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Author: Emily Drew

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A podcast about homemaking to the glory of God 🌺 Interviewing older women in the church to learn what is good according to Titus 2:3-5. Follow with the host, Emily Drew, as she interviews various authors and women on topics like homemaking, biblical womanhood, marriage, parenting, and much more!
10 Episodes
Do your children exhaust you? Have you found yourself finishing their chores because it’s, well, easier than getting them to do them? If so, this book will give you new energy, and your household new harmony. This book will help your children develop a good work ethic.In this interview, I speak with Mary Beeke, author of Teach Them to Work and we discuss a very important aspect of child-rearing which is instilling a strong work ethic in them. If this is done well, it will be a blessing to them, their families, and most importantly it will bring glory to the Lord.You can buy Mary's book at Reformation Heritage Books or on Amazon.
What a joy it was to talk with Kathy Reeg, the president of The Elisabeth Elliot foundation. She is a wealth of knowledge and has such a warm, kind spirit. The first time we had a conversation on the phone we spent over an hour and a half talking not just about Elisabeth but she gave such wonderful advice on mothering and raising children in the faith. I hope you enjoy this episode where we discuss Elisabeth’s life as a whole and how helpful she is to women pursuing biblical womanhood.
To kick off season 2 of the Fruitful Homemaker Podcast I interviewed Abigail Dodds. I hope this episode is a blessing to you!Book Summary:In a culture that can belittle womanhood on the one hand—making it irrelevant—and glorify it on the other—making it everything—it’s hard to know what it really means to be a woman. But when we understand womanhood through the lens of Scripture, we see that we need a bigger category for what God has called “woman.”This book breathes fresh air into our womanhood, reminding us what life in Christ—as a woman—looks like. When we see that we are women in all we do, we can be at peace with how God has created us, recognizing womanhood as an essential part of Christ’s mission and work.Books:A(Typical) Woman: Free, Whole, and Called in ChristBread of Life: Savoring the All-Satisfying Goodness of Jesus through the Art of Bread MakingPodcast:Home Fires Podcast
Christina Fox received her Master's in counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She is a blogger, writer, and retreat speaker. She writes for a number of Christian ministries and websites, including Ligonier, The Gospel Coalition, and Revive Our Hearts.In this episode, we discuss her book, Closer Than a Sister, which has been a blessing to me and many women I know. Here is a brief summary:We live in an age where ‘friendships’ are prolific and contact is constant. But are all of these people really our friends? The bond of Christian friendship is different. Built on our unity with Christ, these are real life, flesh and blood relationships – both sacred and sacrificial. Christina Fox offers insight into how we can weave friendships that last through any season and reflect Christ to the world.You can find more about Christina at her website
Nancy Wilson is a pastor's wife from Moscow, Idaho. She has authored many books and has her own podcast called Femina. Nancy is one of those rare jewels in the church that the Lord has used tremendously to help women get back to what is good according to scripture.  In this episode, we discuss her book Virtuous which walks through fourteen biblical virtues to help women of all ages actively pursue fruitfulness in the knowledge of Christ.I hope this episode is a blessing to you!You can buy the book from Canon Press here:
In part two of a three-part interview series with Cindy Raquet we cover more topics related to her very comprehensive book on parenting. Cindy and her husband John Raquet wrote the book – Purposeful and Persistent Parenting, and this has been one of the best parenting books I have read. It is very comprehensive, covering a broad range of topics related to raising children in a Biblical way.You can buy the book here:
Krista Fetterly is a Pastor's wife and mother to five girls. She lives in Arkansas and is a member of a Reformed Baptist Church.I have gotten to know Krista over the last year, and have spent time with her family on many occasions. Krista and her family truly have a gift for hospitality which is why I chose to interview her on this important topic. We discuss this topic at great length, and I hope it is edifying to you as you seek to be hospitable in your community.Follow and connect on Social Media:FacebookInstagramYouTube
Martha Peace has published many books written for women. This book, The Excellent Wife, had a great impact on me in better understanding God's calling for being a wife as laid out in His word. Martha is a gifted teacher and exhorter. She worked for eight years as a biblical counselor at the Atlanta Biblical Counseling Center on Old National Highway, College Park, Georgia, where she counseled women, children, and teenagers. For the past several years she has presented workshops on various biblical counseling issues for women at the national conference for NANC.Martha Peace has authored The Excellent Wife, The Study Guide to The Excellent Wife, Becoming a Titus 2 Woman, Tying the Knot Tighter (co-authored with her Pastor, John Crotts), Damsels In Distress, and a parenting book co-authored with Stuart Scott entitled The Faithful Parent. She also has several CD sets and DVD sets available for purchase.You can buy her book here on Amazon:
Cindy and her husband John Raquet wrote the book – Purposeful and Persistent Parenting, and this has been one of the best parenting books I have read. It is very comprehensive, covering a broad range of topics related to raising children in a Biblical way. You can buy the book here:
A Podcast About Homemaking to the Glory of God On this podcast, my goal is to get back to “what is good” according to God in Titus chapter 2. Listen to interviews from older women in the church as to what it means to be a woman, wife, mother, and follower of Christ.About the Host:My name is Emily Drew and I have been saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. I am a wife and mother to 3 young children. We are members of a Reformed Church in Arkansas.It has been a great blessing being mentored and built up by older women in the church. I have a burden for younger women, who like I did, struggle with what it means to be a godly woman. This podcast, where I interview older women in the faith, is meant to be an encouragement and resource for women having to un-learn what the world teaches and walk in step with God’s will for their lives.Connect and Subscribe:InstagramFacebookYouTubeWebsite
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