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Without any proper training, we're setting a lot of employees up for frustration when they don't have the resources they need to perform their jobs. In home care there's about a 100,000-person administrative workforce that gets very little training, and with every scheduler that you lose, you would lose approximately five or ten caregivers.President and COO of Home Care Pulse, Todd Austin, dives deep into the conversation about attracting and retaining employees with his top tips he’d give an agency looking to get the most out of their training program.HCP | Care Intelligence for the Post-Acute Industry The Annual HCP Benchmarking Report Todd Austin's LinkedInSee additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Michelle Pickering, Executive Director of IDEAL, shares how IDEAL is striving to eliminate obstacles organizations and women face in the healthcare industry and solutions for how agencies and providers can create opportunities for women to stay in the healthcare industry and promote upward mobility and visibility.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
A lot of home care leaders are suffering from what April Hansen calls “decision drowning syndrome,” which is when the volume of decisions to be made is so huge, people's capacity to make decisions dwindles. How can home care businesses prevent decision drowning and move forward on executing decisions efficiently to achieve hyper-growth?April Hansen, a nurse, a tech entrepreneur, and a hyper growth business executive, successfully achieved hyper-growth by 900% in two years and increased employee engagement through a very thorough decision making framework.In this episode, learn about April’s decision making framework and how it can improve your business’s decision making processes to eliminate stalemates or decision drowning that are preventing growth.April Hansen  NurseHappy Powered by PurposePoint | Healing Our Healthcare Workforce Better Outcomes Conference - AlayaCareSee additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Discover tips on how to ensure regulatory compliance, maximize success for home care owners, and achieve optimal quality of life for all. Podcast guest Candyce Slusher is an experienced Nurse and Home Care Consultant who has helped many home care owners grow their business, create a work-life balance and develop sustainable growth in homecare. Tune in to this episode to learn how to establish a culture of self-agency, accountability, and simplify workflow systems for maximum efficiency.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
In 2023, opportunities will emerge in home-base care that could mark success for years to come. How can care providers take advantage of these opportunities? In this episode, AlayaCare’s CEO and Founder, Adrian Schauer takes a deep dive into 5 predictions for home-based care in 2023. Adrian will explain how organizations can apply these predictions and observations to realize new opportunities for growth in a rapidly evolving industry. See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
As we enter 2023, it is an opportunity to consider a different approach to prevent caregiver burnout.  The “solution” has historically been vaguely addressed as an individual responsibility rather than an organizational or systemic problem. In this episode we welcomed RN Clinical Educator and Nurse Consultant, Lourdes Wiley, from Amity Healthcare Group LLC, who discussed ways home care agencies could shift the focus to healing the healers so that they, as well as the organizations and patients/clients they serve, can thrive collectively.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Training home care agency care workers fast and well is the key to delivering the care we would want our loved ones to receive. We sat down with caregiver education and training experts from one of our partners, Nevvon, Allan Levine (SVP of Growth and Revenue) and James Cohen (CEO), to talk about how agencies can enhance their business through efficient caregiver training. Listen to learn about the tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your caregiver training program.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
With a healthy dose of inspiration, as we approach the end of 2022, we welcomed who we’d put in the running for “most interesting man in home care”, Jeff Salter founder and CEO of Caring Senior Service.Last year, Jeff launched a nonprofit foundation called “Close the Gap in Senior Care” to bring awareness to overlooked aspects of senior care. To kick-start fundraising Jeff rode his electric bicycle over 9,400 miles and raised over $100,000. Listen to learn more about Jeff’s inspiring story and how it caused a US national conversion around senior care.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Growth is a top priority among home care providers, even during difficult economic times. Providers are making significant strides in positioning home-based care as an essential component of the broader health care continuum, but there still is a way to go. On Oct 4th, 2022, Home Health Care News, in partnership with AlayaCare, hosted a webinar: “Growth Strategies for Home Care Agencies”. Moderated by Andrew Donlin, editor at HHCN, this webinar featured AlayaCare experts. Listen to hear more about home-based care growth plans and what strategies are best for home care organizations to continue to grow and be successful in the industry.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Kevin Mistry, VP of Sales at Caribou, shares how incentive programs can be the key to help caregivers shape their behaviour and help curb the challenge of caregiver recruitment and retention. He discusses how rewarding behaviours with performance-based rewards can lead to bigger outcomes down the line for agencies. “For every dollar you put into a rewards program, you get more productivity than every dollar you put into payroll.”Listen to learn more about how Caribou has changed the home care industry with performance-based rewards to combat employee recruitment and retention challenges.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Recruiting the best caregivers can be a challenge when the demand for care workers is so high in the home care industry. According to our 2022 report with HHCN on recruitment and retention, 61% of participants reported that their agency increased recruiting efforts. In this episode, we sit down with Mike McSherry, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Hierology to chat about how home care agencies can improve their hiring and retaining processes to alleviate or better prepare caregiver churn.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Home Care is on the rise across the globe but how much do families actually know about what home care can offer? We sat down with Craig Gear, CEO of Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN), which delivers information, education and individual advocacy services to older folks throughout Australia.  From education services to webinars, OPAN helps those interested in home care and/or residential care to understand how to navigate the aged care system, what services are available to them, and what are the benefits.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Through a survey on linkedin, we found that 57% of caregiver turnover comes in the first 90 days on the job.Home health and executive leadership consulting expert Stephen Tweed, founder of Home Care CEO Forum, shares his insights and expertise on home health strategies for growth and caregiver recruitment/retention.  Stephen, dives into the causes of the 90 day turnover and strategies to overcome this. Listen now to learn more about how owners, administrators and C-Suite executives from leading agencies can solve problems and develop strategies for growth.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
In this episode we welcome Alex Green, founder of Radfield Home Care UK one of the fastest growing home care franchises in the UK. Alex describes how Radfield developed their very own home care franchise aptitude test to assess whether home care franchising is right for your organization, and how home care organizations can build their business. Listen to learn more.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Home Care franchises are a growing industry and experts don’t see the expansion slowing down anytime soon! So, what makes the home care franchise industry so successful?This week, we have two of the top executives from one of the largest and most successful home care franchises in the U.S., Firstlight Home Care. Hear from VP of Strategy, Kerri Pendley, and the Firstlight’s new President Glee McAnanly. Both of our guests highlight the challenges they’ve faced amid the caregiver recruitment and retention shortage, solutions helping them grow their business, insights into FMAP funding and value-based pay, and more!See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
A.I. technology in home care back-office software is increasingly guiding organizations to better outcomes by helping find solutions to challenges such as caregiver recruitment and retention, optimal scheduling, and more. AlayaCare’s VP of AlayaLabs, Noami Goldapple is our guest in this week’s podcast to talk about solving the current caregiver staffing crisis with artificial intelligence technology. In this episode, she will dive into the future of home health scheduling, how to make predications to help keep people in their homes and out of hospitals, and improve overall outcomes for home care businesses. See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Some states have an advanced self directed attendant care program where neighbours for relatives who are already acting as caregivers can be an extended workforce for home care agencies. New York State’s program is called CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Attendant Care Program). On this episode, we welcome Denise Tripodi, Vice President of the NY LHCSA Shared Services at Personal Touch Home Care, who sheds some light onto NY’s CDPAP program and how it works within her organization. We also dive into topics related to FMAP funding, and Personal Touch Home Care’s recent acquisition of Bronx Community Home Care.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
2021 has seen an explosion of transactions for home health mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Healthcare mergers and acquisitions are in no short supply as providers, health tech companies, payers and other industry players look to expand their businesses and gain a competitive edge.On this episode, we welcomed health law experts Kiernan Ignacio and Les Levinson from Robinson + Cole, where both take us through the M&A home care landscape and provide advice for home care organizations looking to invest in M&A for their business, and those currently being acquired.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
Jane Townson, CEO of HomeCare Association in the UK, chats to us about the differences in home care from across the pond where she dives into the differences in home health system funding in the UK, common issues agencies face and what’s being done to overcome them. With years of experience under her belt, Jane shares insights on trends into the future of home health care and what direction the industry should take to be successful.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
On this episode of Home Health 360, we sit down with Tim Craig, the VP and Chief Content Director for Lincoln Healthcare Leadership, to chat about home health care conferences and where he is seeing the future of home care moving.See additional episode resources at Home Health 360.
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