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Today we talk about the benefits of fasting from food specifically. Why we would do it, how we would structure it etc.
Deload Approach

Deload Approach


Today we cover why deload weeks are so vital to your success in the gym and also how to incorporate the same approach to other areas of your life
Today we uncover the principles to achieving all the results you desire. First you must find the 'what', then figure the 'how' and then most importantly reminding yourself of the 'why'
Today we talk about "Pursuit of Balance" and how a balanced mind gives you the balanced lifestyle. How to manage time, how to view your lifestyles/expectations and why "you" time is so important.
Today we cover how to eat your carbs, best time to eat your carbs, the best types of carbs, improve digestion, blood sugar, etc. All things carbs!!
Today we cover the importance of reflection and gratitude practince. The best ways to create an environment to fuel gratitude.
Fixing Lower Back Pain

Fixing Lower Back Pain


Today we cover where back pain stems from, and how to address the problem at it's foundation.
Today we cover all thing community and environment; from nature, media, music, tv and the people you surround yourself with.
Today we cover the concept of working in vs out, and why we should be doing more "in" work as the "out" increases.
Today we cover the pros and cons of using fitness wearables. How to use them properly and the best time to not wear them.
Today we cover how/why I started Functional Lifetyles, the lessons Ive learned in 5 years and the plans for FL's future!
The Mindset of Deload

The Mindset of Deload


Today we cover all things deload, and the mindset of how we can tie this into our lifestyles.
Today we break down the different levels of cardio and weight training. Giving you guys the structure to build out the perfect week depending on goals and current situation.
Today we go over what to do when dealing with injuries and pain. Best practices on mitigating pain and working around injuries.
Today we discuss how your goals could be creating anxiety for you and how the process is where all the money is at
Today we cover the most important tool for optimal health, Circadian Alignment. Every biological process in the human body is on a clock and by aligning this clock we improve everything from sleep, stress management, digestion, endocrine function, recovery.
Mental Bullet Proofing

Mental Bullet Proofing


Today we go over on how to become anti-fragile, mentally resiliant and mentally bullet proof.
Today we cover the spark notes version of what we talked about during our nutrition masterclass and how we structured our 21 day challenge.
Today we break down how to address movement & mobility. The concepts that allow you to self diagnose your own mobility & how to fix it.
Few clients wanted to know my supplement routine and suggestions for themselves. We cover morning/evening supplements, workout supplements and essential/health supplements!
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