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Author: Stephen Kohler

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Audira Labs is a leadership development firm which leverages music to inspire and develop leaders. We started our Listening Sessions in order to share insights from leaders across industries - from global non-profits to pharmaceutical companies - about the critical role that listening plays in their lives as leaders.
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David Kohler has the awesome responsibility of leading his family's nearly 150 year-old, privately-held company and leading around 40,000 Kohler Co. employees worldwide. As the fourth generation to lead Kohler, David has some big shoes to fill to ensure that the famed and respected manufacturer and service provider continues to build on its reputation for quality, design, and exceptional experiences. And he is doing exactly that by artfully approaching the challenges and opportunities that th...
It’s women’s history month and what better way to celebrate than with a Listening Session with the enormously talented Cathryn Lai? Cathryn is cutting a path for women in tech as the Chief Commercial Officer for Open Bet. Cathryn credits much of her success to her early training at conservatory as a concert pianist. Tune in to hear how Cathryn blends hard work, listening, and creativity to succeed in the business world.
With over 36 years of experience in marketing and finance in organizations like Kraft and Fisher Nuts, Howard Brandeisky has seen all kinds of leadership models and understands how leaders set the tone for a culture. Listen in for some pragmatic tips and thoughts about what you can do as a leader to take your organization through both the best of times and the most challenging.
Liam Davis is a Grammy-nominated producer and performing artist who knows a few things about collaboration, creativity, and the importance of having a leader in the room. As someone who regularly works with a lot of ambiguity and egos, his sage advice to leaders carries for those who create music and beyond. Tune in for this leadership discussion with Audira CEO Stephen Kohler and find a little musical treat at the end!
From engineer to CEO, Chris Schyvinck, worked her way up the corporate ladder at Shure Inc. by listening carefully and working hard. Now that she leads the renowned global audio company, she finds that listening is the most important skill that allows the vaunted 96-year-old manufacturer to thrive, even in turbulent times.
So many leaders believe that there are very specific qualities that they need to project as leaders -- strength, decisiveness, positivity, and more. Sounds like a good list, right? Laila Tarraf, Chief People Officer of Allbirds and author of "Strong Like Water" joins Audira CEO Stephen Kohler to talk about the greater power in leading with your "whole self," and not just the version of you that you think a leader should be.
Join Audira Founder & CEO, Stephen Kohler, as he chats with BMO Financial Group's COO, Larissa Chaikowsky about the value of genuine feedback, developing future leaders, and the value of leaders being lifelong learners.
Audra Wilson, president & CEO of the Shriver Center on Poverty Law joins Stephen to discuss how much more she's been able to accomplish in her career by having everyone's needs represented and then using the power of an organization to move things forward.See more from Audira:
Regional Director at Guitars Over Guns Chicago and former contest on The Voice, Andrew DeMuro, stops by to share his incredible journey with Stephen.Andrew touches on some of the most rewarding aspects of being a mentor and opens up about how he's able to use music as a tool to create a meaningful connection with his students. Tune in to understand how music can be used as a powerful form of self expression and learn how you can become a mentor in your own community.See more from Audira:...
Founder and Executive Director of the Unite the World with Africa Foundation, Inc. Anne Wells joins Stephen to talk about her mission of creating opportunities for the marginalized populations across Tanzania. Anne shares her story as well as the lessons she’s learned communicating across language and cultural barriers. Tune in and understand the meaning behind the phrase “what would love do?” and learn what it takes to make an impact in your own community.See more from Audira:https...
Fellow musician and CEO of Raphael Holdings, Ameet Mallik joins Stephen to talk about his perspective on diversity in leadership, the power of tapping into the collective wisdom of an organization, and how he applies lessons learned from his musical background to leading a team. Tune in to hear Ameet shares about what it means to be a leader in these unprecedented times.See more from Audira:
Stephen Kohler, Audira Labs CEO & Founder, interviews organizational psychology expert and classical musician, Jeremy Gershfeld, to discuss high fidelity listening - the kind of listening that helps you really connect with people. Check out our inaugural Listening Session and how to bring this kind of impactful listening to your leadership.Audira Labs is a leadership development firm dedicated to empowering individuals, teams, and organizations elevate their leadership game with lea...