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The Zack Franklin Show - Amazon FBA, Ecommerce, and Marketing
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The Zack Franklin Show - Amazon FBA, Ecommerce, and Marketing

Author: Zack Franklin

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I'm Zack Franklin. I've sold more than 8 Figures online and helped thousands of Amazon sellers launch and scale their businesses. Currently, I'm running my own software, service, and eCommerce companies. Now it's finally time to start a podcast. But this is not just another Amazon FBA podcast, I'll be bringing on guests and friends from the wider world of eCommerce and Digital Marketing. So tune in, and learn something new.
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Ready to crack the code on Amazon's labyrinth and cash in on the colossal Hispanic market? Then you'd better brace yourself for this explosive chat with Vanessa Hung, a Venezuelan-born titan who victoriously battled the immigration beast with no backup plan.Vanessa isn't just some entrepreneur. She's an Amazon whiz, a wizard who can turn Excel gibberish, Amazon error hieroglyphics, and catalog complexities into child's play. Think you're smart? Well, Vanessa's here to school you on how to con...
Ready to up your networking game and connect with a high-quality network of people in Asia? Join us as we chat with the founder of the Cross-Border Summit, Mike Michelini, about the exciting fifth annual event taking place in Chiang Mai, Thailand this November. We'll discuss why this particular summit is a fantastic opportunity to build relationships and learn from others in the industry, and why Thailand is the perfect destination for such an event.But it's not all about the summit – Mike an...
Greg Elfrink, CEO of Empire Flippers returns to talk about the annual state of the market report and what businesses should expect when it comes to valuations, the buyer market, and more. We talk about the impact of AI SEO and International AI SEOWe sum up with findings from the Vietnam SEO conference last month. How much is your business worth? Go to to find out Also:
Whatever happened to Manychat and Chatbots? How can I use AI to make spot trends and make quick decisions in my FB ads?How to balance life and business? Rutger answers these questions and more in a wide ranging conversation. Check out his new software - And don't forget to check out all of my latest
Most Ecom businesses are unhappy with their current bookkeeping and accounting systems, if they even have one at all. Nathan Hirsch joins the podcast to talk about his new solution - EcomBalance, as well as what he's learned as a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits under his belt.
Meghla has been in the sourcing industry for over 20 years and previously ran the Global Sources Summit for Amazon sellers in Hong Kong. She also runs the Asian Seller group and IndiaSourcing.netWe talk about the pros and cons of sourcing from India and the upcoming India Sourcing trip in October.
Luciano Drehmer is my go to designer. He's worked with Nike, Amazon, Valuelink and more and his work is key to the success of most of my best performing products like the Natrogix Bliss and Nirvana Essential Oils. We talk about everything from how to recognize good design and the benefits of design on conversion, to how to hire and work with designers. We talk about brand books and stylescapes and why you need them, and the technique to copy, combine and transform. Check out Luciano's siteand...
Joe's Links:www.ecommerce-optimizer.comJoe Reichsfeld is an E-commerce Coach and Consultant who has been helping entrepreneurs succeed online since 1999. Before E-commerce, Joe spent almost 20 years managing and consulting in the food and beverage industry. His background, plus years of experience working with thousands of sellers, gives him a unique perspective and approach that has helped many clients. Joe currently works with solopreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500...
Paul Rafelson is a great lawyer and also a former Amazon seller. He joins today to give us the latest update in the sales tax fight and what sellers need to know about intellectual property. Paul and his team have worked on more than $260 million of business exits in the last year and break down some of the tips, tricks, and trends in the M and A space. Paul's Links: www.Sellerbasics.comwww.ecom.lawOnline Merchants GuildCheck out show notes and more at
Greg Elfrink is the CMO of Empire Flippers and a good friend of mine. In this episode of the Zack Franklin show, we talk about everything from how to take advantage of conferences, to content marketing strategies, to how to buy and sell businesses.I sound like a robot on this episode, but will rerelease an edited version soon. Show notes: out for more show notes and deals for eco...
From 0 to 1 Million subscribers and $3 million of product sold - how Tiktok can supercharge your sales if your product is the right fit and how to make the most of Amazon Live. Check out Gracey's tiktok at @dealcheats
Glen Ingram opened my eyes to the world of accessibility and its place in the modern web. More than 50,000 websites this year have been sued because they did not make accommodations for the disabled, and these lawsuits can easily cost $25,000 or more just to settle. Lawyers are increasingly targeting small and medium ecommerce businesses on Shopify, and it's almost certain your website is not compliant.Learn how to protect yourself, how to become compliant with the ADA standards, th...
44 Container Ships with YOUR FBA inventory are stuck outside the ports of LA and Long Beach. Ivan Torlopov breaks down how this impacts your FBA business and how to start fixing your broken supply chain.
Welcome to the Zack Franklin Show, Chip Ge discusses the impact of the pandemic on his Amazon FBA Business, his exit process, and his thoughts on Amazon FBA guru courses.
Ryan Garrido is one of the first people I turn to when I have a question about High Ticket Dropshipping. In this Episode learn how Ryan cracked the code to a 6 Figure Income Dropshipping without a single FB ad.
Kristin Jacobsen from Empire Flippers joins today to share recent success stories of businesses that have sold in this bear market and what you need to know if you're thinking of selling. Get a free valuation and get connected with Empire Flippers at