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Located in the hills of West Virginia stands the world's largest radio telescope.  The Green Bank Observatory has been one of the most sought-after locations for radio research in the world.  Since the 1980's many new space discoveries have been made at this facility, and it is definitely a location that needs to be on your bucket list of places to travel to.  Join James and Jerry as they bring you more information of this amazing place.Support the show
In this first episode of Season 3, James and Jerry journey to Mineral County, West Virginia.  Why Mineral County?  This is where the city of Fort Ashby is located and home to the Ashby's Fort Museum.  After taking in this historical location built during the French and Indian War, we had the fantastic opportunity to interview Randy Crane who is a volunteer curator for the museum.   What we found out on our visit was, although it is a small-town museum, it provides a wealth of information to any and all who visit. For more information about the location, hours of operation, and directions we have attached their website.  Simply click this link for quick access to their site: Fort Ashby.Support the show
One of the greatest opportunities we have on this podcast, is bringing light to areas that many may not know about.  This is definitely one of those moments.  Located in Belle, West Virginia is what we think could be one of the best places to see a theatrical performance that is well played and easy on the wallet.  Join us as we talk to the director Cathy Deobler about the great things happening at Mountain Roots Theater.Support the show
On this episode, we focus on a small village with a whole lot of history that is still on display to this day.  Built by immigrants from Switzerland and Germany in 1869.  This village and its citizens pressed through many uphill battles to exist.  Thanks to those strong people, the traditions and village are proudly on display to this day by their ancestors.  From celebrations to food and from hard work to the buildings still standing Helvetia stands as a historic tribute to those who built it.Support the show
Halloween Spooktacular 2022

Halloween Spooktacular 2022


For this episode, we wanted to have a little fun as we are now in October and Halloween is quickly approaching.  Our main focus of this episode is some of the creatures (monsters) that have become part of our state's folklore.  We will not only talk about these creatures but also share where they were spotted in case you would like to visit the area yourself.  Also included is the number 1 haunted location in our state to visit along with a list of other spooky places in our great state.  We hope you enjoy this lighthearted episode as much as we did.Support the show
In our final podcast of season 2, we end with one of the most famous soldiers from West Virginia.  C. Carwood Lipton was a member of "Easy Company" that was portrayed in the HBO hit series "Band of Brothers".  We were very excited for his son to join us on this episode to help give more detail to not just the soldier but the man.Support the show
After 14 long years, the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta is coming back with a bang.  This event  started out with an idea from a 13-year-old boy who wanted to watch sternwheel boats race. This year's Regatta is expected to bring 250,000 over five days.  It is often referred to as "The East Coast Mardi Gras", it'll feature ten big- name music acts , including Everclear, The Four Tops, and Martina McBride. Oh, and did we mention it's FREE?! Join us as we talk to Bryan Hughes about what can be expected at this year's event.  Remember, "You Gotta Regatta"!Support the show
On this episode James and Jerry look at a gem of a state park. They also interview Award winning Korean-American author Frances Park to find her connection to our state and more specifically "Babcock State Park".  For more information on her current work and upcoming events visit Park Sisters.  Support the show
In this episode, James and Jerry travel to Keyser, WV to visit with people during their Strawberry Festival.  Keyser is located in Mineral County along the North Branch of the Potomac River.  The festival had been on hold since the pandemic, and we wanted to take this opportunity to ask questions about our state and see what responses we would get from those in attendance. Today's episode is sponsored by "The Book Exchange" located in Morgantown, WV.  For the entire month of June, you can use promo code WVTALK to get 20% off your order.vczSLZCIS8QmlZtU1kiDSupport the show
Harpers Ferry: Part 2

Harpers Ferry: Part 2


In part two of the Harpers Ferry Podcast James and Jerry get valuable insight from Public Affairs Specialist Leah Taber who works at the National Park.  She provides information and answers questions that we hope will be relevant to our audience in helping gain knowledge of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.  This is one place you definitely want to mark on your bucket list for places to go.Support the show
Harpers Ferry: Part 1

Harpers Ferry: Part 1


In this episode James and Jerry talk about a very special place in West Virginia.  It is almost like a history lovers' version of Walt Disney World.  Harpers Ferry has it all.  You can enjoy the outdoors by fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, mountain biking, and even rock climbing.  Or, if history is more your thing, then they offer shops that replicate the 19th century, John Brown's Fort and museum, African American history, the famous Storer College, site of second US Armory, and the  Civil War Museum. Part 2, with Park Ranger Leah Taber, will be available on Memorial Day.Support the show
Wolfman and Tommy 2!

Wolfman and Tommy 2!


James and Jerry interview two of the biggest names around the Mountain State in Dale "Wolfman" Wolfley and Tommy Lopez (Tommy 2).  This episode has a little bit of everything. We talk about the N.I.L. and Country Roads Trust, WVU Medicine Children's Hospital, Spring Game, Economic Impact WVU has on local economy, and last but not least the upcoming production of "The Wolfman and Tommy 2" YouTube Channel/Webcast/Podcast.  Support the show
Join James, Jerry, and our special guest "Gold and Blue Dude" as we discuss the WVU football Spring Game.  Even though we typically cover places to visit, what WVU fan can pass up an opportunity to discuss our football team with another passionate fan and a YouTube star?! The future is looking bright for Neal Brown and the team heading into this upcoming season.  If you would like to stay up to date on WVU sports, then simply click on his name in this description to link to his YouTube Channel and subscribe.Support the show
On this episode, James and Jerry have the honor of talking to Tonya Webb who is the Executive Director at Tug Valley Area CVB.  She provides a vast wealth of knowledge on the trail system that runs through Mingo County.  While we had her on our show, we took the opportunity to ask about other sites and attractions in and around Williamson, WV.  This episode covers Hatfield McCoy Trail System trails Buffalo Mountain, Devil Anse, and Rock House.  One of the largest O.R.V. events in the nation they like to call Dirt Days.  Even talking about a historic haunted hospital named College Hill Hospital.Support the show
Join James and Jerry as they talk about one of the most famous family feuds of all times.  The Hatfield and McCoy feud has been talked about for generations and will more than likely be talked about for many years to come.  Support the show
In this episode, we wanted to have a little fun and focus on the state in a lighthearted way.  We enjoy some of the strange and funny things about our state.  From people that have resided in the state to misguided opinions about how we talk, we are going to cover it today.Support the show
Let's check out one of the most iconic spots in West Virginia.  If you consider yourself an outdoor thrill seeker, then this National Park is definitely the destination for you.  Even if you don't have the stomach for living on the edge, there is plenty for you as well.  Covering multiple counties, you can explore the ghost towns and old mines.  Oh, I almost forgot, don't forget your're going to need it.Support the show
In our final episode of this series, we look at Skip Gates and some of his accomplishments.  We recognize that many more Black Americans in our state have played important roles in our society.  We want to say thank you too each and every one of you.  We look forward to talking about the important roles that have been filled by all Americans in our state as we move forward.  Support the show
We start this episode with the legend of John Henry "Steel Driving Man".  Then we look at Katherine Johnson who played an important role in the space program at NASA.  Last but not least on this episode is Clifton Brooks who was the last Tuskegee Airman alive in our state.Support the show
Today we look at Storer College and the influence it had on the black community with a very notable alumnus.  Then we shift our focus to the very famous black musicians from West Virginia that have influenced musicians for years.Support the show
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