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Vitalik publishes mechanisms for proof of reserve, an FTX hacker sells ether for Bitcoin, MakerDAO adds support for rETH collateral, and Flashbots open sources its block builder. Newsletter:
PartyDAO launches Party Protocol, Convex Finance is now live on Arbitrum, Argent discloses a bug found in Argent X, and Coinbase Wallet now supports transaction previews. Newsletter:
Uniswap introduces Permit2 and Universal Router contracts, MetaMask Portfolio adds NFT price estimates, DeFi Saver releases its first perpetual strategy, and Coinbase Wallet adds support for a Mumbai Faucet. Newsletter:
Lens introduces gated publications, zkSync raises a $200 million Series C, StarkWare deploys its StarkNet token contract, and Arbitrum expands its validator set. Newsletter:
Aztec Network adds support for Aave, the Safe Foundation launches $1 million grants program, MetaMask introduces a phishing protection tool, and Circle Pay integrates support for Apple Pay. Newsletter:
Nike launches a new Polygon-based NFT platform, Uniswap processes over $1 billion in ETH volume, MakerDAO releases Maker Teleport, and Daylight launches its wallet ability tracker. Newsletter:
CowSwap proposes surplus capturing AMMs, OpenSea decides to continue enforcing royalties, Wintermute’s Bebop DEX is now live, and OFAC redesignates Tornado Cash sanctions. Newsletter:
EIP-3651 is slated for the Shanghai upgrade, Aztec Network releases an alias recovery tool, zkSync introduces a Bootloader contract, and LayerZero Labs buys out its equity from FTX. Newsletter:
Binance backs out of a deal to acquire, the SEC and CFTC launch a probe into FTX, MetaMask releases a bridge aggregator, and DeFi Saver introduces automated stop loss for Aave positions. Newsletter:
Binance signs a letter of intent to acquire, Coinbase assures no material exposure to FTX, Shell Protocol confirms plans for an airdrop, and is now live. Newsletter:
a16z crypto introduces the Helios Ethereum light client, OpenSea releases an enforceable on-chain royalty tool, Binance plans to liquidate its FTX position, and Beefy Finance is now live on Ethereum. Newsletter:
Vitalik proposes a trust model framework for rollups, Alchemy introduces a new allowlist platform, Immutable X plans to extend enforceable royalties to Ethereum, and Shell Protocol releases its first AMM Engine pool. Newsletter:
Lens Protocol integrates direct messages via XMTP, Instagram uses Arweave for data storage, Wallet Connect raises $12.5 million, and Curve Finance releases a new UI. Newsletter:
Meta announces NFT minting tools for Instagram, J.P. Morgan executes its first DeFi transaction, NounsDAO releases a Nouns Builder, and Resonate deploys ERC-4626 vault adapters. Newsletter:
ConsenSys becomes a MakerDAO delegate, zkSync releases V2 SDKs, Empiric Network releases V1 of its protocol, and Arbitrum releases Nitro Node v2.0.8. Newsletter:
DappNode suffers a contract exploit, GameStop’s NFT Marketplace now supports Immutable X, Braavos Wallet raises $10 million, and Rainbow releases an update for its mobile wallet. Newsletter:
zkSync launches its V2 upgrade to mainnet baby alpha, L2Beat releases an activity tracking dashboard, Twitter tests a new NFT marketplace listing feature, and DeFi Saver releases a Liquity Trove explorer. Newsletter:
LooksRare introduces zero royalty trading, Google Cloud launches a node hosting service, Hop Protocol adds support for Synthetix bridging, and ENS partners with UTU Protocol. Newsletter:
Compound Pauses low liquidity tokens, Armada Network unveils its decentralized frontend platform, the Arbitrum Nova block explorer is now live, and Polynomial shuts down its Gamma Vault. Newsletter:
Reddit Avatar Collectibles generate $2.5 million in daily volume, Matter Labs seeks to deploy Aave V3 on zkSync, Oasis integrates support for Aave, and MakerDAO passes an Endgame proposal. Newsletter:
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