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Dungeons & Dirtbags

Author: NerdPopX

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Four players set out into the world of Arcadia seeking adventure and… well, gold. We want gold too. Join DM Geoff (CopperDragon on Twitch) for a story told through the luck of the dice.
3 Episodes
His Name Was Korg

His Name Was Korg


The adventurers enter the cave and test their luck.Music:Walking Around by Elder KedemTech Knowledge by Peter Spacey Walk Faster - Drums Version by Tomas Herudek
In this episode, our party runs into a fair amount of trouble; from an ambush of goblins, to booby traps, to even more goblins--they're beginning to see that this job might not be as simple as they had hoped for.Music:Ambush by Ruiqi ZhaoOrganism by Roie ShpiglerGet Out of Here by Charlie RyanOn the Blade of the Knife by LevaThe Chase by Michael ElleryLine by Oak and CherryThe Woods by Kyle PrestonCurious George by Nate Rose 
A Simple Task

A Simple Task


In this episode, a recently formed team of unlikely heroes have been asked to fulfill the simple task of escorting a wagon of supplies from Alma  to the town of Phandalin. The journey starts off smooth, but after a few nights the adventurers run into some trouble on the road. Music:Chicken Coop (ft. RIVER LUME) by SPEARFISHEROnce Upon A Time by Maya Belsitzman & Matan EphratRoad Less Traveled by DJ Tax RashidThis Will Be The End by Shahead Mostafafar To listen ahead, become a patron at
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