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Author: Tom Kraeutler

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If you’re a builder, remodeler or contractor, the ProFiles Podcast is designed to provide tips, ideas and resources to help improve the success of your business. Presented by LL Flooring Pro and hosted by industry veteran Tom Kraeutler, this podcast features in-depth interviews with successful pros from across the nation, sharing strategies and solutions you can use to boost your bottom line. Join us to listen, learn and grow your business!

13 Episodes
Sales Factory describes itself as a results-driven marketing company driven by research and relentless curiosity. CEO Ged King describes how they combine powerful Artificial Intelligence to help creative and analytical teams achieve stunning success after success for the brands and retailers they represent.
Greg Newman is a principal at Way Architecture and Design Partners. At an early age, Greg found his calling by building elaborate multi-family structures with building blocks, complete with apartments, common areas, and green space!  Since those humble beginnings, Greg’s laser focus led him to build a successful company that designs beautiful and practical spaces through cost effective solutions that serve and exceed a client's vision and goals.
Dave London is the division president of Timberlake Homes, a company that has been building for over half a century. However, he also plays another very important role. As a board member of the Home Builders Care Foundation, he also helps other nonprofits with shelter construction needs by providing cost-effective solutions. As a result, nonprofits can focus their efforts on helping the communities they serve.
Darren Impson is a second-generation disaster recovery contractor with Paul Davis, a full service residential and commercial emergency cleanup and restoration company for disasters of all sizes. A former banker, Darren built his skills and his business restoring properties in the Tampa Bay area that were damaged by floods, fire, lightning and more.
Cole Burdette is the founder of Neuma Capital, a real estate investment company specializing in multifamily housing and utilizing conscious capitalism to generate value for both residents and investors. Through this approach, Cole’s company is breathing new life into the Dallas Forth Worth housing market by building not just apartments, but comfortable, attractive communities for a very specific workforce.
Chris Lambert believes that working together, we can transform each other's lives. He lives this belief every day as the CEO of Life Remodeled, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the intentional and equitable revitalization of Detroit neighborhoods. From small homes to fully integrated and sustainable communities, Chris has led an army of thousands to distinguished by their significant need and radical hope.
By any measure, John Galena is one extraordinary individual. John was a successful new home builder who - served in the North Carolina National Guard and when duty called - was deployed to Iraq. While clearing a route to Fallujah, his unit struck two anti-tank mines leaving John with traumatic brain injuries and back injuries -- and his friend and fellow soldier Dale Beatty - a double-amputee. John and Dale returned to the United States as disabled veterans and became acutely aware of the lack of badly needed services vets needed to live normal, productive lives. So, they did something about it and started Purple Heart Homes, a non-profit organization that provides housing assistance for service-connected vets and have thus far completed over 750 projects across the nation. The PRO Files Podcast is presented by LL Flooring and hosted by Tom Kraeutler
Lance O'Dell is a third-generation remodeling contractor who found his way to a successful remodeling business after spending a decade as a pastor and producer of religious programming for a Houston-based mega church. Listen as Lance tells host Tom Kraeutler how he applied lessons from the religious life and a three-generation family of remodeling pros to build a successful business. The Profiles Podcast is presented by LL Flooring.
Ryan Otte built his first home while in high school and has since grown his company to be one of the most successful builders and remodelers in his region. He attributes his rapid growth to something he describes as "The Disney Effect", a design build approach that provides an experience of a lifetime. In this interview with host Tom Kraeutler, Ryan shares how this simple concept has impacted virtually every area of his business and continues to deliver results years after the job is done. The Profiles Podcast is presented by LL Flooring.
Launching September 16th! Listen, learn and grow your building, remodeling or contractor business with the Profiles Podcast, presented by LL Flooring Pro. Host Tom Kraeutler profiles veteran contractors willing to share tips, tricks and ideas that are specific and actionable -- and that will result in helping make you more successful in your business.
Patrice Davis says she started designing homes when she was 6 years old. But like many childhood dreams, life took her in another direction – leading to a very successful career in the Oil and Gas industry. But when the pandemic struck, she saw an opportunity to reconnect with her roots and reinvigorate her passion by focusing full time on design where she works with builders, architects and directly with clients to help them find their happy place.  The Profiles Podcast is presented by LL Flooring and hosted by Tom Kraeutler
In the home building and remodeling industry, there are many multigenerational families that have grown their businesses from humble beginnings -- sometimes far from our shores -- to become very successful business leaders and innovators in our country. Host Tom Kraeutler interviews Carlos Mongalo is a 2nd generation Nicaraguan immigrant who went from being a medical student - to running his father's flooring business - to becoming a flooring innovator after inventing a new type of flooring together with his father.  However, his drive did not end there. Understanding that the flooring industry had a huge need for new installers and no organized trade program to help train them, Carlos launched the National Flooring Contractors Apprenticeship Program, a nationwide program to train and connect students with qualified contractors, thus lifting the entire industry. The Profiles Podcast is presented by LL Flooring.
Gina and Vincent Centauro are a husband-and-wife team who ran a successful construction business and discovered people in their own backyard who were struggling with disabilities, financial hardships, and everyday tasks that most people take for granted. They believe that by transforming someone's home, you can transform their lives. But they don't just say it - they live it! Host Tom Kraeutler interviews the founders of Rescuing Families, an organization dedicated to transforming people's homes into happy, safe, & comfortable spaces. The Profiles Podcast is presented by LL Flooring.
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