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Author: Josh Phillips

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A Magic: The Gathering podcast focused on improving at limited formats. Hosted by Josh Phillips and Chris Palmiotti. The members of the draft lab have all been ranked #1 mythic on MTG Arena. They also have combined to qualify for a variety of pro tours, nationals, worlds, mythic championships, and world cups.
73 Episodes
Josh and Chris sit down to go over the draft that won Chris $2000 during the last Arena Open. You can follow along at:
Josh and Chris sit down to talk about playing around everything from sweepers to counter spells.
Josh bring on Draft Lab member Dafore to discuss his success with playing aggressive red decks in March of the Machine limited.
Josh and Chris got together earlier this week to do some March of the Machine drafts. You can follow along with the first draft at: can follow along with the second draft at:
Josh finally corralled Chris into recording an episode. We sit down to talk about how MOM has been playing out for us so far.
Josh managed to convince Chris to sit down to discuss taking your medicine in limited. Basically it's when you play a format you may not enjoy (Hmm...One anyone?) to learn different lessons that you may not have found in formats you are more comfortable in. Also BeersSC did all the real work for this episode so if you hate it, complain to him.
Josh brings on Dafore to discuss his recent streak of burning out his opponents with Dimir in ONE drafts. Yeah, I said burning.
Chris returns from his many adventures to sit down with Josh to talk about cards that have been performing differently for them than the stats are saying. They try to figure out the truth of the situation.
Sorry for the delays everyone, real life has been insane for the last few weeks. This was actually recorded last week with Tajoordan coming on to talk about how Phyrexia: All Will Be One has been treating us.
Josh and Chris sit down to talk about the mechanics of Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Josh also traumatizes Chris by showing him some of the rares from the upcoming set.
Josh brings BeersSC on to discuss Kaldheim limited before the upcoming premier drafts and Arena open. Chris was not able to talk long enough to join so he sat this one out.
Josh and Chris stumble out of their holiday stupors to answer some of the questions that you all sent in. Hopefully we'll be back on a regular schedule now that the holidays are finally over.
It's a Christmas miracle as Chris actually did something by writing an episode breaking down the anatomy of a draft. Of course Josh is there too(and awesome per usual), but this is Chris's opportunity to shine.
Josh brings on friend of the lab JoeJohn to discuss winning by just enough. You're probably wondering what gator related shenanigan Chris got into this time, but you're just going to have to listen to find out.
Josh and Chris bring data enthusiast Sierkovitz on to discuss the current place of data in limited. This would have been up earlier in the week, but as you will find out there was a conspiracy to make this episode difficult to edit. Thanks guys...
Josh and Chris sit down to discuss their first impressions of the Brother's War. This was actually recorded near the end of last week, but real life has been crazy so it didn't get edited until now. We'll be back to a more normal schedule next week.
Josh and Chris fit a bunch of stuff into a short episode. They review the DMU predictions to see if they were geniuses or idiots before going over the mechanics of Brothers War. They then discuss some individual BRO cards that have caught their eye. Plus we make more Bro jokes than we'd care to admit.
Josh and Chris bring on SmallSam27 to discuss incremental improvement in limited. It turns into an open conversation about methods to analyze your own decks and play skill. We also do all our normal stuff too.
Josh and Chris bring in BeersSC to talk about the process of innovating draft archetypes. They discuss ways to do it from the beginning of a format and even how to evolve existing ones to stay ahead of the meta.
Josh brings Dafore on to talk through both of his day two drafts from the Arena Open where he won $2000. You can follow along at:Draft 1 2 episode next week as Josh is taking a mini vacation with some friends, but don't worry he'll be back the week after that for more shenanigans.
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