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Author: Krishna, Ram

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A show where we take you through the Bitcoin rabbit hole and beyond.
8 Episodes
Join Ram and Krishna as they sit down with Gigi to discuss about Proof of Work, how Value-For-Value fixes the monetization of information and how privacy & freedom are two sides of the same coin.Guest Links@dergigiGigi's Website21 LessonsShow NotesBitcoin Is Time, by GigiThe Words We Use In Bitcoin, by GigiDAOs, Democracy and Governance, by Ralph MerkleBlockchain Proof-of-Work Is a Decentralized Clock, by Gregory TrubetskoyBitcoin Astronomy, by Dhruv BansalInalienable Property Rights, by GigiThe Freedom of Value, by GigiFreedom and Privacy, by GigiTrue Names, by Vernor VingeFollow UsWebsiteTwitter
Join Ram and Krishna as they sit down with Daniel Prince to discuss how incentives are broken in the education system, how ESG is a scam and how Bitcoin is intuition and truth.Guest Links@PrinceySOVOnce BittenChoose LifeTravel BlogShow NotesDo schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken RobinsonThe Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor GattoWeapons of Mass Instruction, by John Taylor GattoDumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, by John Taylor GattoChanging Our Minds: How children can take control of their own learning, by Naomi FisherSugata Mitra: Can kids teach themselves?Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, by John PerkinsFollow UsWebsiteTwitter
Join Ram and Krishna as they discuss how altcoins like Ethereum compares with Bitcoin and if they have a chance to take over Bitcoin as money.Topics DiscussedBitcoin's conceptionCan Bitcoin be cloned?What about a better Bitcoin?Blockchain as a technology, Utility coinsEthereumProof of Stake vs Proof of WorkResourcesBitcoin can't be copied, by Parker LewisProof-of-Stake and Stablecoins: A Blockchain Centralization Dilemma, by Lyn AldenAn Economic Analysis of Ethereum, by Lyn Alden2021 Altcoin Node Sync Tests, by Jameson LoppOnly The Strong Survive, by Allen Farrington & Big AlFollow UsWebsiteTwitter
Join Ram and Krishna as they tackle some of the common criticisms Bitcoin faces - Volatility and Intrinsic Value.Topics DiscussedIs volatility good or bad?Why is bitcoin volatile?Bitcoin's antifragilityWhat is the intrinsic value of something?What gives dollar its value?Dollar credit systemResourcesBitcoin Is Not Too Volatile, by Parker LewisBitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing, by Parker LewisHow The Economic Machine Works, by Ray DalioChart - M1 Money StockChart - Debt Securities and LoansFollow UsWebsiteTwitter
Ram and Krishna take on the never-ending debate about Bitcoin's energy consumption. We recap why Bitcoin needs energy in the first place, compare its energy consumption with other activities and also uncover the hidden costs of US Dollar a.k.a Petrodollar.Topics discussed Why Bitcoin uses energy?Comparison of energy consumption of other activitiesPetrodollar Bitcoin incentivizes renewable energyEvolutionary approach to energy consumptionResourcesThe Frustrating, Maddening, All-Consuming Bitcoin Energy Debate, Nic CarterUncovering The Hidden Costs Of The Petrodollar, by Alex GladsteinPoW is Efficient, by Dan HeldBitcoin Does Not Waste Energy, by Parker LewisBitcoin Net Zero, NYDIGFollow UsWebsiteTwitter
Ram and Krishna discuss some of the attack vectors to neutralize Bitcoin. We also discuss the effect of banning Bitcoin, the game theory behind it and how regulation will play out potentially.Topics discussed Outright ban of BitcoinCan Bitcoin be hackedGame theory behind countries ban  - Prisoner's dilemmaRegulationLinks MentionedPrisoner's dilemmaOther ResourcesCan Governments Stop Bitcoin?, by Alex GladsteinBitcoin Cannot be Banned, by Parker LewisFollow UsWebsiteTwitter 
 Ram and Krishna cover some Bitcoin fundamentals like miners, nodes, difficulty adjustment and the halving cycle. We also discuss:Importance of decentralization Financial privacy with CBDCHow Bitcoin is freedom moneyResourcesBitcoin Whitepaper, Satoshi NakamotoThe Stories We Tell About Money, by Andreas AntonopolousAlex Gladstein's websiteFollow UsWebsiteTwitter 
In this episode, Ram and Krishna talk about their journey in to the Bitcoin rabbit hole, the current economic landscape, brief history of money and how Bitcoin is the best form of money we have right now.Links MentionedBitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model ResourcesBitcoin Whitepaper, by Satoshi NakamotoThe Bullish Case for Bitcoin, by Vijay BoyapatiThe Bitcoin Standard, By Saifedean AmmousThe Stories We Tell About Money, by Andreas AntonopolousShelling Out: The Origins of Money, by Nick SzaboFollow UsWebsiteTwitter
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