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This final episode addresses how enterprises can enter edge markets where real estate may be limited. As data is increasingly driven to the edge, how can enterprises think outside the box to ultimately compete for the end-user? Hear from Arun Shenoy, CMO and SVP of Global Sales at Serverfarm, on its unique blend of real estate, data center, and IT management powered by its efficiency-driving platform, InCommand. Plus, we discuss more in-depth the value chain process and how edge tech will be a deciding factor amongst the competition, such as Edge Infrastructure as a Service, Edge Platforms as a Service, and Edge Solutions as a Service.
When it comes to data centers, sustainability is a hot yet controversial topic and becoming more and more of a focal point, especially as operators compete for the “most sustainable data center” title. In this important episode, we take a look into edge data centers and debate their role in sustainability. According to Forbes, edge computing, along with machine learning, will significantly reduce data center energy, allowing for data to be transmitted over shorter distances, therefore reducing energy usage and ultimately carbon emissions. Still, there’s another side of the story where some claim the edge isn’t sustainable at all. Plus, we discuss Serverfarm’s chapter in the book Greener Data: 5 (And A Bit) Steps To Greener Data.
There’s no question edge data centers will play a critical role in the future of data centers. What was once just an experiential concept has now claimed its stake as a must-have for data center operators and enterprises alike. Although according to Gartner, today only 10% of data is created and processed at the edge. This is expected to rise to 75% by 2025. In this first episode of our new mini-series, Philbert Shih of Structure Research joins Arun Shenoy of Serverfarm and Ambrose McNevin of Tech Marketing, to clearly define “what is an edge data center” and how they enable enterprises to accelerate digital transformation. Plus, we look at the new era of edge and its entry into the double-digit megawatt arena — no longer limiting its size or capacity.
How does DMaaS bring together people, processes and machine learning? As the era of invisible infrastructure continues, can DMaaS automate tasks enabling enterprises, especially their IT teams and ultimately their customers, to experience smooth IT operations amid enormous disruption? This final episode answers these questions and more as host Joao Lima leads an impactful discussion that elevates the importance of DMaaS while zooming in on how ML will continue to take data center management to new heights.
In this ultimate face-off, our podcast guests challenge the definitions asserting that DMaaS and DCIM are the same. So how do they differ? In this second episode, we answer that question while explaining why data center management solutions must work across multiple disciplines in the data center. Plus, lend us your ears to hear more about how DMaaS aligns with combating climate change and data center sustainability efforts. 
Is DMaaS more than just another acronym? DMaaS, properly known as Data Center Management as a Service, is taking the industry by storm. In this first episode of our new series, we clearly define DMaaS while exploring its emergence as the cloud-based, data-driven, full-service model of data center management that goes deeper than DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management). Plus, host Joao Lima and our guests dive into why industry leaders are calling DMaaS the future of data center management and how it fuels growth for next-generation technologies. 
Are net-zero data centers the next generation of data centers? What’s the difference between embodied and operational carbon? Why does it matter? In the final episode of our sustainability series, we dive deeper into embodied and operational carbon emissions and their role in mitigating climate change. Plus, we explore the evolution of data center energy and venture into new ways data centers are improving energy efficiency.
Are the cleanest data centers powered by renewable energy, or are they the ones that do not need to be built? In this inaugural episode, we explore how modernizing a facility reduces a data center’s environmental impact. Plus, we’ll blast off with the top sustainability predictions from around the world and take a deeper dive into how modernizing a facility can result in a modeled 88% embodied carbon emission reduction.
What's all the hype about lights-out data centers? In this episode, we discuss the emerging lights-out concept and its role in supporting sustainability efforts. On this mission, we also explore how monitoring, analytics, AI, and robotics play a role in the future of lights-out data centers. Plus, our guests discuss the strong connection between the lights-out concept and edge data centers while bringing you the latest sustainability news from across the globe. 
The Future of Data Centers is a quarterly three-episode podcast that explores what lies ahead for one of the world’s most vital industries. From the minds behind Serverfarm, the global leader in data center management as a service (DMaaS), the podcast will take a closer look at the people, processes, and technologies that are accelerating IT and empowering facilities throughout the world. Gain insight from leading industry experts and special guests as they discuss everything from sustainability and modernization to digital transformation and Edge in this unique mini-podcast series.
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