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Goal setting! It's a curious pass time! After years of goal setting and vision boarding, I have a different take on how to do this with ease and with trust. In today's episode, I share a quick lesson on how you can change up the 'old fashioned' way of goal setting so it feels more intuitive, more courageous and more true to who you want to be. The books I mention in the podcast are 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne and 'The As If Principle' by Richard Wiseman. The Facebook Group I mention is 'Magical Midlife'. Please come and join the free group if you're not a member already. Also, have you got your free 'Magical Midlife Mastery' video mini course yet? You can get it sent right to you today. Just click here to get it. 
Ever felt like you have to do it all on your own? Ever had days when life feels like it's all too much ? Who do you turn to so that you don't feel like you're just moaning or complaining?On some days, focussing on the positive just maybe isn't enough, so you need to step it up.In today's episode I share with you what I'm doing to help me through the tough times so that I can stay objective and feeling well. Tough times are tough (lol), but they don't need to break you or make you despair! Help is always available - listen in for the latest.Why don't you come and join a supportive community of awesome women on Instagram and in our Magical Midlife FB group.
Tracy Evans shares her journey from leaving her stressful jet set corporate exec role all the way through to living  her current 'Magical Midlife' adventure of owning and running an equestrian facility! She now lets the horses doing the teaching, as well as certifying others to open their own teaching facilities.  Update on this episode: Tracey is currently building her second facility in the US! You can follow her updates and progress on Facebook at the Dreamwinds page. 
In today's episode, Stephanie O'Dea shares her story of how her 'crock pot cooking' business success took over her lifestyle and values until she tuned back into her inner wisdom. She had to go against what everyone was telling her to do as it didn't feel right - she needed to trust herself for her own happiness! She's now living the full expression of the 'Magical Midlife'... and shares all the lessons she learned along the way.You can listen to Stephanie's podcast here.
In today's first Summer Season Re-run episode, Petra Carroll shares her journey from being a ground breaking hair salon owner and entrepreneur, to getting back in touch with who she is, and taking the time to learn from her pet tortoises about a living and loving a slower pace of life. Petra is so inspiring as she talks about how she now has the time to learn from drama and chaos which previously she would have ignored and pushed through. Those decisions catch up with you...You can find Petra on Instagram. 
Summer Season Kick Off

Summer Season Kick Off


Today is getting close to the first anniversary of the Magical Midlife! It also seems to fit that in this episode I share with you what the Summer Season is all about and how it came to be a 'thing'. Please come over the the Magical Midlife FB group where you'll find all the new offerings and conversations happening over the summer while I make my big move!
Is video gaming an issue with your kids or young adults? Are you concerned that after covid, video gaming has taken an unhealthy hold on your kids? Today's guest, Elaine Uskoski, is an author, speaker and coach to families who are struggling with someone who is addicted to video games. Elaine's personal story, which she also now tells publicly with her son, Jake, shares the care givers perspective on identifying if or when this is happening, and also what you can do to intervene. She shares how she had to find resources and became a speaker on the topic that wasn't being talked about when she needed it!Helping our young adults is a role that is undefined and unchartered - at what stage do we step in, verses letting them stand on their own two feet. You can find Elaine at her website, on social media and buy her book, Cyber Sober  - a caregiver's guide to video gaming addiction.Please feel free to share this episode with friends who may be dealing with this issue within their family. There is help available. 
Imagine starting extreme sports late in your 40's? Imagine making a whole new set of friends and building a new community based on outdoor and adventure living?It may seem far fetched, but Jackie Hope and her husband Ray, did just this and now have a whole like minded community called the Midlife Mountaineers. They also now make films about their adventures and about others in the community too.Listen to Jackie's story about struggling with anxiety and a fear of heights, and how neither one stopped her from doing what she loves now. You can find Jackie and Ray at their website, Midlife Mountaineer and at all their social media accounts by the same name. You'll love their instagram - that's where I first saw Jackie! Their pictures and stories are breathtaking.
Are you struggling to say something or do something that you've been holding on to for ever? Do you need encouragement to take a brave step for yourself?Today's conversation with Laura Foster, aka 'Soul Inspired Gurl' talks about her brave journey of selling her successful business of 25 years to follow what her heart was telling her. We talk about the inner strength of women, the influences that we follow and how we grow into who we are as we mature. This is an incredibly powerful conversation. Laura talks about her group program, ROOTS + The Sisterhood begins April 5th. Registration open March 23-29th.Link: of this podcast can use a discount code: ROOTS50 - $50 off the programAlso you can find Laura on Instagram and on her podcast, Soul Inspired Gurl.
Should you be running to lose your midlife belly? Or maybe just get on the step machine at the gym for hours? Sit ups? Maybe 100 sit ups a day? What is the best way to get your waist back?Sam, aka 'SamCoreTrainier' shares the best ways that you can exercise to get your body back when hormones may have run riot and left you feeling more bloaty and rounder than you've ever been! Listen in for some great advice, and some truth about what 's going on with our body in these special years and how we can work with it, not against it. You can sign up for Sam's FREE 'Sh*t that happens after 40' Masterclass here.Please remember to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review if you've enjoyed the conversation.
Going through change and not sure when life will feel like it's back to normal?  Feeling stuck and frustrated where you are?In today's episode I talk about what to expect with the cycles of change and knowing when you've hit rock bottom - and you can only go up from there!In the episode I share the 'Spring Revolution' which offers you help with getting from where you are, to where you want to be, with support and ease on the way!Like what you hear? Please subscribe and share this episode with your friends. To find out if the Spring Revolution program is a good fit,  private message me on Facebook or Instagram.
Ever wanted to be the founder and CEO, climb a mountain, do an ironman competition, or just do really brave things? Perhaps you'd just like to be fit and healthy enough to do all the fun activities that you love the idea of, but don't know if you can?Today's guest, Anissa Buckley, founder of B-untethered, shares the steps and insights of how she achieved all of the things above, multiple times! To find out more about Anissa, her adventures and the B-untethered group that is starting in March, you can find out more here.  You can follow Anissa and B-untethered on instagram too.If you enjoy listening to this interview, please leave a review and a rating! I'm always grateful to get feedback too!
If you've ever worried that getting over your problems means you just have to talk about them over and over again, today's guest, Elena Kapetanios, will share with you that it's not the case! She shares her story of healing after her son's premature birth and then dealing with the difficulties that come from holding on to the shock and blame of something like that.  Shock doesn't show up as we expect it to and sometimes it causes more problems that need addressing first! Listen in and enjoy. You can find Eleni Kapetanios at and on instagram.
Ever felt like you want to sell up, move to the country, or even sell up and move to the city? Today's guest, Margaret Vandergriff helps people, often empty nesters, to make a plan to move to a new city and find their new home. You can avoid making the costly mistake that many people made during covid, which was packing up and moving out of the city just because they didn't need to be near the office anymore!Find out how to do the job properly and move somewhere that will improve your life - not ruin it. You can find Margaret and take the quiz we talk about here. Her website is https://yourplacefinder.comAlso, come over and join in the conversation at the Magical Midlife FB group where you also get access to Free Guided Meditations each week.
Wow! Who knew? Today's guest, Kim Martin, a Gen X Health Coach, shares some great tips about nutrition that suits our changing body - also how she went from 10K runs to something that suited her body better once she was in her 40's.  Her nutrition tips are about adding food, not taking it away - what a refreshing message to get us to health and wholeness! Find her on instagram  and take a look at her awesome health and nutrition posts! (That is how I connected with her in the first place!)Also, are you in the Magical Midlife FB Group yet? We do weekly guided meditations in the group every Friday for FREE. Come and join us. 
Have you ever questioned how you're living? Your career, where you live and the life choices you've made perhaps?In today's episode, Amy Shearer shares her journey from being a senior level exec in retail in NYC to becoming a life coach and breath work practitioner through the covid years. Her story unravels in such a beautiful way that you'll be thoroughly engaged and inspired by her tales of the peace core and her snake wrestling grandmother!Listen in, you'll be inspired and your heart will be warmed!You can find out more about Amy at her website, The Recreated and also on Instagram.Find out more about the Find Your Wings program today.
Ever wondered if you're on the right path? Are you playing to your strengths and answering your true soul's calling?In today's episode, Prema Lee Gurreri shares her story about closing down her yoga studio as she knew that she was short changing her self and missing offering her key talents and skills. We also talk about the work that we've done together and the results that it had for me.Prema's website is and you can find her books The Sacred Wealth Code and The Sacred Wealth Code Journal on Amazon.Find out more about joining the Find Your Wings group.
Have you ever been told that you're too old to do something, or that your goal is too big or too tough for you? This, along with some other key factors, is what motivated Jo Moseley to become the first woman to paddle board from England's East to West Coast, on canals!  She also made a wonderful film about it, called Brave Enough, which we talk about in today's episode. Jo is so humble about her achievements, both the paddle boarding and also about the film, which is now winning awards!You can watch Brave Enough,  A Journey Home to Joy, here and also listen to Jo's podcast, The Joy of SUP.Jo's website is Jo where you can find more about what she's up to with work and play!Please make sure to share this episode with anyone who has big goals or dreams! You'll be glad you did.Also, remember to check out the Find Your Wings program today.
Ever wondered how you've got so much stuff?  What about clutter in your house? Is it just taking up space in your home, or is it showing you something more meaningful?In today's episode, Kira Rodenbush lets us in to the connection she found through massage therapy and home organizing.  Listen in to find out what the signs are that you're holding on to  the same issues in your home and your body! Be prepared for some amazing connections!Kira's podcast is called What's Up With Your Stuff.You can find her on Instagram too.
Happy New Year! If you dream of living in the mountains, being a social media influencer or bringing a new nutrition product to the market, Lindsey spills the beans on the reality of all of it - the highs and lows and how her journey has led her to learn about what she does today. You won't be surprised to know that she has been challenged and tested along the way especially when she hit menopause at just 42!You can find Lindsey on Instagram at or at her page name, Midlife & Menopause.
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