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Your kids are screaming, the TV is on, someone is jumping on the couch, the doorbell just rang, you’re starting to question your ability to function, and it’s only 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. If that sounds familiar, you might be struggling with overstimulation and sensory overload. In this episode, hear from Holly Peretz, mom and pediatric occupational therapist, to discuss how sensory overload impacts us and learn ways we can cope with it as moms.
It’s no secret that having a healthy gut is important, but there’s so much more to it than that! Discover how nourishing your gut microbiome can improve your hormone balance, support your mental health, help your overall wellness, and more from integrative gastroenterologist Dr. Vanessa Mendez. In this episode, she shares more about what the gut microbiome is, why it’s so crucial, and her tips for keeping it happy and healthy.
From pregnancy to birth, to raising a child, we all need a lot of love and support as moms. During this episode, journey into the world of wellness surrounding women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy with Mama Glow founder, Latham Thomas. She shares more on how we as moms can feel empowered and strong during these often challenging times and tips on how we can advocate for ourselves.
Did you know that as consumers, food waste is one of our biggest impacts on the climate crisis? Discover how you can cut back on food waste and make more eco-friendly food choices from internationally recognized author and food waste warrior, Sophie Egan. In this episode, she covers the impact food waste has on our planet, shares her tips for reducing it in our everyday lives, and so much more.
You might not realize how many chemicals you and your kids are exposed to in a lifetime. Yet it’s important to understand where these exposures happen, how they impact your health, and how to best avoid them. In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Trasande, an internationally-renowned leader in environmental health, as we dig deeper into hormone-disrupting chemical exposure and what we can do to safeguard our families.
Summertime and the living is not always as easy as you think! Between managing the kids being home, vacation planning, and so much more, there's a lot going on this time of year. We’re kicking off our first episode of season four with our tips and stories about budgeting for trips, summer safety, summer activities, and everything in between. 
The mental health toll the pandemic has taken on our children is not something to take lightly. It’s important for parents to know the signs and signals kids give when they are struggling, and support them through the ups and downs. Hear from Dr. Joanne Frederick, a licensed professional mental health counselor, about how parents can listen and understand their children through the mental and emotional challenges they may face. 
Race, gender, and consent are important to discuss with our kids but they can be hard conversations to navigate as parents. We’re joined by Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown, a licensed clinical psychologist, to talk about the importance of teaching our kids these topics. We dig deeper into intersectionality, how we as parents can address tough topics with our kids, parenting from a place of curiosity, and so much more. 
For women, and moms especially, understanding what the pelvic floor is and how to take care of it is incredibly important for our long term health and wellbeing. But what is the pelvic floor and why has it become such a hot topic? We’re joined by Dr. Gina Cunningham, a pelvic floor physical therapist, to learn more about what our pelvic floor is, why it’s so important, and what we can do to support it.
It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of climate change. With the constant bombardment of information it can be hard to know what the right actions are to take. In this episode, hear from the executive director of Project Drawdown, Dr. Jonathan Foley, about the many ways carbon drawdown is being used to fight the climate crisis. We’re digging into what that means, ways we as parents can help, everyday scientific solutions, and more.
As parents, our children tend to be a focal point of our lives, and when we have spouses and partners sometimes those relationships get neglected. Hear from Jonathan Douglass, a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in marriage and relationships, about the importance of intentional connection with your partner. Plus, stick around till the end as we invite his wife, and our Chief Mom Ambassador, Annie Douglass on to hear how they make their marriage thrive with three kids and two busy careers.
Each journey to motherhood is unique. Join us as we share our stories and talk about the many ups and downs and considerations that go into creating a family. We hope through sharing we can all feel a little more connected in our community, especially when the bumps in the road can feel so isolating.* Trigger Warning * In this session, we talk about adoption, fertility treatments, IVF, miscarriage, and pregnancy. We know these are very personal and sensitive conversations that can be hard for some to listen to.
Keeping kids active and engaged can be a challenge, especially during the winter months in the snowier, colder parts of the world. Making sure your kids get the daily exercise they need is crucial to support their health and development. Hear from board-certified pediatrician Dr. Cherie Chu about her recommendations on this and more. She shares how to keep kids active year-round, the importance of exercise at every age, and how to instill lifelong healthy habits to help kids grow and thrive.
It’s in our waterways, food, and even our bodies. Now more than ever, we need to take steps to solve the environmental crisis that is plastic. In this episode, hear from Plastic Oceans CEO, Julie Andersen, about the dramatic impact of plastic pollution and what you can do to help. Fighting against plastic pollution is crucial for the wellbeing of our planet and directly affects all of our health.
The holidays can be overwhelming for moms, and trying to manage all of the expectations can be tricky, even for the most experienced of parents. Learn how you can navigate this time of year with less stress from Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco. She shares her tips on how moms can alleviate some of this pressure and have a healthier and more magical holiday season.
Here come the holidays, and with them, plenty of sugary treats. Involving your kids in these sweet traditions is one of the best parts of the season, but sometimes the amount of sugar we eat can get out of control. Hear from registered dietitian Carolyn Williams about how to create healthier holiday meals, keep tabs on your kids’ sugar intake, and more during this magical and delicious time of year.
Setting your kids up for financial success means more than just creating a college savings account. Knowing how to navigate conversations around money with your kids can provide them with financial savvy and teach them financial literacy. Hear from financial expert, Jen Hemphill, about how to talk to your kids about money, why it’s so important, and how you can raise your kids to become fiscally responsible. 
As moms, our whole world tends to revolve around our children. But who are we outside of motherhood? And what is that elusive thing people call free time? Join the Moms Meet team for a candid conversation about what it means to be a mom, how being a parent has shaped our lives, and how we navigate our roles as mothers.
The dry fall and winter air can do a number on our skin. Between cracked skin, rashes and eczema flare-ups, knowing the best ways to alleviate skin problems can offer your family some much needed relief. Discover the best ways to support your skin from licensed esthetician Brittany Johnson at Gladskin. She shares more about how to handle eczema flare-ups, ways to prevent dry fall skin, and the best way to care for your kid’s skin at any age.
Keeping our kids healthy is a top priority as parents, but during the back-to-school season it can feel like an uphill battle. Hear from Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh, board-certified holistic pediatrician and host of the Raising Amazing podcast, about the best ways to support your little one's immune system. His integrative approach offers natural preventative measures to safeguard your kids this fall and teaches more about what factors could be causing your kids to get sick. 
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