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Welcome to TechnAct Talks! We are three PhD candidates, Onur Kilic from Lund University; Nadia Ruiz-Bravo and Sama Khosravi Ooryad from the University of Gothenburg, having conversations about the interactions between technology and society. We touch upon subjects related to gender, sexualities, feminism, transnationality, social movements, and more! Often times we have guests with various academic and activism backgrounds, but other times we are just us talking. Join us in our conversations!
11 Episodes
In this episode, we had an inspiring conversation with Elin Ferm who is the co-founder of NORM Consulting based in Copenhagen. Listen to our talk to hear more about Elin's experiences as a norm-critical educator and her activism against gender-based violence.NORM ConsultingFacebook https://technactcluste...
After a brief hiatus, TechnAct podcast returns with an exciting interview in Spanish with Javier Omar Ruiz, who is a popular educator and co-founder of the Colectivo Hombres y Masculinidades (Men and Masculinities Collective) in Colombia. We had an insightful and interesting conversation about the critical work of masculinities.Since this is a Spanish interview, we invite everyone who does not understand Spanish to visit our YouTube channel ( where ...
We start Season 2 of the TechnAct podcast with a new member of our team, Sama Khosravi Ooryad. She is the new Ph.D. in our TechnAct cluster and is going to be a host in the podcast along with Nadia and Onur.In this episode, we are joined by Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh who is a bisexual activist and scholar with a long trajectory of feminist and LGBTQI+ activism. Listen to our insightful and interesting conversation with Zeynab about their translational Bi+ activism and their work with LGBTQI+ asyl...
In this episode we have a really fun, insightful, and interesting conversation with Estefania Jimenez about fashion, gender, and gaming as well. Estefania is the creative director of Design of Textile Fashion unit in Lafayette, Colombia. Our conversation took us through the history of fashion, trends, and the role of digital platforms in them. Website: https://technactcluster.comYouTube:
This is the 8th of March Special episode!We are commemorating this importantday with a lively conversation with Isil Kurnaz. Isil is a Human Rights lawyer and is currently doctoral candidate at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. In this episode we talk about 8th of March manifestations, gender based violence, LGBTQ+ struggles, Istanbul Convention, radical feminism and femonationalism.Website: https://technactcluster.comYouTube:
We, Onur and Nadia, have a long (online) conversation about some things that happened in 2020. This is the second part of the wrap-up discussion and covers some distressing topics like femicides, LGBTQ+ struggles during the lockdowns among other themes.The link that Nadia talked about: website: https://technactcluster.comYouTube channel: https://www....
We, Onur and Nadia, have a long (online) conversation about some things that happened in 2020. This is the first part of the wrap-up discussion and covers the co-optation of different movements by right-wing populists among other themes.The link that Onur suggested: website: https://technactcluster.comYouTube channel: https:...
This is the first episode that was recorded completely online because of COVID19. We had an interview with Associate Professor Mahya Ostovar from the Paris School of Business where we talked about the effects of the pandemic situation in academic work, social movements, and the new ways of protesting on digital platforms. Hosts: Nadia Ruiz-Bravo and Onur KilicWebpage: https://technactcluster.comFacebook page:
This episode is a pre-COVID19 interview with Senior Lecturer in Digital Politics Adi Kuntsman from the Manchester Metropolitan University. We talk about algorithmic politics, selfie citizenship, and surveillance.Hosts: Nadia Ruiz and Onur KilicWebpage: https://technactcluster.comFacebook page:
In this episode, we have a lovely chat with Professor Cathy Urquhart from the Manchester Metropolitan University about how technology and algorithms in social media influence new social movements of our digital age.Hosts: Nadia Ruiz and Onur KilicWebpage: https://technactcluster.comFacebook page:
This is the launching episode of TechnAct where our cluster members (Mia Liinason, Lena Martinsson, and Lisen Selander) introduce themselves and our research project.Hosts: Nadia Ruiz and Onur KilicWebpage: https://technactcluster.comFacebook page: