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Episode 100!!!!!!!!BB Easton is the pure embodiment of Radical Audacity! She began her professional life as a school psychologist...she did all the things she was "supposed" to do. She got married to a loving, reliable man, she went to school for 7 years to get her advanced degree in school psychology, she had children, she began her career....and almost a decade into that career she realized she totally lost herself. So BB Easton wrote a book. Not just any book. She wrote a memoir about her hot, steamy, pretty kinky sex life. In writing this book, BB found herself, her power, & her voice. BB Easton"s advice to us all:  People need to find time for their passions. It doesn't have to become a career, but those talents and passions are what make you who you are. When you let them die, you lose a part of yourself. Read BB Easton's Books:44 Chapters About 4 Men (inspired the Netflix series Sex/Life)Group TherapyPraying for RainContact BB Easton here:Website: https://www.authorbbeaston.comInstagram: Tiphany:DM me on IG @tiphanykane Check out my website: www.tiphanykane.comHeck Yes! NewsletterHeck Yes! Mastermind Application 
How do we overcome the Fear of Failure?I was interviewed by Authority Magazine and asked that question. This topic is so timely right now so i wanted to dive deeper into it with you. First of all, "overcoming the fear of failure" does not mean never being afraid of failure. It simply means we are able to overcome the FEAR!Here are the 5 Ways that I found to be most helpful to overcome the fear of failure:Step Back and Take a Deep Breath to asses where the fear is coming from.Be curious about your fear.Seek help from a coach, a therapist, or a mentor.Take steps to move toward your goal.Reflect on your growth and what you learned from the experience.If you would like help overcoming your fear of failure- reach out to me. I would be happy to have a discovery call with you to see how we can work together!Read the Authority Magazine Article hereDM me on IG @tiphanykane Check out my website: www.tiphanykane.comHeck Yes! NewsletterHeck Yes! Facebook GroupHeck Yes! Mastermind Application 
Azaria Menezes is known as "The Pussy Fairy".  Azaria is a trauma-informed Sex and Intimacy coach that works with women, moms, and couples to figure out what that thing is that's holding them back in the bedroom. She supports folks to find back to feeling turned on, ecstatic and orgasmic in and out of the bedroom. Azaria supports her clients to re-ignite that spark back into their sexuality or relationships so that they can fall more in love with themselves and/or each other. She also hosts the podcast: Getting Intimate where she brings practical ways to invite more pleasure into your body, relationships, and sex life.Azaria's Book Recommendation:Come as You Are by Emily NagowskiSongs:Let's get it on by Marvin GayeSexual Healing By Marvin GayeYou can contact Azaria:Website: or OPT-IN : Getting Intimate : would love to hear what you think about this episode:DM me on IG @tiphanykane Check out my website: www.tiphanykane.comHeck Yes! NewsletterHeck Yes! Facebook GroupHeck Yes! Membership GroupHeck Yes! Mastermind Application 
I did a big thing...I gave notice at work that I would not be signing a new contract.  Taking this step is a huge affirmation that I believe in myself and my ability to fly! I recorded this episode hours after I turned in my letter of resignation and I am just so excited to share this moment with you!I would love for you to reach out to me and let me know what quitters club you are a member of.Contact me:Instagram: @tiphanykaneWebsite: www.tiphanykane.comHeck Yes! Membership Group
Recently, the anxiety monster attacked me pretty bad last week. What do you do when the anxiety monster attacks?Here is what works for me:Taking time off from my to-do listTaking time for self-care like going for a walk & getting my nails doneListening to affirmations and an audio book on the Law of AttractionCommunicating my needs to the people I loveBeing gentle with myselfEating healthyWhat works for you? Please reach out to me and let me know.DM me on IG @tiphanykane Check out my website: www.tiphanykane.comHeck Yes! NewsletterHeck Yes! Facebook GroupHeck Yes! Membership GroupHeck Yes! Mastermind Application 
(Episode Note: This episode contains discussions of rape and sexual trauma)Madeleine Black has an unusual personal story that she uses to inspire and motivate others.  She chose to forgive the two men who gang-raped her at thirteen years old and she shares her story for many reasons.Madeleine wants to end the shame, stigma, and silence surrounding sexual violence enabling others to find their voice, whatever their story is.  She wants people to know that it’s not what happens to us that is important but what we do with it.  Madeleine is passionate about discussing how changing her mindset tapped into her resilience and transformed her life, making people question their own thinking and encouraging them to see that there are always choices to make, and if we choose to, we can get past anything that happens to us in life both professionally and in our personal life.  She wants to encourage others to live their life courageously too; but ultimately she wants to inspire hope and show people that we are all so much stronger than we think we are.Madeleine Balck is a 2x TEDx speaker, a psychotherapist, a podcaster, and an author. Madeline's memoir, Unbroken, was published on April 4th 2017.Contact Madeleine:Book - – – – – – – Unbroken: Healing Through Story TellingContact Tiphany:DM Tiphany on Instagram: @tiphanykaneHeck Yes! Newsletter: click here to get the NewsletterHeck Yes! Facebook Group: click here to join the FB groupHeck Yes! Membership Group: click here to join the membership group
Sometimes the most difficult part of creating your most technicolor, joyful life is the reinvention and transformation of your physical self. We often get so trapped in our old clothing, our go-to hairstyle, our "don't pay attention to me" posture. This week's guest, Kimmy Seltzer is a Confidence Therapist & Image Expert. Kimmy believes in transformation from the outside in- often changing our clothing, hairstyle, & posture can help us to accelerate our inner transformation. I am absolutely fascinated with this topic because I found it to be true for my own healing journey.  I can't wait to hear what you think of transformation from the outside-in!!!You can find Kimmy Seltzer:Facebook:  @kimmyseltzerInstagram: @kimmyseltzerYouTube @kimmyseltzerContact Tiphany- I love to connect with you!DM me on Instagram: @tiphanykaneHeck Yes! Facebook Group: click here to join the groupHeck Yes! Membership Group: click here to join the membershipHeck Yes! Mastermind Application: click here to apply for the mastermindCheck out my website:
This bonus episode is a sneak peek into one of my coaching sessions. This coaching session is a collaboration between my coaching friend, Jodi Riddick, and me. I am the Heck Yes! Coach and Jodi is the Be Too Much Coach- So this was our Heck Yes! Be Too Much coaching session.This session focused on the Magic of Possibility. Possibility is all around us if we just allow ourselves to see it! I like to think of Possibility as magical little fairies flying around us just wanting to be invited in for a cup of tea. My friend, BB Easton, likes to think of Possibility as a long hallway of doors that you try out until you find one that is open. No matter how you visualize possibility, believing that there are limitless possibilities will allow you to have incredible experiences.Join me in my Heck Yes! Membership Group- click here to joinOnce a year, I do a 6-month-long intensive small group mastermind. This mastermind begins in June. This is an application-only mastermind- apply here!Connect with me on Instagram @tiphanykaneCheck out my website:
Have you ever wondered what kinds of things you would think about when you are in your last few months of life? Have you ever wondered what you would regret, what you would celebrate? Do you think if you were told today that you had two months left to live you feel like you've lived a life that you wanted? Would you feel like you lived a life of purpose and that if it was the end of your life, you could go peacefully knowing that you did what you were meant to do on this earth? My guess is a lot of us are listening to that question going, whoa, I don't know if I can say I wouldn't have regret. My guest this week is Dr. Kathy Zang. Dr. Zhang is a palliative medicine physician. She's an author and a transformation life coach. She really lives her life on a mission to change the world by inspiring and empowering others to live their life with purpose.Kathy's Book:Atlas of the Heart- Brene BrownKathy's Songs:Colorblind- Counting CrowsWonderful- Annie LennoxDon't Worry Be Happy- Bobby McFerrinYou can find Kathy: IG: @purposefilterPodcast: Purpose Filter PodcastDM me on IG @tiphanykane Join the Heck Yes! Membership Group: out my website: www.tiphanykane.comHeck Yes! Mastermind Application 
Did you know that opportunity is a living, breathing, magical thing? If we put ourselves in the proximity of possibility and we are open to opportunity- magic can happen in our lives! If this sounds good to you, if this sounds exciting to you, if you're like, oh my goodness, how do I put myself in the path to opportunity? How do I create proximity to opportunities that I can see it when it's coming? How do I hear opportunity? When it knocks on the door, how do I invite opportunity over to come knock on the door?  How do I see the door?  Come join the Heck Yes! Be Too Much 3-day intensive workshop that I am hosting with my friend, Jodi Riddick.Join the Facebook group to participate in the challenge activities & win prizesGet on the mailing list so you can get the replays & special gifts.Listen to Jodi Riddick's Episode to learn more about Be Too Much in Life, Love & BusinessDM Tiphany on IG: @tiphanykane
Do you ever feel like you're living life in grays and whites and drab colors? Do you ever feel like you wish you could just take a break maybe three to four months to just go travel the world? Do you ever look at people that travel and live a fantastic life and wonder how in the world do they do that?Do you ever say to yourself,  "I wish I could do that."  Well, today's guest is here to help us learn how to live life in Technicolor, as she likes to call it. Her name is Katrina McGhee, and she's a career break and sabbatical coach that helps Nine to fivers, quit their jobs, and design mind-blowing breaks to create happier, more fulfilling lives.By big takeaways:As you're preparing for your career break, your sabbatical, your career change, whatever it is you're doing, make sure you are spending in alignment with your goals.Scared-cited: being excited and scared at the same timeSaying Heck Yes!  to a sabbatical or career break may mean saying no to some income stability- so make sure you are making decisions that are in alignment with your integrity.Everyone can take a break & everyone should take a break. Start small with a one-week break where you are truly present.Contact Katrina:IG : @kmcgheecoaching www.bestbreakever.comGet Katrina's free gift: Offer: Free consultLead Magnet: Best Break Ever (free video training)I would love to connect with you!Come DM me on Instagram: @tiphanykaneHeck Yes! Facebook Group: join my Heck Yes! Be too Much Workshop------------Produced by: KaSa Media Prodcutions. LLCEdited by: David Sais (aka: The Sexy Sound Guy)
This might be one of my most vulnerable monologues. I promised you I would share my story of where my money insecurities started and how I am working to overcome them. This is an origin story and a story of a life-long journey to move from money scarcity to an abundance mindset.Please reach out to me and share your money mindset stories. Let's open the dialogue, put money scarcity behind us, and live in an abundance mindest together.Would you like to participate in an intensive 3-Day workshop that will help you to move past money scarcity and into abundance? Get on the waitlist for my Heck Yes! Be too Much 3 Day WorkshopJoin the  Heck Yes! Facebook Group DM me on IG @tiphanykane 
My guest this week has always lived life on her own terms. Straight out of high school, Tamara Schoon trained to become a Russian linguist. She then moved through military ranks to become a high-ranking female officer...and now she has added stand-up comedy and podcasting to her fascinating resume.My takeaways:Go for the hard things... the journey is going to be so fun if you do!Talk about the uncomfortable things- you can change someone's life just by talking about the topics that most people consider taboo.You can find Tamara:IG: @tamara_schoon_comicPodcast: Straight From the Source's MouthI would love to hear from you! Contact Tiphany:DM me on IG @tiphanykane out my website: www.tiphanykane.comGet on the waitlist for my Heck Yes! Be Too Much WorkshopJoin the Heck Yes! Facebook Group 
Heck Yes! Be Too MuchHave you ever been told you are too loud, too passionate, too vocal, too opinionated?I have too!!!This past week I interviewed Jodi Riddick, The Be Too Much Coach (listen to her episode here). Jodi and I are in such alignment that we decided to create a workshop just for you!!This workshop will be for women that are working to create a brand and a business but feel frustrated with the process.We will cover:Heck Yes! Be More Playful...The Power of Play in Building Your BrandHeck Yes! Love and Trust Yourself More... The Triumph of Trusting Yourself in BusinessHeck Yes! Be Too Much in Business...Believe in Possibility, Give Yourself Permission & Plan for ProfitGet on the workshop waitlist here ⬅️Join the Heck yes! Be Too Much Facebook Group here ⬅️DM me on IG @tiphanykaneCheck out my website:
Have you ever been told that you are too much? Maybe you are told you're too loud, too emotional, too noisy, too busy, too shy, too quiet, too involved, too passionate, too curious. Have you ever been told that you are too much?How did that make you feel? Did it make you feel shame? Did it make you feel like, oh goodness, Do I need to change who I am? Or did it make you feel like, thank you! Thank you for noticing that I am too much. Today's guest is Jodi Riddick. She is the "Be Too Much" coach.Jodi Riddick is a marketing Maven, a mindset coach, a speaker, a writer, a business strategist. She is launching a podcast called "Fun First" all about how female entrepreneurs can build their businesses while also having fun. She teaches women in business to get noticed, get results. And in her own words, make a shit ton of money, which Heck Yes!, I love to do that too.Sign up for the waitlist for the Heck Yes! Be Too Much Intensive Workshop with Tiphany & Jodi! Click here to join 👉🏼 get on the waitlistYou can find Jodi on FB, IG, LinkedIn & Twitter as Jodi RiddickFB: Jodi RiddickIG: @jodiriddickContact me- I would love to hear what you thought of this episode:DM me on IG @tiphanykaneCheck out my website:
I don't normally do episodes about TV shows, but since I'm sitting at home recovering from surgery, I have had some time to watch a bit of television. I am absolutely fascinated by the lessons that I learned from this brilliant young woman who rose fast and fell hard. The big lessons I talk about today:When we create metrics for success that are very capitalistic in nature, it creates a cutthroat environment where we can bend our morals to achieve that success. Instead of extrinsic success, we really need to dig deep inside and ask what true success looks like and how it aligns with who we authentically are.We need community & collaboration. Women need to change the way things are done and we need to start championing collaboration. None of us can do this thing called life on our own. We don't need to be Superwoman!DM me on IG @tiphanykaneCheck out my website: www.tiphanykane.comPurchase your #selflove merchandise here
Nick Demos is a Tony & Olivier Award-Winning Broadway producer, film-maker, business coach, and the fabulous host of The Nick Demos Show. Nick discusses with us the importance of listening to your inner knowing. He lived much of his life with a duality of a strong inner-knowing and a need for validation & escape. This fun, heart-warming, insightful conversation will lift you up and help you to feel confidence in sitting comfortably with your uncomfortability to truly learn what is right for you.Nick's Book:Healing Collective Trauma by Julie Jordan Avritt & Thomas HublNick's Songs:Stephen Sondheim- Finishing the HatStephen Sondheim- I'm Still HereAbba- Dancing QueenConnect with Nick:Instagram: @thenickdemosWebsite: www.thenickdemos.comPodcast: The Nick Demos ShowConnect with Tiphany:DM me on Instagram: @tiphanykaneCheck out my website: www.tiphanykane.comPurchase your #selflove merchandise here
There are times when, as a podcaster, you connect with another podcaster as "kindred spirits" and become friends. Hilary Russo is just that person! Hilary had me as a guest on her podcast, HIListically Speaking. This episode is that interview.I am in awe of Hilary's interview style. Her years as a professional in broadcast journalism & as a journalism professor have given her a special touch with her guests. In fact, she looks at her interviews more as conversations- and she definitely allows her guest to feel seen & heard.If you enjoy this interview, please go subscribe to her podcast, HIListically Speaking.You can also listen to Hilary's guest interview on this Radical Audacity Podcast, Episode 78.You can connect with Hilary on IG: @hilaryrussoOn LinkedIn: Hilary RussoDM me on IG @tiphanykaneCheck out my website: www.tiphanykane.comPurchase your #selflove merchandise here
Often pain can feel primal, deep, overwhelming, and unbearably intense. My guests this week,  Keri & Jeni of the Honestly Unfiltered Podcast, are long-time childhood friends that help each other through the difficult, painful parts of life. They do this with strong, no-holds-barred friendship and wonderful humor.Keri has experienced the pain of her husband committing suicide while Jeni is a cancer & lupus survivor. Their bravery, friendship, grit, humor, and strength will warm your heart.Follow Keri & Jeni on IG: @keriandjeniListen to Keri & Jeni's podcast: Honestly UnfilteredDM me on IG @tiphanykaneCheck out my website: www.tiphanykane.comPurchase your #selflove merchandise here
Oprah Winfrey says, "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. Living in authenticity to our passion means we are honoring the things that we are enthusiastic and eager about exploring and doing. Living in integrity with our passion means we feel an unflagging zeal and energy about the things we are doing.Purpose, on the other hand, is the REASON we do or create something. It is an intention and something we work to attain. We might build our goals around our purpose.The sweet spot in living a Heck Yes! life is finding the areas where our passion and our purpose overlap.  Where do your passion and purpose overlap?This topic is inspired by my interview with Hilary Russo. Listen to Hilary Russo's Interview here DM me on IG @tiphanykaneCheck out my website: www.tiphanykane.comPurchase your #selflove merchandise here
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