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Author: Peter Piché

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A podcast for Montessori leaders about leadership as influence, as work of the head, heart and hands. We interview Montessori leaders to share individual superpowers for the sake of collective growth.
7 Episodes
Lee Lanou joins me as my first recorded guest (not released first) for MLC. She speaks of having had the privilege of being guided by Celma Perry (AMS Living Legacy), her work with Endeavor Schools (a network of over 60 schools, half of which are Montessori schools), why observation is essential and how it lets us trust children the more we actually engage in authentic observation. She shares some tools she's developed to help with observation and record keeping that you can find here:Montessori MasterclassIf you want to reach Lee about 'teacher and family gifts' and her Etsy shop you can email her direction: Lee Lanou llanou@endeavorschools.comSupport the show (
Pamela Green of Ananda Montessori joins me to talk frankly about her work with families around the first prepared environment--the womb--and the child's rich full life and full personality in utero. She also goes into detail about the value of being mentored in Montessori and the impact and meaning this continues to have for her even years later. There isn't a day that goes by without holding the lessons of her mentor in her daily practice as a Montessori guide and leader.  Making the invisible visible is the task of coaching families and children.You can find Pamela on the interwebs at and on her Facebook page: Pamela Green ConsultingSupport the show (
Jamie Hoffman, Head Of School at Montessori Children's House of Valley Forge, joins me for a discussion about how hard work beats talent when talent stops working hard. She speaks about the effort to individualize for all families and staff, her personal restorative practice of creating art, and a journey of being reactionary when she was a younger leader to being a self-reflective and deliberate leader who realizes mistakes are really just attempts that didn't go as well as they could...but could go better next time.Support the show (
Margaret Whitley, retired Head of School joins me to chat about her latest foray into life-long learning, having completed an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. She shares her musings on life and Montessori as an approach to everything, the value of humility, and what it means to be part of a family legacy of Montessori educators rooted as far back as the 1960's.Support the show (
Charis Sharp, Ph.D.,  and Executive Director of the Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School, joins me for a frank discussion of our responsibilities as white Montessorians in a traditionally elitist private Montessori educational sphere, and how perhaps our original concept of life purpose and mission needs to change.
The man who was my Montessori trainer in 1997 joins me for a discussion on navigating the ups and downs of life, what it means to be compassionate with self, and how "leaving the children alone" is perhaps the best advice for Montessori practitioners.
I'm joined by award-winning professor and author, Catherine McTamaney, to chat about the intersection of art, public Montessori, what it means to embody Montessori leadership, and her personal journey of learning to not take herself too seriously.Support the show (
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