bailey. Johnny is the Executive Director of The Shine Hard Family, a four year old nonprofit located in Washington DC. Shine Hard was created to recognize and connect the nation’s top black millennial leaders and then unify them to educate and inspire the next generation of African American leaders. Show us some love and Like, Subscribe, and Review so we know it's real! Get Connected with Johnny: Website: IG: @1JohnnyBailey and @ShineHardFamily Get Connected with Latisha: Website: LatishaCarr.Com IG: @Latisha.Carr and @ViewsFromADreamer
Episode 18 features Candice Nicole, owner of Candice Nicole PR, Women Who Hustle, and The CRWN Agency. She shares in this episode how she created her own opportunities and has been a woman who hustles for the last 10 years. Follow Candice: IG: @CandiceNicolePR, @WomenWhoHustle, @TheCRWNAgency Website: Follow Latisha: IG: @Latisha.Carr, @WhereDoYouDream, @ViewsFromADreamer Website:
Episode 17 is live featuring Sonia Lewis, @thestudentloandoctor sharing why she created a business strictly focused on reducing the over $1 trillion student loan debt in America. She wants to help YOU gain control of your student loan debts and prosper. #wheredoyoudream #viewsfromadreamer #thestudentloandoctorllc Follow Sonia: IG: @TheStudentLoanDr Website: Follow Latisha: IG: @latisha.carr Website:
Ep. 16 The Reading Corner f./ Tamika Evans by Latisha Carr
The latest episode of Views From A Dreamer features author and entrepreneur, Marcus Y. Rosier has developed a concept known as “Win The Day.” and in this episode he shares gems on how you can Win The Day, booking writing, and taking leaps of faith to live your dream. Check out this week's episode today! Get Connected with Marcus Y. Rosier: Instagram: @marcusyrosier Website: Connect with Dream Coach Tish: Instagram: @latisha.carr @wheredoyoudream Website: *Note: Some sound issues could not be edited without losing some good content so the decision to keep even the uneven sound was made.
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