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Author: Laura Kossoff - Blooming Life Possibilities

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Supportive and accessible holistic content to help women thrive through new life chapters. For more info. on my work:
13 Episodes
My Guest Today:Elizabeth Hall is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Body Image Life Coach who has studied the science and psychology behind the relationship with food and body to better understand her own behaviors.  Elizabeth now offers her clients the same information, tools and techniques that helped her learn to appreciate and accept herself and her body, and feel more present and alive in her life. Her practice is Elizabeth Hall Coaching. 
My Guest Today:Sifu Rubia of Wei Wu Tai Chi discovered the benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong as a way to heal herself. It is her mission to share these ancient healing practices with others, giving them the tools to maintain health, rejuvenate their bodies and recapture youthful energy and equanimity in their lives. Rubia’s training includes Classical Yang Family Style Tai Chi, Yoga Naga (a warrior form of Yoga) and Iron Shirt Qi Gong. She has taught in community centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, private group classes, along with speaking engagements at corporate functions such as the Oprah Winfrey Network Offices in Los Angeles. She recently  created the online courses Tai Chi Fundamentals for Beginners and Qi Gong - For Grounding. 
My Guest Today:Cator Shachoy of Subtle Body Healing began training in mind-body modalities to heal her own illness. Educating herself and others about ways of bringing mind and body together to live a happier, more holistic life has been her focus for over 30 years.  Her areas of expertise include yoga, craniosacral therapy, subtle body healing and insight meditation.  She is the founder of Youth Yoga Dharma and her book How to Relieve Jaw Tension with Yoga and Mindfulness will be available from Shambhala Publications next fall. 
Today's podcast guest is Tracy Shearer, a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and yoga teacher who provides Holistic Health & Wellness, Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching, guided meditation and yoga instruction through her healing practice, Flourish with Tracy, helping people eat better, move better, and live better!
My podcast guest today is C. Akua Wright.  She is an international energy medicine practitioner and educator of holistic therapies.  It is her mission to help women and educate the community on ancient healing methods to support themselves, their family and friends.  She offers virtual sessions, holistic health classes to small groups and speaks regularly on the benefits of self-care. Her healing practice is Sacred Women Temple.We discuss:Her work as a holistic health doulaIntegrating her many areas of expertise into the work she doesHer own healing journey with acupressure Distance healing treatmentsWomen's roles in healingWays to practice healing and self-care with little or no cost or travel        . . . and more
My guest today is Tatianna Graham, a registered physiotherapist and certified yoga instructor.  Using evidence-based physiotherapy practices for treatment and injury prevention, in addition to her experience as a yoga and mindfulness instructor, she seeks to empower and enable individuals to move with ease, fluidity, less pain, decrease stress and live a more positive and balanced life. Her practice is TG Physiotherapy.We discuss:What is physiotherapy?How can yoga support healthy physical functioning?What is physioyoga?How can mindfulness play a significant role in enhancing our wellness?Simple ways to integrate small practices into our lives        . . . and more
My guest today is Bhanu Joy Harrison of Choosing Mindfulness.  She is a UCLA-trained  mindfulness facilitator, offering classes and workshops on mindfulness meditation, mindful living and aging, working with chronic pain and mindfulness and trauma.  A licensed clinical social worker in private practice, Bhanu focuses on body-centered and mindful approaches.  Her guided meditations can be found on Insight Timer.We discuss:What is mindfulness?The benefits of a mindfulness practiceHow mindfulness can regulate our nervous systemSimple, effective ways to practice mindfulness -- even during a busy day       . . . and more
My guest today is Rebecca Jeffreys of Sprouting Healthy Families.  She is a coach and writer. Her work centers on helping parents of children on the autism spectrum. Rebecca is the author of You Were Made for This – Finding Courage and Intuition for Raising a Child with Autism and host of the podcast The Caretakers.We discuss:Rebecca's journey to becoming a coach and writer from her experiences as a parent of a child on the autism spectrumWhy women often struggle with their own self-careMindsets that we can change to take better care of ourselvesHow mindfulness and compassion play important roles in self-careSimple ways to replenish yourselfHow music can be a source of healing      . . .  and more
My guest today is Eva M. Kennedy, a certified life coach, published author, speaker and mentor with a focus on empowering women in life transitions to live more purposeful, fulfilling lives. To her work, she brings over 20 years of corporate leadership experience. The author of three books, Eva enjoys facilitating her signature workshop: Witness the Most Powerful YOU. Her coaching practice is 1Evalution and her Facebook Group is U HAVE THE POWER.  We discuss:Her work and journey  The importance of authenticity in living in our powerCreating a life purpose statementOvercoming challenges that many women face in embracing their powerHow living in our power can be a source of empowerment to others              . . .  and more
My podcast guest today is Melissa Roberts of Living Whole.  She is a professional coach, trainer and speaker with an expertise in helping women get clear on their life purpose.  With years of experience as an instructor and coordinator in university career services, she’s helped hundreds of students achieve personal and professional growth. She is the host of the podcast Tea Time with Melissa and author of the book Living Whole and Empowered.We discuss: Melissa's work and her journey to where she is nowDefining a life purposeHow Melissa helps her clients activate their purposeThe "super power" in your storyMelissa's wholeness principle  How Melissa encourages listeners to be the very best versions of themselves through her podcast, Tea Time with Melissa.Her new book Living Whole and Empowered. 
My podcast guest today is Ellen Burgan, the founder of If It Brings You Joy!  She’s a trained life and joy coach dedicated to helping women gain confidence and prepare for a new season in their lives filled with joy, meaning, and fun.  Ellen is a Certified Fearless Living Coach and is an expert on fear and the ways it can interfere with achieving your goals.We discuss: What Ellen does as a life and joy coachFinding your own authentic source of joyEllen's approach to helping women take their power back from fear to create more meaningful livesHer suggestions on the best ways to enhance joyThe tool Ellen uses with her clients to grow their confidence, as they calm their fearHow you can enjoy the journey of embracing joy
Today's guest is Dr. Bonnie Brock of Acacia Natural Medicine.  She is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and registered dietician.  In private practice in Arizona, Dr. Brock seeks to guide patients back to health with nutrition education, accessible lifestyle modification and non-judgmental support. We discuss:Dr. Brock's work and the path that led her to a career in naturopathic medicineHer "whole-person" approach to wellness What happens in the body when we experience stressHow stress impacts our health over the long termHow we can shift from a stress response to a more balanced state
My guest is Clare Shepherd of Your New Life Plan.  Clare is a qualified nutritional therapist who has been studying menopause for more than 30 years.  She is the creator of the Natural Menopause Road Map and co-founder of Pausitivity.  It is her mission to inspire, educate and empower women to naturally manage their menopause symptoms and create optimum health and wellness through menopause and beyond.  Clare shares:The difference between menopause and perimenopauseHow her own health issues led her to focus on this workIn addition to hot flashes, other symptoms of menopauseThe biggest challenges faced during menopause and leading up to itHer approach in helping during this transitionThe wonderful work she has been doing with Pausitivity, an organization she co-founded The #KnowYourMenopause campaign she co-created Menopause support in the workplace                  . . . . and more
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