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The Truth Booth: A Weekly Are You The One Fancast
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The Truth Booth: A Weekly Are You The One Fancast

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Reality TV experts Leia and Kate bring the HEAT (Hair Eyebrows And a Tan) with their Are You The One? fancast, generously offered to satisfy your weekly garbage quota.
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We're in brand new territory! Now that AYTO Season 5 has wrapped, MTV has launched the first ever season of Are You The One: Second Chances - and we're here to tell you what to think about it. In this episode we discuss who to watch of the new couples (all perfect matches from previous seasons), #Torgan, the derivative aspects of this new format, Carolina's redemption arc, and we give our first ever piece of LISTENER ADVICE! Don't abandon us now guys, we'll get through this together until the classic flavor returns.
The season is over, and what a rollercoaster ride it’s been! Seriously… that stomach-drop feeling? We imagine our 22 AYTO soldiers have been nursing that for a good, long while. And now that the news of their loss is out, the cast is not hesitating to tell-all. This week, we quickly recap the finale and then get to the real meat and potatoes: our interview with cast member Michael Halpern! We ask him about the house, what didn’t make it to TV, Michael’s burgeoning stand-up career, and - this is a direct quote - how women are better than men. We’re really psyched about this one, so tune in!
Can you believe we’re almost done with this season? Can you believe that the cast went from 5 to 9 beams in a single week using some sort of oblique strategy? We sort of can’t… but hey, it’s the magic of Hollywood. On this week’s episode, we spend a lot of time speculating about what we DON’T see - namely, Derrick’s unaired strategy. We also kvetch about the stupidity of a shuffleboard challenge this late in the game, Joey’s addiction to guilt, the love/money trade, and Shannon’s inability to compromise for the good of the house. And just before we’re about to give up on this idiotic show altogether, it pulls us back, and we’re rooting for them to win it all next week.
OMG we're back again, here to pull you out of the mid-season slump. Even though this episode was spoiled halfway through (thanks MTV), we get deep into the attempted "relationship rehab" session, how to lure an ex to an island, Hannah's road rage, a Fruitloop path to love, a mystery birthday, the ethics of no match couples and Daddy Ryan's overdue rage. So STFU and listen to our insightful AYTO commentary!
Here is the little episode that just couldn’t... but it’s FINALLY on the airwaves and I’m moving to a tropical island with no technology - sort of like the AYTO house! A girl can dream. This week, it’s the sh*t you love, with a twist. Brilliant guest host Laura joins Kate to get into the nitty gritty of Are You The One. We play a very thoughtful game of kill, marry, f*ck, chat about priorities, turn up and get wild at a problematic carnivale, evaluate the weight of those three small words, and discuss Andre and Taylor’s selfish strategy. Join us!
Oh Truth Boothers, this week we’re the greatest fools of all. But better late than never, right? Right? Anyways, this week learning opportunities abound: we google some presidential alma maters (the more you know!), Tyler reveals his serial killer list, some bffs show up to spill the t, and of course, darling Kari’s botched strategy could hold some key matchmaking secrets. We believe in you, grl. The AYTO house may be spinning their wheels, but we’re definitely still along for the ride.
Ep. 5: Apology Not Accepted

Ep. 5: Apology Not Accepted


Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these podcasters from the swift completion of their appointed rounds… and so we braved the blizzard, the drama, and the tears to bring you our thoughts on AYTO. And oh boy, this episode was a doozy. This week we discover a secret makeout closet, some bad male role models, a chicken bone mystery and Alicia and Eddy’s shady side. Buckle up, boothers, because this week’s episode has given us fodder for our next five years of therapy.
This week we have a very special episode! We’re joined by guests, friends, influencers and superfans Alon and Chris to get into the misfirings of our AYTO crew (and guys, we totally didn’t know this in advance, but Chris was actually Hayden’s coach at basketball camp! Small world!!!). We play some pervy get-to-know-you games, run through the star-crossed love story of Tyranny and Osvaldo, hate on the challenge AND the date (come on AYTO, step it up), put on our best Tim Gunn hats to analyse the hyper-coordinated fashion choices of the cast, and ask Alon and Chris some really invasive questions about their dating past and future. Tune in, turn up, this week is a really great one.
Times are dark. Our country falling apart. The future is uncertain. But we do know one thing: it’s the third episode of your favorite podcast about your favorite show, y’all. In a post-blackout haze, the stars of AYTO struggle to move on, move up and get some while not pissing everyone else off. And we’re here to decide if they succeed in this mission, talk about a boring challenge and a sort of boring date, try to understand the incomprehensible ramblings of Tyler (again), and ultimately, spread knowledge and power to you, our loyal listeners… because we’re all gonna need it.
Ep. 2: Hot Mess Express

Ep. 2: Hot Mess Express


We’re in the thick of it now, baby. This week, we follow our heroes as they get closer to love (and money) before swerving into a dark, dark place. But the age old adage applies: don’t hate the players, hate the game. We’re here to coach you through this trying time with some wisdom that’s been passed down to us through generations: nobody’s just Birthday Mike, loving pizza and whiskey doesn’t equal a personality, pheromones exist, and sometimes you gain the most information about a dating game by losing half a million dollars.
In our maiden episode, we take on the premiere of MTV's Are You The One? Season 5. We attempt to explain the rules of the show, the rules of our podcast, and the rules of love... and hopefully succeed at clarifying at least one of the three. Highlights include first impressions, vicious takedowns of the patriarchy (kind of), evaluation of who's hot or not (definitely), and a story about a nasty hangover from Leia. Twitter: Instagram: You can find us at @leiaj and @dogkate... and a very special thanks to our close personal friend Jack Greenleaf (@sharplessmusic) for the original tunes.
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