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Today on The Healthy Perspective Podcast, Dr. Boman is joined by Dr. Lonnie Herman! Dr. Herman's passion and life mission is restoring hope to people who were told there was no hope. He helps his patients uncover the root cause of any disease, and rapidly eradicate that cause through personalized protocols that are uniquely designed for every person.Dr. Herman and Dr. Chris dive into the root cause of disease! How we can tell the difference between diseases due to their unique frequencies and why quick fixes are not the answer. Dr. Herman full of knowledge and we know he will be a great resource for many of our listeners! You can also grab Dr. Herman's book for free on his website! Connect & learn more about Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer:
Dr. Chris is joined by Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer, IFM Certified Practitioner and Founder of Well Empowered. By taking a data-driven, Functional Medicine approach that balances equally science and heart, she is able to provide her clients with the information, inspired structure and care needed to translate information into health and vitality outcomes. Dr. Chris and and Dr. Jessica discuss how her path led her from chiropractic school and then to become a IFM Certified Practitioner!Connect & learn more about Dr. Jessica
Today Dr. Chris is joined by doctor, coach, speaker, author and podcaster, Dr. Alka Patel! Despite working hard as a General Practitioner to help people become healthy, Dr. Patel realized that healthcare was headed in the wrong direction. An over-reliance on medication as a cure for every illness and a dependence on doctors to wipe away symptoms was detracting from what really mattered. With her shift in awareness she discovered lifestyle medicine - an approach that focuses on the root cause of ill health through a whole-person approach and that embeds self-care at the root of living well. Dr. Patel founded The Lifestyle First Method®. This method brings together 10 key elements that have the biggest influence on your health and longevity, and provide the tools to help optimize your health!Connect & learn more about Dr. Alka
Jonathan Pritchard is the founder of several consulting companies, a multiple author, world-traveling entertainer, and public speaker for high stake businesses. His client list includes BP, Discover, State Farm, United Airlines, and more.His journey has taken him from doing 19,000 performances at Universal Studios to appearing on America’s Got Talent to entertaining United States troops stationed all over South Korea. His unique perspective of working with thousands of audiences has given him powerful insights into the art & science of communication, influence, persuasion, and high stake negotiations. This makes him not just a thought leader but a genuine mind reader. Now his mission is to empower more than a million business people to accomplish their most ambitious goals in less time than they ever thought possible. He does this through workshops, keynote presentations, consulting, as well as ‘hands on’ experiences at tradeshows and beyond.His motto is “Change your mind; change your life.”Connect & learn more about Jonathan:@thezavant
This week Dr. Chris had the honor of interviewing, Ari Tulla. Ari  is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and the co-founder & CEO of the smart nutrition service, Elo, whose mission is to transform food from the leading cause of disease to medicine. Ari is also an active angel investor and advisor with a portfolio of 40 startups, including Virta Health, Good Eggs, and Ōura. Previously, Ari was the CEO of Quest Analytics, the market leader in doctor data and network management. Ari led the company through a pivotal growth stage from $15M to $40M in revenue. Before joining Quest Analytics, Ari was co-founder and CEO of BetterDoctor, a doctor search engine.  BetterDoctor raised $30M from first-tier investors, including NEA and Uncork Capital. In June 2018, BetterDoctor was acquired by private equity firm Vestar Capital. Before BetterDoctor, Ari led Nokia’s game and application studios. When not working or co-parenting his two young children with his wife, Ari spends his time on the steep cliffs, powdery slopes, and big cold waves that only Northern California can offer.Connect & learn more about Ari and
On this episode of The Healthy Perspective Podcast, Dr. Boman is joined by Rich Levene. Rich has a masters in leadership and change, spent 25 years studying how people work together or don't,  is a coach, founder of Dignity Leadership Consulting, and is the Author of You're Doing It Wrong: Stop Managing and Start Leading! Together they discuss the inspiration and journey behind Rich's mission to train managers how to lead teams,  the difference between managing and leading a team, how best to understand what your team needs from you and much more! Be sure to check out more about Rich with the links below!Connect & learn more about
Dr. Chris is going by Gina Heumann, mom, professor, author, speaker, adoption & mental health advocate and founder of Trauma Drama University. Gina and her husband adopted their two sons from Guatemala.. her youngest was neglected by his foster mom, resulting in over a decade of chaos and frustration. Through her love of research, Gina tried and tested many therapies and treatments and finally found a path to healing. She is now the author of Love Never Quits: Surviving & Thriving after Infertility, Adoption, and Reactive Attachment Disorder (gold recipient of the prestigious Parent's Choice Award); and she presented a TEDx on how Childhood Trauma Affects us All. Here nonprofit Trauma Dram University was made with the vision to provide education support and resources to parents raising children who have suffered early life trauma. The online program provides resources to lean about triggers, connect with other parents, information on different therapy options, and monthly zoom calls with industry experts.Connect & learn more about Gina Never Quits: Surviving & Thriving after Infertility, Adoption, and Reactive Attachment Disorder
This week, Dr. Boman is joined by Jeff Chilton as they discuss all things mushroom. Jeff has been a key figure in creating what is a now booming medicinal mushroom market. From nutritional benefits to how they can be used medicinally, Jeff explains the relationship between human and fungal interactions. With over 40 years of mushroom growing experience, he was one of the first to bring mushroom extracts to the North American market and organized the first organic mushroom growers workshop in China back in 1996. He also co-authored  The Mushroom Cultivator .  Jeff  is also the founder of Nammex - an organic mushroom extract ingredient supplier.Connect & learn more about Jeff
Joining us this week is Dr. Jason Helfrich CoFounder and CEO of 100% Chiropractic on fo the largest chiropractic franchises in the country! Dr. Jason and Dr. Chris dive into his journey to chiropractic and how he began franchising chiropractic care. Dr. Jason discusses how if chiropractic is to truly grow and become a well known household go to, Chiropractors need to stop fighting over the 10% of the population who already see a chiropractor and start focusing on educating the 90% that don't. This starts with ridding yourself of negative mindsets and embracing abundance!This is a must listen episode we know you will love!Connect & learn more about Dr. Jason
This week Dr. Chris is joined by Dr. Tom Preston, a highly sought after trainer, consultant, advisor and coach who's passion is helping chiropractic entrepreneurs build their business to create a lasting legacy. He ran his own successful chiropractic practice and thats where he started mentoring ant consulting with other chiropractors. He and Dr. Chris break down how he came to run his own successful practice and what led him to start Full Circle Coaching and Consulting. Dr. Tom shares how when it comes to business, bigger isn't always better. Connect & learn more about Dr.
Today's episode was recorded prior to the Health and Homesteading Conference (June 25th). Rob McDaniel is one of the founding brothers of Primal Pastures, a regenerative farm local to Temecula/Murrieta, CA. He is also a physicians assistant and works in a local hospital. This episode will give you a sneak peek at the topics he covered at the conference. Dr. Chris and Rob go over Primal Pastures journey to regenerative agriculture, misleading  food labels and the lack of nutrition education in medicine. We know your going to love this episode!Connect & learn more about Rob & Primal
On today's episode, Dr. Chris interviews, Dr. Michelle Young, a licensed naturopathic doctor and owner of Young Medicine in San Diego, CA. Her family focused clinic specializes in preventative care and childhood chronic cases. She was introduced to a naturopathic doctor initially by one of her friends. Dr. Young was skeptical but desperate at the time as she was dealing with her own severe symptoms. After her initial consult, she realized "this is true healthcare". Dr. Chris and Dr. Michelle discuss her journey and how we don't have to choose between western medicine and naturopathic, rather we can utilize the best parts of each!Connect & learn more about Dr. Young:@dr.michelle_young
On this weeks episode of The Healthy Perspective Podcast, Dr. Boman is joined by the president of True REST, Mandy Rowe. True REST is the worlds largest float therapy franchise, bringing better sleep, rest, pain relief and stress relief to everyone. REST stands for "Reduce Environmental Stimulus Therapy". When Mandy was in college, a friends dad who had just come home from deployment in the Navy introduced her and her dad to float therapy. After discovering the benefits and trying it for himself her dad was hooked. Mandy eventually joined him in the venture and now enjoys spreading the word and helping others join the franchise!Connect & learn more about Mandy & True REST:@mandymrowe@truerest
Today, Dr. Chris interviews Adam Rosen, sales-focused entrepreneur, co-founder of Email Outreach Company, and Speaker.  They discuss everything from getting to your greater purpose to how to build your business to make it a sellable asset. Adam, from his experience, talks about how the most important thing in sales is how quickly you can develop trust with your potential client or customer!Connect & learn more about Adam:@adamirosenhttps://eocworks.com
Joining Dr. Chris today on the podcast is Bessi Graham! Bessi is a Coach, Podcaster and Award-Winning Entrepreneur, driving clarity and alignment with people who have “made it” but haven’t found fulfilment so they can leverage their wealth to make a massive difference!Bessi Graham is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years experience working with business owners, governments, and large funding bodies to bring “doing good” and “making money” back together. From the grassroots of sitting in the dirt working with business owners in the Pacific Islands to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Bessi has seen it all and brings an unparalleled perspective on what makes change happen.  Working with people who have “made it” but haven’t found fulfilment she helps them put their Time, Talent and Treasure to work in ways that align with their values and allow them to create a legacy they can be proud of. Bessi teaches people to quiet the noise of the demands and opinions of others and hear their own voice more clearly so they can contribute from a place of authenticity. She removes the frustration and pressure that comes from living someone else’s idea of success and replaces it with a sense of flow and fulfilment that can only come when you tap into the fullness of who you are and who you are becoming.Connect & learn more about Bessi:@bessigrahamPodcast: Capital:
This week on the Healthy Perspective Podcast, Dr. Chris is joined by Dr. Eugene Choi. Dr. Choi is a board-certified clinical pharmacist who is also a public speaker and transformational mindset coach, on a mission to help talented heart-driven leaders operate at their highest levels of performance, intelligence, and communication. He firmly believes that by activating the powerful executive brain, it maximizes results not just in business leaders, but in humanity as a whole.With a background in clinical pharmacy, neuroscience, and business coaching, his unique science-backed process along with the use of groundbreaking technology helps entrepreneurs figure out how to dramatically improve performance, innovate dynamic solutions, and achieve their goals.Dr. Eugene’s expertise in audience growth has also resulted in him generating over 8 million views on his online articles and over 23 million views on his short films. He has also worked with over 60 entrepreneurs last year alone to help them optimize their mindset and strategy in order to scale their businesses and generate more revenue and impact. These experiences have proven critical in helping clients produce tangible results in both business and in life.Safe to say this is one conversation you won't want to miss!Connect & learn more about Dr. Choi:@eugenekchoihttps://destinyhacks.coThe Neurohacking Podcast
Today on The Healthy Perspective, Dr. Chris talks with Dr. Ben Benham, Founder of Dermatology and Hair Restoration Specialists in Santa Monica, CA. They discuss how even though they work in two different fields both are about improving peoples lives, whether through relieving pain or helping heal self confidence. Dr. Benham focuses primarily on dermatology, while his brother who also works at the practice focuses on hair restoration. He discusses how scars can be linked to emotional scars and how the pressure society puts on us to look a certain way has changed since the social media boom. Connect & learn more about Dr. Benham:
This week on The Healthy Perspective Podcast, Dr. Chris is joined by Dr. Debra Muth, founder of Serenity Health Care Center, nurse practitioner and naturopathic doctor. Dr. Deb tells how she fell into medicine, more specifically working in women's health. It wasn't until she got sick herself though, that she really dove into naturopathic medicine. She and Dr. Chris discuss how to be an advocate for your own health and how sometimes western medicine just misses the mark. Connect & learn more about Dr.
Connect & learn more about Howard:Board DirectorStage 4 Colon Cancer – patient / survivor / advocatehttps://www.shiningbrightly.comPaltown Development Foundationwww.PALTOWN.orgwww.COLONTOWN.orgI Survived Cancer (twice) and Here Is How I Did It story from diagnosis – treatment - survivorshipPart 1 - 2 - 3 -
On today's episode of The Healthy Perspective Podcast, Dr. Chris talks with Dr. David Shirazi, Owner of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Conejo Valley.  Dr. Shirazi is a board licensed dentist and acupuncturist who specializes is craniofacial pain, TMJ and Sleep disordered breathing, sleep apnea, and myofunctional therapy. He has completed over 2000 hours of continuing education in TMD and facial pain, craniomandibular orthopedics, and sleep disordered breathing. He lectures on those very subjects himself throughout the United States. He is the founder of the Bite, Breathe and Balance Podcast and study group, a platform dedicated to the multidisciplinary approach totreating craniofacial pain and sleep disorders.Connect & learn more about Dr. Shirazi:@tmj_sleeptherapycentrehttps://tmjandsleeptherapycentre.com
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