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The episode is about capturing downloads, impulses and divine inspiration in the moment and the realising the essence of them.  This is a practice that establishes you in the clear stream of knowing what you want and solutions to bring what you want into being.
Claire O’Berry is co-founder of Dying Your Way.Claire speaks and teaches internationally on death literacy and preparing for the end-of-life journey. She is also the host of the Dying Your Way podcast, interviewing experts in the field of death and dying as well as those who bravely share their personal stories.Link to next death literacy training:
Daven Lee is a writer, teacher, integrative therapist and Priestess of the
Tension exists in all creative processes.To create whole health we have to get comfortable being with tension. We’ve become masterful at resolving it with learned behaviours that keep us from being present to the now. In this episode, we explore the whole health in the NOW moment.
With great resources invested, there is much emphasis on how to prevent ever virulent virus strains and flu.  What about investing in resourcing, and valuing robust health?Starting with digestion and immune intelligence. Have we fragmented so greatly that we cannot see the whole human?
Mike Gardiner (aka Mike Mantic) is an agent of true creative purpose. The genius behind Pathfinders Co, Mike helps entrepreneurs and people find their soul's calling and through practical intuitive processes, develop a path to live that calling daily. It’s all about leading truly awake and resounding high functional living.Free gift link 5 day Discover your Purpose
Susan Burrell is an author, intuitive healer, and guide who loves supporting women in their inner growth toward finding their true empowerment. She’s about the blossoming and stepping into the power of oneself. She’s the author of Live Your Empowered Life.
Michael Stone is a well known spiritual author, mentor, shamanic practitioner, radio host, producer, and trauma integration facilitator. He has been teaching and leading experiential events, classes, teleseminars and workshops on Organizational Development, Embodied Shamanism, Moving Meditation, Mysticism, Personal Growth, and Spiritual Fulfillment for over 40 years.
Jennifer Kauffman is a filmmaker, author, and speaker.  Her incredible story and healing journey are documented in her book Shattered: The Boston Marathon I never wanted to run and compelling film There’s Got to be More to Life.
Dipika Delmenico in conscious conversation with Dr. Sue Morter, Master of bio-energetics, Best Selling Author of The Energy Codes and founder of Morter Institute. This fully alive conversation is all above how to live self mastery with embodied soulful presence. What a gift!
Dipika Delmenico in conscious conversation with Sarah McCrum - teacher, coach, business owner and author of Love Money,  Money Loves You.  Discover how to heal your relationship with money and run your business on the principles of love, abundance, generosity and nature.   
Siddiqi Ray  is all about supporting women's success through visibility.  Renowned soul photographer to HH Dalai Llama, mentor to the Kennedy family, Siddiqi is on a mission for  women to authentically show up and be visible in the world.
Dipika Delmenico in inspired conversation with Debra Poneman.Debra is founder of the highly renowned Yes to Success, Inc., Debra’s workshops, keynotes and on-line events have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world by providing a step-by-step system to create both profound outer success and the radiant health to support it. Debra is also recognized as a leading authority on turning back the hands of time and creator of Ageless.
Join Dipika Delmenico in enlightened conversation with Julie Ann Cairns, wealth creator and  author of the Hay House bestseller, The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now , and director and producer of the documentary of the same name,
Bodhi Aldridge is a Mentor and Leader in creating sustainable change in life and communities.Dedicated to cultivating presence and male visionary leaders, he works with business owners and organisations globally, to to create more freedom and joy in life.
Dipika Delmenico joins Heera Ananda, award winning designer, educator and communications strategist, in juicy conversation about the transformation of getting clear and articulating the message of you as your business. Brand Expert and founder of Brand Tomorrow, Heera Ananda is dedicated to working with female founders to build transformational businesses.
Transformational Leadership and corporate consultant, author and indigenous wisdom educator Dr. Anita Sanchez joins Dipika Delmenico in conversation on hope, humanity and sacred activism.
Dipika Delmenico in conversation with Keshava Jenkins.Keshava Jenkins is the Inner Peace Mentor.  Manager of the pristine Krishna Otway Retreat and former monk, Keshava is a living teaching of cultivating inner peace through living simply and sufficiently in the modern world.
Dipika Delmenico in conversation with Bill Bennett,  highly acclaimed, award winning Australian filmmaker and author. His accolades and international recognition are many and prestigious.  Listen in to this compelling conversation with a highly engaging, imaginative human about essentially being in the flow of life and creating what you love beyond reason and conventionality.
Today, Dipika is in enthusiastic conversation with Genius Alignment Coach and cofounder of True North Genius Alignment, Linda Blythe.Linda is changing the way people live and create lives they love with this methodology which she describes as a “Kick arse way to find the truth of who you are and what you came here to create in this life.”
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