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Hosts of Ascalon - Guild Wars 2 Podcast

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Two overly enthusiastic fangirls discuss Guild Wars 2. Follow on Twitter @hostsofascalon (HaashTag @haashthetag, Allona @onebigpear) or email
68 Episodes
HaashTag and Allona go into all sorts of spoilery thoughts about Guild Wars 2: Icebrood Saga – Champions: Chapter 1 – Truce!Support the show (
HoA066 - Flotsam and Jetsam

HoA066 - Flotsam and Jetsam


HaashTag and Allona celebrate Halloween in GW2 as well as 'spotliking' the GW2 Art Collective! That's pretty much it... a good time was had by all and absolutely no mistakes were made!Support the show (
HoA065 - Flirty Skirt

HoA065 - Flirty Skirt


HaashTag and Allona may have had some last minute technical recording issues, but that didn't stop them from discussing the new fractal, Sunqua Peak and the trials and tribulations of their first funthrough)! In other news, HaashTag is finally persuaded to buy a second outfit.Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona delayed the show a week on the hopes and dreams of a big announcement. AND... #CanthaConfirmed! The good times don't end there... the 8th anniversary, massive update to skimmers, quality of life updates, and more!Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona go full in on spoilers for Jormag Rising, have MANY opinions, and share a fantastic fan theory.Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona briefly discuss Dragon Bash, recap the recent balance patch, have opinions on wording, right the shame of missed listener emails (bad Allona), and launch a Patreon... yup.Support the show (
HoA061 - The Full Meta

HoA061 - The Full Meta


HaashTag and Allona chit chat about what they've been up to in GW2 (hint: not doing metas) and talk about FASHION and the upcoming Dragon Bash.Support the show (
Haashtag and Allona have spoilerific discussions about the new Living World episode, No Quarter! (Spoiler talk is called out before we start in on it... so yer safe to dive in.)Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona are back, back, back again! There's SAB news, there's anniversary news, there's... more other news. And most importantly, there's laughter.Support the show (
HoA058 - Excitenous!

HoA058 - Excitenous!


HaashTag and Allona are enjoying all the great GW2 news... like Visions of the Past which include Season 1 missions! SEASON 1, PEOPLE!Support the show (
HoA057 - Incessant Chatter

HoA057 - Incessant Chatter


HaashTag and Allona had literally a billion* GW2 news updates to go over. (*Note: It's way less than a billion.)Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona jump right in to the new year with GW2 news, their sorta pathetisad 2020 predictions (thank goodness listener predictions were on point), and laughs... always laughs.Support the show (



HaashTag and Allona talk about the last QoL/Balance update, their adventures hunting cheevos, and Allona goes on a rant about the Raven Sanctum questions (after being goaded by HaashTag)!Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona return from a break to a whole heap of news and get down to business to chat about the newest Living World chapter, Whisper in the Dark! No story spoilers but they do go all in on everything else.Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona try to only spoil non-story elements of the prologue, Bound by Blood, and maybe get a little competitive with cheevos.Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona dust off their podcasting cobwebs and get right down to business! The Saga, the presentation, the magazine, the sheer number of times Allona can say "attention to detail"... it's all on set out on the proverbial table.Support the show (
HoA051 - I Want a Wunic

HoA051 - I Want a Wunic


HaashTag and Allona have a lot to go over before their August break begins... The Festival of the Four Winds! A cryptic end-of-August announcement! All the tin foil hatting that comes with cryptic announcements! Bonus post end credit content with even more tin foil hatting, because they just can't stop! And more!Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona have some laughs, get super excited about getting mail, go over the summaries for the recent balance patch, and – yes, your ears aren't hearing things – that is a budgie you hear in the background periodically.Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona talk dragon bash, the upcoming WvW event, and have a few laughs along the way.Support the show (
HaashTag and Allona are on the receiving end of technical shenanigans, answer questions from chat, and get almost nowhere in the show notes.Support the show (
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