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The purpose of real events is to meet people you don't know. It’s where real delivers and virtual can't. FOOTPRINT+ is all about people meeting people, swapping ideas and agreeing to collaborate. Table Talks represent exactly that.
10 Episodes
FOOTPRINT+ Table Talk Episode 10: Sustainable Carbon Offsetting. Juliette Morgan at British Land and Marie-Louise Schembri of Hilson Moran help us navigate through the sometimes contentious world of Carbon Offsetting. 
Tim Pyne meets with Dominic Lion of Gallagher Insurance, Phil Callow of Chase Underwriting and timber architect Nic Crawley from AHMM. They present a revealing perspective that much of the complexity in  the sector comes from the poor communication between designers and insurers, meaning that insurers find it challenging to gauge the risk.
Concrete is the second most consumed material on earth after water – and to make concrete, we need cement. However the manufacture of cement requires the chemical decarbonisation of limestone, followed by the heating of the constituent materials to 1400°C by burning coke. These processes result in the release of billions of tonnes of CO2 each year, and hence we have a big problem. Here we introduce Will Arnold, Head of Climate Action for the Institution of Structural Engineers and Jenny Burridge of The Concrete Centre to discuss what's being done about it, and ultimately how to reduce our usage of the material to start with.
FOOTPRINT+ Founder, Tim Pyne is joined by Adam Brockley of Scape Student Living and David Leversha of WSP, to discuss the requirements that investors are placing on developers to reduce the whole life cycle carbon emissions from buildings in order to access funding
FOOTPRINT+  are joined by Nick Jackson of Arup and Tim Downes of British Land, who describe the remarkable process of removing the entire façade from a 90's office building, completely refurbishing it and fixing it back again. The whole project achieves a 44% reduction in Carbon Emissions over a 20 year cycle.
De-carbonising steel

De-carbonising steel


De-carbonising steel. Tim Pyne is joined by Walter Swann, UK head of research of ArcelorMittal and Diego Phillips, Net Zero leader from WSP. 
Carbon in Structures

Carbon in Structures


FOOTPRINT+ Founder, Emily Day is joined by architect Ben Adams and Structural Engineer Mark Tillett to discuss carbon in structures. 
The end of expensive bin stores?FOOTPRINT+ founder Emily Day is joined by Dave Buckley of automated waste collection specialist, Envac UK and architect Paul Monaghan of AHMM.
Why build with wood?

Why build with wood?


Why build with wood?FOOTPRINT+ Founder, Tim Pyne is joined by architect Andrew Waugh of Waugh Thistleton Architects and developer Francis Hilton of Pelican Developments. 



Hear from the FOOTPRINT+ founders about the 2022 Conference and Exhibition that is the UK's property event for a zero carbon future.Tim Pyne, Emily Day and Sophie Law-Smith talk about the reasons they created FOOTPRINT+ and what the show will be like in June 2022. 
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