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Today we are joined by Andrew Henderson, the founder of Nomad Capitalist. Nomad Capitalist is a company that helps people grow their wealth and freedom by obtaining things like second citizenship, citizenship by investment, golden visas, and important financial resources so that they can live their best lives. Tune in now to learn more about: The importance of “going where you’re treated best”. How second citizenships can expand your lifestyle opportunities. How Nomad Capitalist offers complete guidance on how to achieve your goals.  Go to to find out more about Andrew and his approach to a happier, more sustainable lifestyle! Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
It’s fascinating to consider the fact that all animals share the similarity of having a skeletal system of one sort or another. Having this commonality unites us all in a way, which piques the interest of people like Jay Villemarette. Mr. Villemarette is the founder of Skulls Unlimited. He has been captivated by skulls since an early age, and this fueled his desire to start Skulls Unlimited, which eventually gave way to the founding of The Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City, OK.  Tune in now to hear Jay discuss: How and why he had a replica of his own skull made. Where Skulls Unlimited gets their skeletons from.  What the process of removing the soft tissue from bones looks like.  To learn more about Jay and his work with skulls, visit and Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
What business are you in? What do you do better than everyone else? What business should you be in? These three questions are key for anyone who wants to build and grow a business that’s actually sellable and attractive to buyers. Tune in to discover: What makes a business extremely valuable to buyers Valuation gaps – what they are and why they exist The main reasons so many businesses aren’t sellable What is means to say you should work ON your business, not IN it The importance of having an exit plan from the beginning Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Inc., she’s sold hundreds of businesses to date, and is the author of Exit Rich: The 6 P Method to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit. She discusses each of these ‘Ps’ in detail: people, product, process, proprietary, patrons, and profit. Dive deeper into these and other topics with a copy of Exit Rich: The 6 P Method to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit. Packed with invaluable information for current and aspiring business owners, this episode isn’t one to miss - press play.
“Emotion has no place in investing if you want to be a pro … it is what will break you as an investor or trader; it gets you to do the wrong thing at the wrong time,” says Gareth Soloway. This is something every aspiring professional trader will have to learn at some point, especially in the beginning when the learning curve is steep. Today, Soloway has over two decades of professional trading experience, he’s created proprietary tactics, and is the President and CFO of Press play to learn: What role emotion plays in investing and trading, how it can get in the way of success, and how to avoid it How social media and other factors affect analyses Why and how crypto is like an emotional “13-year-old” The current state of the market and how to act wisely within it Soloway shares his personal journey to success, the strategies he uses on a daily basis, and how to avoid major pitfalls. Tune in to hear the full conversation and check out Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
When introduced to a new game, the first questions we ask are, “What are the rules?” and “How do you win?” But what about the game of life? There’s no rulebook, and no clear answer for how to “win” or what that even means. Press play to explore ideas like: Why people tend to follow the same trend of school, work, and retirement at age 65, and how to truly optimize the experience of life Whether it’s the act of dying that people fear, or not having lived the life they wanted to live How the patterns developed and learned in childhood shape the way many people live the rest of their lives The connection between recognition and productivity in the workplace How to learn from every other creature on the planet Why are you here in this life, and how can you win at it? John Strelecky found it curious that throughout his entire education, not one person asked him that question. So, he asked himself that question. Finding the answer would mean leaving behind a successful career in his early thirties and backpacking the world to explore other cultures, ways of living, and the diversity of awe-inspiring animals across the globe. This incredible experience compelled him to write The Café on the Edge of the World, a now #1 bestselling book. It’s the result of a 21-day stream-of-consciousness writing adventure, during which Strelecky says “It felt like the words were coming from somewhere else through me onto the pages.” When the first editor who read it said, “This little book has changed my life,” Strelecky knew he was on the right path. Tune in to hear this fascinating and thought-provoking conversation … and maybe change your life as a result. Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
Our society has specific expectations of men. In order to know where these expectations come from, it is important to look deeper into the conditioning that exists in young boys so that we can bring up a new generation of strong, emotionally intelligent men.  In this episode, we are joined by Joseph Warren. Joseph is the voice behind the top-rated podcasts "Your First $100K" and “Broken Catholic”. He is also the author of the book “Your First $100K”, which is a guide for those who want both time and financial freedom. Among his most prominent work, he consults entrepreneurial Christian men with seven- and eight-figure incomes by helping them build a healthy relationship between their success and their family lives.  Listen now as Joseph discusses things like: Why men exhibit anger and stress in a family setting. How anger can be a powerful force in business, but is often misdirected.  How our relationships with our fathers influence our perspective on God To receive Joseph’s new book as a gift, visit To apply for Joseph’s various coaching programs, make sure you go to Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
Joining today is Jason Brennan, a philosopher and business professor. Jason is currently the Robert J. and Elizabeth Flanagan Family Professor of Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University. In this episode, Jason discusses the philosophy of economics and society – questioning polarizing issues concerning democracy.  Listen now as Jason Brennan outlines: His outlook on democracy. His skepticism of politics, and why they make people “dumb”. How politicians’ behavior reflects the people. How to be a more informed and productive voter. Are you wondering how social and political philosophy affects our current civilization? If so, tune in now for access to a professor with the knowledge needed to answer this question, and others like it. To receive $5 off of select premium nutritional supplements at Bomar Nutrition, make sure you visit and use the code GENIUS5. Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
Hearing from the people of democracy is what allows our societies to thrive. With the help of organizations like The Sortition Foundation, citizens are being empowered to connect with democracy in a hands-on way.  Joining us on this episode is Rich Rippin. As a Project Manager at The Sortition Foundation, he is a part of a team that is recruiting participants to engage in citizens’ assemblies in order to create real democracy. The Sortition Foundation accomplishes this by utilizing software they have developed to select certain individuals to take part in various political discussions and decision-making procedures.  Tune in now to learn about: How The Sortition Foundation is using its data to target specific demographics of people. How citizens’ panels unite people across political divides.  Common responses people have when they are selected to be a part of citizen’s panels. To find out more about The Sortition Foundation and keep up to date with their latest projects, visit Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
With all of the information available about our health online, we are constantly exposed to conflicting facts. Because of this, many medical experts are dedicated to seeking the truth and educating people with accurate information. Dr. John Poothullil is one of these experts pioneering the road to widely available medical accuracy. Dr. Poothullil is the author of Your Health Is at Risk: How to Navigate Information Chaos to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases and other various health-related publications. With an extensive background in medicine, Dr. Poothullil is committed to educating people on how to holistically maintain a healthy lifestyle with accurate information.  Listen now to hear Dr. Poothullil discuss: What your body is actually telling you when you feel hungry. How treating diabetes with insulin is misunderstood within the medical community. How sugars and grains affect individuals with diabetes. Effective advice on how to prevent lifestyle diseases. Tune in now to hear scientific insight from a well-researched perspective! To learn more about Dr. Poothullil and his work, you can visit his website at Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
On this podcast, we are joined by David Berlinski, who is a widely published author and academic mind. He is here to talk about his most recent literary work, Human Nature, as well as his other books that discuss topics such as the scientific method and mathematics. With an extensive background in academics, David Berlinski has used this knowledge to fuel his writing ventures in a strikingly sophisticated way.  In this episode, we analyze:  How the philosophy of mathematics transcends our knowable universe. What it means to characterize our limitations as humans.  If there is such a thing as human nature, and if can we define it. The importance of making intellectual discourse accessible to a wide audience.  Examining the world from such a distinct point of view is what enhances human consciousness as we know it. Coming from the mind of an individual that is able to sum these topics up in such an eloquent way is truly a marvel to witness. To find out more about David Berlinski and his work, you can visit his website at Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
Joining us once again is Greg Glaser, a health freedom lawyer in California who is dedicated to the preservation of constitutional rights, especially in the wake of COVID vaccination issues.  Today, Greg Glaser discusses the topic of vaccination skepticism as well as the “Nice Act”, which is a federal bill that he helped write which seeks to prevent mandatory vaccinations across the country for all vaccines. This bill is aimed to defend his mission of supporting America's health freedom rights in the vaccination sphere. Glaser believes if this bill passes, it could wipe out mandatory vaccinations overnight.  Tune in now to learn more about: How the vaccination program as a whole has caused untold damage to the public. The difference of health in vaccinated vs unvaccinated people. How censorship is being used to control the vaccination narrative.  How mainstream media influence is fading away as their credibility crumbles. It seems that as new vaccine data continues to be exposed, the public may be developing a renewed sense of healthy skepticism. Perhaps as people wake up, the corruption that has been buried by money will be exposed. Learn about the importance of vaccination autonomy in this enlightening discussion with Greg Glaser.  To find out more about Greg Glaser and his work on the Nice Act bill, visit Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
In the days where this pandemic and global conflict continue to foster difficulty in life, it can be hard to uncover any positivity in the challenging days we are going through. Given this, it can be helpful to look to individuals who are promoting a message of encouragement and understanding. Max Lucado is a pastor, speaker, and best-selling author seeking to nurture hope through Biblical messages. He recently released a new book surrounding a theological narrative entitled You Were Made for This Moment: Courage for Today, and Hope for Tomorrow. Coming from a past of self-centered living, Max Lucado found himself in seminary school training to be a pastor after changing the peer group he was associated with. Since then, he has dedicated his life to God’s plan and spreading His message to society responsibly and empathetically.  Listen now to hear Max Lucado talk about: The synopsis of his latest book, and how it ties into the story of Esther. How the grace of God continues to give people chances. God’s opportunities for Christians in this modern world. Reasons to be hopeful.  As the world continues to change, it is helpful to find common ground with the people around us, and Mr. Lucado encourages us to do just that. You can buy Max Lucado’s latest book You Were Made for This Moment: Courage for Today, and Hope for Tomorrow here, and find out more information about his practice here.  Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
Dimension, sphere, field … Whatever you want to call it, could there be something beyond this physical world we’re accustomed to? And if so, could it be the place that our personalities, memories, and energies go after physical death? Tune in to explore these questions and discover: About what percentage of people who claim to speak to the dead actually have that ability The most common form and method of communication with discarnates and what the experience feels like Whether science will ever “prove” the existence of an afterlife, and the value of anecdotal evidence Robert Ginsberg is Vice President & Founder of the Forever Family Foundation, contributor to the Netflix docuseries Surviving Death, and author of The Medium Explosion: A Guide to Navigating the World of Those Who Claim to Communicate with the Dead. Twenty years ago, he was a logical, left-brain thinker who adhered to a merely materialistic view of how the world works. But a series of events – followed by his reading thousands of books and talking to countless doctors, scientists, and laymen on the topic of an afterlife – completely changed his beliefs, which primarily rest on the idea that the mind acts independently of the physical brain.   To hear more on this fascinating topic, press play. Visit for resources and more info. Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:
The concern of climate change is an incredibly poignant topic in today’s society. Often politicized, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of exactly what is going on at a scientific level, making it a dividing issue in our civilization.  Dr. Patrick Frank is a scientific affiliate at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and with a background as an experimental chemist, he has turned his attention to climate science. He aims to address the factors surrounding climate change research, and get to the bottom of what is actually happening to our planet’s environment. Listen now to hear Dr. Frank discuss things like: The error rates that exist climate change research. The factors affecting air temperature. The impact of C02 concentration on the environment. Hear about this, and much more climate-related information from this exemplary researcher with a passion for scientific investigation. Click here to find out more about Dr. Frank and his papers on climate change. TO LEARN MORE PLEASE CHECK THE BELOW LINKS: CMG_Reprint (1) Negligence Reprint E&E 2015
“Until you know yourself, you cannot give yourself.” This is a mantra that Juan Lee, author of the book, “Love Made Simple”, uses to coach his ideology on love. In his book, he outlines the power of the principles of love and the authentic self.  In addition to being an author, Lee is a life coach and the founder of the nonprofit organization Clear Journey, which allows people to have access to the resources of sponsors as they work to better themselves.  Through his past in the military and his study of organized religion, he has found the elements that unite humanity and brings his knowledge of the power of love to those who need it. Listen now to hear Juan Lee talk about: The importance of unifying, and the hope of love. How to use love to encourage tolerance and understanding in our society. How to take the first steps towards the elements of unity. Juan Lee says that in order to reprogram, we must deprogram ourselves – and he teaches important concepts like this throughout his coaching process. You can learn more about Juan Lee and his work by visiting his website at Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:  
The human attention span is an incredibly complex system, and it seems that now more than ever, society’s ability to focus is becoming increasingly challenging. This “attention crisis” has piqued the interest of Johann Hari, a New York Times Best Selling Author who just released his new book, Stolen Focus. Stolen Focus examines why our attention is collapsing, and what we can do to get it back. Johann Hari did extensive research in the writing of this book and has developed a new relationship with his own attention as a result.  Listen now to learn about: Why the things that require deep focus seem to be getting harder and harder. Practical ways to hack human attention. What is damaging our attention. Hear about all of this and more in this informative episode jam-packed with incredible insight on human focus, and how to properly nurture it. You can get your own copy of Stolen Focus here, and visit to find out more about Johann Hari’s work.
In a world where it seems like there is constantly a battle between good and evil, it can be hard to find light in the darkness. As difficult as it is, there are people out there determined to make a difference and bring positive change into the world. Kevin Sorbo is one of these people. As an actor, producer, and director, he has been a part of movies like “God’s Not Dead” and “Let There Be Light”, faith-based films surrounding a positive message and Christian ethics, bringing evidence of true faith to the film industry. Along with these films, he has been a creative force behind many educational documentaries and family-based movies that emphasize the importance of shining a light on the difference between good and evil. Listen now to hear Kevin Sorbo discuss: The importance of leading by example. How being a part of faith-based movies has affected him, and how it has strengthened his faith overall.  How Hollywood interacts with religion, and why it pushes negative ideology in its content. In addition to these exciting topics, hear about how he’s staying busy with new films that will be available in the near future. To find out more about Kevin Sorbo and his work, go to and follow him on Twitter @ksorbs.
Can we find answers to today's problems by looking back at the teachings of Jesus and the Christian faith? By reflecting on the past, we may be able to begin healing the future. Press play to learn: The questions to ask of Christianity going forward What makes a truly successful activist How the question "who are you?" can give insight Dr. Walter Fluker, a member of the faculty of theology at Boston University, shares his message on how examining the life and teachings of Jesus can help us navigate the world today. Many of us tend to think of the teachings of Christianity and Jesus in the context of the time in which they were taught. However, by viewing them abstractly and applying them to the challenges we and the world face today, we may be surprised how applicable they can be today. From civil rights to political unrest, there may seem like there are too many issues to even begin fixing. But through hope and the teachings of the gospel, there may be solutions to even the most complex problems if we look beyond initial reactions. To answer more of your questions, visit
How does religion affect society? It’s an intriguing question.  No matter what your religious status may be, it is undeniable that religion has played a large role in the formation of modern civilization. The closer we look at different religious origins, the more context we can get about the inherent societal structures that are in place around us today.  Dr. Yair Lior is a professor of Religious Studies at Boston University’s Department of Religion, where he also earned his Ph.D. in Religious Studies in 2015. Given his immense interest in religion and culture, Dr. Lior continues to study and teach the interconnectivity between social anthropology and religion. Today, he shares his findings with us in this intriguing podcast.   Listen now to hear Dr. Lior discuss: How scientific methods can be used to compare religions. An evolutionary approach to religious studies. How analytically studying theology and religion may change your spiritual outlook. On top of all this, hear about what resources Dr. Lior suggests for you to learn more about this subject.  To read more about Dr. Lior’s research, go to or  
We all have ambitions and aspirations, but sometimes getting there can feel like an insurmountable journey that we don’t know how to start.  Payal Kadakia, founder of ClassPass, and author of LifePass: Drop Your Limits is an entrepreneur that focuses her attention on coaching other people on how to bring their goals to fruition. Growing up in New Jersey as the daughter of Indian immigrants, Payal Kadakia found her passion in dancing as a means to bring her closer to her identity as an Indian-American woman. It also informed her passion for fitness awareness and reaching fitness goals.  In this episode, she discusses: The importance of the goal-setting process How looking inward can make your goals a reality How to set goals for things that truly fulfill us If you feel overwhelmed by your priorities and goals, this podcast will show you ways to overcome these feelings. Additionally, it will show you how sticking on the path to your ambitions can be so rewarding. Tune in now for encouragement from a truly inspiring individual! Get a copy of Payal Kadakia’s new book here, and go to to find out more about her other endeavors. 
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