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The latest insight from the media industry's business network
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As the leader of a company at the forefront of the media industry's transition to cloud and SaaS, Signiant CEO Margaret Craig wrote 'The Signiant SaaS Manifesto' to explain how cloud technology has created massive efficiencies and new opportunities across the media supply chain.In the manifesto, Margaret shares her thoughts from conversations with countless customers and partners, highlighting many of the common challenges that industry leaders have faced on their cloud journeys.For a limited time only, the manifesto is open for everyone to download, coinciding with the DPP's 2021 Leaders' Briefing. In this podcast episode, Mark asks Margaret why she wrote the paper, what it says, and why she called it a manifesto.Download the manifesto here.And find more on The Cloud for Media from the DPP here.
In 2020, exclusive DPP research explored the use of cloud in media companies. Why were organisations moving workflows to the cloud? How could they form a strategy to deliver that migration?In 2021, the DPP's new series 'The Cloud for Media' investigated the rate of cloud adoption across four specific media worfklows in four reports:Automating MediaCloud Post ProductionCloud PlayoutStreaming at ScaleIn this podcast episode, Mark and Rowan discuss some of the most surprising findings from the series, including the fact that cloud adoption has been shaking up established relationships between media and technology companies. 
Almost every aspect of life can now be found as a form of live streamed content. This democratisation of live content has created a boom with huge implications for the professional media industry and its suppliers.This year, the DPP produced 'Going Live and Remote', a trilogy of three reports to analyse this remarkable development:Live Remote Production looked at how and where live content is now being produced.The Business of Live delved into the market for live content and the emergence of 'live direct to consumer'.Working Live explored what these changes mean for the workforces that bring live content into existence.In this podcast episode, Mark and Rowan reflect on the series. Is this content type the next big disrupter? Did the pandemic change the way live content is made forever? Featuring guests Helen Killeen, Director of Production Non Scripted UK at ITV Studios, and Marcos Gonzalez-Flower, Head of Media Practice at Atos. 
Will Covid-19 Change The Way We Work? charted the experiences of a media industry navigating through a pandemic, back in July 2020.It made some significant discoveries about the changes in working practices and business realities brought on by the coronavirus. Yet it seems as though the year since has seen very little progression of the discussion about the future of our work practices.Senior industry figures comment that two or three days a week in the office will be the norm, despite the fact that few organisations have reconciled that with their property strategy. And such sweeping generalisations ignore the diversity of roles and requirements across our industry. As just one example, our recent report, Working Live explored the wide reaching impacts of remote production on the schedules and lives of those working in live production. They certainly don't equate to two days a week.So what are we to do about it? Join Mark and Rowan as they embrace the detail, and challenge us all to tackle the next layer of questions.
What question did Mark ask the BBC's Director General that brought a flat 'no'; and what was Rowan's most depressing innovation experience? Stand by for some frank confessions as Mark and Rowan reflect on the DPP's recent work on innovation, and how it makes them reconsider their own experience.Hungry for more innovation? Take a look at our recent reports and webcasts below.Making Innovation Pay - reports: Innovation Pay - webcast: Innovation Week - video on demand:
Following the DPP's popular recent report, Live Remote Production, Mark and Rowan take a candid look at the future of remote production. To what extent has the growth of remote been driven by the pandemic? Will production teams rush back to the OB trucks as soon as they can? And which of the 5 production models defined in the report will really matter for the future?DPP members can download the Live Remote Production report.Plus, replay the Live Remote Production webcast, featuring Atos, BBC News, Jackshoot, Promod Esports, Ross Video & Sky Sports.The DPP Committed to Sustainability programme is open to anyone.
At a time when the absence of trade shows is placing greater pressure than ever on customers and suppliers to find effective ways of engaging with each other, the DPP podcast asks: How did business get so messy?Is there really a problem - and is it new? Did the pandemic make it worse? And what can media companies do to cut through the noise? Covering everything from marketing-speak to email effectiveness, cold calling to the future of the tradeshows, Mark, Rowan and Jayne share some tips on how the DPP has changed its marketing approach based on data-driven decision making. And how the industry as a whole might approach business relationships in the future.Find out more about DPP Innovation Week: 
Our recent report and webcast explored the big trends from CES 2021. But what stood out? What trends didn't make the cut? And what do Mark and Rowan really think about it all?The DPP's CES 2021 coverage:Download the DPP CES report: the CES 2021 webcast: things we mentioned:DPP Innovation Week: Leaders' Briefing: Predictions 2021:
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