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This is a safe space for laid-back, sense-filled conversations with friends. Here, we discuss around growth, impact and hacking this "human-ing" journey as we navigate life, with the ultimate aim to give and gain value while we have fun.

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Phew! Here's the 2nd and final part of the The PodxArt Podversary Experience held in May 2022, featuring a live recording session with attendees. It was a really interesting session getting people to share on the dynamics of fun and success in their personal lives. Enjoy the insights, bants and laughs, and definitely listen to the Part 1, which focused more on the fun aspect. Of course, also share and invite a friend to listen too. You can share your feedback via or @thevaluecafepod on social media. Cheers! --- Send in a voice message:
The PodxArt Podversary Experience held in May 2022, featuring a live recording session with attendees and it was a really interesting session getting people to share on the dynamics of fun and success in their personal lives. Enjoy the insights, bants and laughs, and look out for Part 2 next episode (also share and invite a friend). You can share your feedback via or @thevaluecafepod on social media. Cheers! --- Send in a voice message:
Let Me Explain...

Let Me Explain...


After going AWOL for 5 months, here's my attempt at explaining and sneaking my way back into your airwaves (and hopefully, heart), *insert doe-eyed emoji. Let me know if this worked and I'm back in your good graces via @thevaluecafe on social media or ... And yes, look out for the next episode next week. Cheers! --- Send in a voice message:
For anyone who's heard of Growth Hacking, it's primarily applied to the business/startup world. So what then could be the correlation to personal growth? I explored this concept with Olumide Adaramoye, aka Dara of Growth, one of the amazing growth hackers out there making moves in FinTech and web3 startups. From cross-applying growth hacking concepts, to leveraging media and adopting new approaches, we had a fun discussion. Listen, enjoy and share your feedback via or @thevaluecafe. Want to partner/be or suggest my next guest/host me or sponsor an episode, shoot a mail to or dm @thevaluecafe. See you next episode! --- Send in a voice message:
If you ask me to share my impression of Motunrayo Fatoke, my #ImpactCorner guest for this week, I'd say she's that girl with "coconut head", who's always channelling her energy towards contributing to social good. Also known as Motun Bee, Motunrayo has over 3 years of transnational experience as an education and development practitioner at the intersection of programs design and pedagogical innovation. A graduate of Guidance and Counseling/Communication and Language Arts from the prestigious University of Ibadan, she currently works as the Senior Programmes Assistant at The Education Partnership (TEP) Centre, and has worked with other local and international organizations like ENACTUS, UNICEF, UNESCO, Dalberg, Theirworld, World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Barack Obama Young Leaders Initiative, amongst others. Motunrayo is also a creative director of a lifestyle brand, Onifaari, technical/creative writer with some of her works published in Punch, Nigeria’s foremost Newspaper and global platforms like Education Commission and Theirworld blog. She is very much interested in education, career development, organizational culture, technology and finance for social good. We had an interesting conversation around her journey, including what spurred her passion for education advocacy, and dealing with impostor syndrome in spite of all these achievements. Listen in, share and engage. --- Send in a voice message:
Today's episode came through with that Vibes x Value package with The Vibes Queen herself, Veracity of The Veracity Podcast as we talked about entitlement, you know, that thing Gen Zs are often accused of. This time, we explored entitlement from people in authority, you know the mummies and uncles in the street, the boss at work, etc etc. Listen, share, enjoy and pick 1 or 2 lessons 😉. Disagree with any part, ran into an entitled person, or been entitled yourself? Share your thoughts and experience! The DM/comment section is open via @thevaluecafe across social media. So is You can also holla at Veracity @theveracitypod and enjoy some vibey content. This episode was co-produced and edited by Blessing Aigbimaru, host of The Veracity Podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Another week, another impact story, this time with Esther Ajari, a final-year medical-student of the University of Ibadan, and Founder/Director of The TriHealthon, a multi-award-winning NGO promoting health-equity in Nigeria. In this episode, she shares her story as a first-generation student, and 10th child of a family of sixteen and how that has spurred her problem-solving journey. We also touched on her engagements with national and international organisations, such as the U.S State Department, Council of Europe, G20, China-Africa Project, and Chinese Global Television Network. Beyond being a multi-award winner, we went into the challenges, lessons and of course, not-so-serious aspects of her journey. This was a fun yet insightful talk. Listen, engage and share using #tvcpod as well as reach out via email at or @thevaluecafe across social media. You can also check out Esther Ajari's work on LinkedIn (prepared to be wowed though). --- Send in a voice message:
So, you've found this thing that you absolutely love to do. All pumped up and ready to go all in? That's great! But hope you know that the process will still test you? There'll be some boring, monotonous, non-glamorous and challenging aspects, that'll need you to be focused, diligent and consistent regardless, especially when "passion" and strong interest won't be enough to motivate you. I hope in those times, you remember to embrace the boring... Listen, engage and share your thoughts on this @thevaluecafe or And of course, see you next episode! --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to the 1st installment of the Impact Corner, where I get into the minds behind the valuable impact we see. Today's guest is John Best Uche, a leadership development and social advocate and strong believer in responsible citizenry. A voice-over artist, producer and broadcast journalist (NTA Portharcourt) known for use of his voice and media platforms to promote and project the activities and initiatives of influential young leaders, John Best Uche is also known as The Social Voice. He serves as Convener of #EndDepression Campaign and ED of Right Minds Leaders Network and is a fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Centre, West Africa and Fellow, Youths in Motion Policy and Governance Fellowship. In this episode, he shares his journey and motivations as an impact maker in his space. Listen, get inspired, share and of course, share your thoughts! Connect and engage via @thevaluecafe and Want to reach my guest? Connect via and @OfficialJohnBest on social media. See you next episode! --- Send in a voice message:
Warning! This is not your typical International Women's Day episode. While everyone is celebrating the strong women all around the world (and with good reason, of course), I'm have a short message for the "weak women". Listen up via any of your favourite streaming platforms, share with your networks and join the conversation with your voice messages and comments across all social media platforms @thevaluecafe using #tvcpod, or email at See you next week! --- Send in a voice message:
First off, how are you holding up? Sending hugs your way.  In this episode, I had a semi-rant cum "e go better" conversation with my friends, Solomon Adewole, Oyo State Most Influential Personality (Civic Space), and Damilola Olaseni of The Chills Plug, we explored the current Nigeria situation, facing challenges and keeping hope alive, all over a bowl of ice cream (because we gotta have those feel good indulgences, winks). Enjoy the fun banter, join the conversation and share your thoughts using #tvcpod and of course, share with your friends too. You can reach out via social media @thevaluecafepod or email at as well as send in a voice message at Stay hopeful and see you next episode!  --- Send in a voice message:
Sticking through is not for the faint-hearted, but neither is quitting. In this installment of the 2 in 2 segment, I give my 2 cents on why you need to throw in the towel and just quit, in 2 minutes. Listen on your favourite podcast streaming platform and decide if you agree with me or not. Tell me your thoughts via @thevaluecafe on Instagram/Twitter, or You can also send a voice message. --- Send in a voice message:
Whooooooossssshhhhhhh! Happy new year, and of course, welcome to Season 3 of The Value Café Podcast 🎉. It's such a joy to be back and have you back. For the culture, I snagged Oluwatoyin Adeoye - vet, dope writer, beautiful laugher, conscientious creator and the mind behind Toyin Loves Makeup brand for a quick "check-in" on the whole "New Year New Me" journey. Sit back, plug in and have fun listening, and of course, grinning at intervals. --- Send in a voice message:
Hi Guys... Bye Guys

Hi Guys... Bye Guys


It's been a hot minute! And on the last day of 2021, here's a final episode for the year (and Season 2) of The Value Café Podcast. It has definitely been an interesting ride and you guys rock! Cheers to an amazing new year and more amazing stuff. See you next season! --- Send in a voice message:
What's better than a dope guest? A repeat dope guest!!! This week's episode, I brought back Gracie Imo of the Grow and Glow podcast (remember her from the Level Up episode?) to talk about the perks, challenges and lessons of the pod life (life as a podcaster). Enjoy as we exchange stories on our foray into the world of podcasting, our tips and tricks and funny and not-so-funny experiences. Have fun and join in next week for another episode. --- Send in a voice message:
Whoop! Whoop!! So my elder brother and I are celebrating our birthday today and we decided to make some noise! On this episode, I went down memory lane with Victor "McEpha" Opone, sports analyst, TV/radio presenter and host of The PlayZone podcast Enjoy the fun bants, reflections, ramblings, stories and lessons from the past 1 year of our lives. You can send us your prayers and well wishes (and account number or location requests to send gifts, lol) via @thevaluecafepod or Of course, check out The PlayZone podcast for dope sports and entertainment content. --- Send in a voice message:
Yes, success gurus would tell you never to take "no" for an answer, but should you keep at it when it's futile or detrimental in the long run to get a "yes" out of a situation or person? Well, listen to my 2 cents on this... --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to the concluding part of my conversation with Pharm. Omolayo Awolola, a pro at breaking down medical information into simple, understandable terms via her YouTube channel, Health Tips With Layo. This week, we focus on her tips for balancing it all as a practicing pharmacist and content creator. Of course, some myth-breaking too. Have fun and join in next week for another episode! --- Send in a voice message:
If you've ever been overwhelmed by medical/health jargon, I'm sure you always appreciate it when things are broken down into simple, understandable terms... This week's guest, Pharmacist Omolayo Awolola, is one of those people who do the hard work of helping us understand health information through her YouTube channel, Health Tips With Layo. In this 2-part conversation, she shares on why and how she started on this journey, the challenges, perks and how she has been able to sustain it. Enjoy the talk and join us next week for the concluding part. Send in your feedback via social media @thevaluecafepod and email Cheers! --- Send in a voice message:
They say assumption is the lowest form of intelligence, but here's me still giving you a good reason to assume stuff about people, as a reflection of your intelligence. Sounds confusing? Well, take a listen to know why. Share your thoughts on social media @thevaluecafepod and You can also record and a voice message. Of course, share and come back next Tuesday for another cool episode! --- Send in a voice message:
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