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Welcome to the Western Friend Podcast, an official publication of Quakers in Pacific, North Pacific, and Intermountain Yearly Meetings. Teaming up with partners like Jonathan Stoll and colin cole of Soul Force Ones, Western Friend Podcast explores questions of faith, purpose, and practice.(Visit Soul Force Ones at: And grab your calendar! Follow this weblink to join a follow-up conversation about each podcast:
27 Episodes
Keith Runyan is a Quaker change-maker and the new General Secretary of Quaker Earthcare Witness. He is a visionary and activist, born and  raised in Pacific Yearly Meeting in Northern California. In 2018, he  undertook a 12-day hunger strike while traveling in the ministry to  bolster awareness and action on the climate crisis and environmental  justice. In Episode 28 of our podcast series, Keith shares his vision for Quaker action for earth justice.From today’s episode:Braiding Sweetgrass, book referenced in today’s episodeQuaker Earthcare WitnessMore information on Western Friend PodcastMore information on Soul Force Ones
Dr. Richard Grossman, a recently retired OBGYN, discusses abortion and community on this episode of the Western Friend Podcast. Dr. Grossman continues to work on several population-centered projects and shares about his work, his purpose, and his essay published in the most recent issue of the Western Friend magazine.  Later, the conversation is opened to members of the community who joined us for the live recording. Links:Dr. Grossman’s essay on Abortion and CommunityWebsite for Population Matters
Episode 26 of the Western Friend Podcast features the keynote panel conversation from Pacific Yearly Meeting, held on July 22, 2023. The episode begins with an introduction by presiding clerk of PYM Laura Magnani, and is followed by the panel discussion led by Sofia Faith Cantu, who goes by Faith and Nora Lisette Cooke, who addressing the topic of centering the voices of the next generation.There are a few moments where the speakers pose a query for reflection. Feel free to take a moment to pause the episode if you would like to reflect, and resume when ready. There are brief musical intermissions that indicate when you can pause. We hope you enjoy this month’s episode, and stay tuned for new episodes released the first Saturday of every month. You can also find all of the previous episodes wherever you get your podcasts. 
Episode 25 features an intergenerational panel of speakers at the 2023 Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting – in conversation on the theme, “Meeting at the Corner of Wisdom and Power.” Facilitated by Paul Christansen of Eastside Friends meeting, the panelists include:  Zane Freewyn, Multnomah Monthly MeetingHazel Jordan, Olympia Friends MeetingAdam Billen, South Seattle Friends MeetingJane Snyder, Multnomah Monthly MeetingJerry Graville, Lopez Island Monthly MeetingClick below for links to:Western Friend PodcastWestern FriendSoul Force Ones
This episode features the keynote address by Jon Watts given at the 2023 IMYM annual gathering on the theme of “Becoming the Quakers the world needs today.” Jon is a Quaker media creator and spiritual entrepreneur, and a member of the Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. He founded the QuakerSpeak project as well as a NEW podcast called Thee Quaker. Below you can find links to the projects he references in today’s episode:Dance Party Erupts During Quaker Meeting for WorshipHow Does Culture Influence Quaker Worship?Thee Quaker PodcastQuakers and The InternetGeorge Fox and the Birth of QuakerismQuaker Meeting for WorshipWhy I Blockaded 40,000 Tons of Coal with a Lobster BoatDon’t forget, you can find all previous episodes in the archives wherever you listen, and new episodes are released the first Saturday of each month. Thank you for tuning in!
Episode 23 of the Western Friend Podcast features a conversation with teacher, speaker, author, scholar, and activist Philip Clayton. He is president of the Institute for Ecological Civilization ("EcoCiv") and the Institute for Postmodern Development of China.  On this Episode with community, he examines questions like: Is it simple to live simply? And just how complicated, or simple, it is to attain ecological civilization?
Attorney, peace activist, author, educator, and former member of the Virginia State Legislature Bill Durland joins us for episode 22 of the Western Friend Podcast. Delving into the theme of "Martyrs for the Truth," Dr. Durland shares about his journey to Quakerism and Pacifism, why more people aren’t standing up for justice today, his history as a civil rights attorney and peace activist, optimism for today,  even...breaking the law! You don’t want to miss it!   See his contributions to Western Friend HEREYou can find more of his writing HEREThe Soul Force Ones podcast can be accessed HERE
Episode 21 brings something new to the Western Friend Podcast! This is a panel discussion from a workshop on the topic of "Quaker Leadership of the Future." Following the panel and the open forum where panelists engaged each other in conversation, the Soul Force Ones add a 15 minute remix, where the hosts delve into the notion of non-theist Quakerism and how to bring folks into community. This episodes panel included:Folks who support leaders of the future in our yearly meetings:IMYM – Erin Bates, Assistant to the Yearly MeetingIMYM = Intermountain Yearly MeetingNPYM — Paul Christiansen, Rising Clerk of the Yearly MeetingNPYM = North Pacific Yearly MeetingPacYM — Alma Moon, Co-Clerk of Young Adult MeetingPacYM = Pacific Yearly MeetingSCYMF — Erin Wilson, Coordinating Committee and Safeguarding Committee for the yearly meetingSCYMF = Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of FriendsFolks employed by Quaker organizations to support leaders of the future:AFSC – Julian Andaya, Director of AFSC's Emerging Leaders for Liberation ProgramAFSC = American Friends Service CommitteeFCNL — Larissa Gil-Sanhueza, Senior Manager of FNCL’s Young Adult ProgramFCNL = Friends Committee on National LegislationQVS — Woody Logan-Wood, City Coordinator for the QVS Portland ProgramQVS = Quaker Voluntary Service
Tom Ewell joins the Western Friend Podcast for Episode 20 to discuss non violent organizing and his work with the Sound Defense Alliance. Tom is is a member of Whidbey Island Friends Meeting and is active with Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy and Friends Committee on National Legislation.  He is joined by maryon attwood and Terra Huey as they discuss the urgent need to address the noise made by Growler aircraft at the navy air station at Whidbey Island in Washington state. You can read Tom's article, Persistence, in the Jan/Feb issue of the Western Friend Magazine HERE. You can find the full archive of Western Friend Podcast episodes HERE. 
Episode 19 of the Western Friend Podcast features an interview with Barbara Birch. Barbara is a member of Strawberry Creek Meeting in Berkeley, California. She discusses her research on Elizabeth Fry, embodied spirituality and its relevance to Quakers today, as well as Friendly 12-Step recovery.Click here to read Barbara's article in Western Friend, "Eilzabeth Gurney Fry: A Quaker Mess."
Happy New Year to all of our listeners out there! On the first episode of 2023, we share an interview with Barbara Phillips, a lifetime botanist and a member of Flagstaff Friends Meeting. She discusses her life-long fascination with the outdoors, what it means to be a botanist, and some of the challenges facing us and the planet in these complex times.You can read her article here: Botany on an Endangered PlanetAlso, don't forget there's a wonderful archive of past episodes you can peruse right here, wherever you're listening to this podcast! So... after this episode, why not find another that interests you and give it a listen?!New episodes are released the first Saturday of each month.
Today's episode features an interview with Frank Granshaw, geologist, educator, and so much more. He shares about his experiences at the UN's climate change conferences, COP 27 being the most recent, his own journey within the field, and the nuances of faith and science. Recorded with a live virtual audience, the second half of the interview is a Q&A session with the Mr. Granshaw.Be on the look out for new episodes release the first Saturday of each month, and you can always listen to past episodes wherever you get your podcasts.
On this episode of the Western Friend Podcast, we are joined by Gretchen Castle, Dean of Earlham School of Religion and a member of the national steering committee of the Quaker Call to Action.Interviewed with a live virtual studio audience, Gretchen discusses the "Quaker Call to Action," a nationwide response to the urgent, current threats to U.S. democracy. After the interview, the conversation was opened to community members for a live Q and A. 
Friends, on episode 14 of the Western Friend Podcast, we bring you the Keynote Panel from the 2022 Pacific Yearly Meeting.  Three Friends speak on the year’s theme of Beloved Community. Moderated by Diego Navarro, you will hear a brief introduction by Laura Magnani, PacYM Presiding Clerk, before the keynotes of Marlene Coach-Eisenstein, Honolulu Meeting, Keith Runyan, Santa Cruz Meeting, and Peni Hall, Strawberry Creek Meeting. Remember, new episodes of the Western Friend podcast are released the first Saturday of every month, so add it to your calendar and listen wherever you get your podcasts. You can also hear any of the previous 13 episodes if you haven’t already, free for your listening pleasure. Until next month, take care y’all. 
Today's episode features both a keynote and conversation with Carl Magruder. Carl is a palliative care chaplin, M.A. in Divinity, and a member of the Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting. He opens with a beautiful song that leads into his Keynote address, presented at the 2022 North Pacific Yearly Meeting, the first since the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the keynote, you will hear a joyful conversation between Mr. Magruder and Soul Force Ones host Jon Stoll. You can find links below to:- Carl Magruder's own podcast Soulways . - The home page for the Western Friend Podcast.- The home page for the Soul Force Ones.
Episode 12 of the Western Friend Podcast features a keynote address by Bridget Moix from the last in-person gathering of Intermountain Yearly Meeting, 2019. Bridget Moix is the General Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), and she also leads two other Quaker organizations affiliated with FCNL: Friends Place on Capitol Hill and FCNL Education Fund.The keynote address examines the topic: Faith, Fear, and Our Future. Dr. Moix shares five lessons that she has learned from peace builders from around the world, and provides three powerful tips for folks in the audience. You can find more information on the Western Friend podcast and the archive of episodes HERE.
Episode 11 of the Western Friend Podcast features a conversation with two recent presiding clerks of Western yearly meetings – Molly Wingate of Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM) and Lucretia Humphrey of North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) – as they discuss experiences and insights they have gained through decades of living as Quakers in "military towns" -- Colorado Springs, CO, and Great Falls, MT. They share about their experiences finding belonging, confronting stereotypes in their surroundings, some the challenges of living/working in military communities, growth and tools for healing, and much more.Click here to read Molly and Lucretia's article "Two Quakers Living with the Military" in the May/June 2022 issues of Western Friend.
In episode 10 of the Western Friend Podcast, join us for an informative and moving conversation on death, life, and everything in between with Michele Shields. Michele is a   member of the Honolulu Friends Meeting and the Director of Spiritual Care Services emerita and research scholar at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. She discusses the importance of listening, the Spiritual Assessment and Intervention Model, self care, and much more. Don't forget! You can join us for the next live recording on Tuesday, May 10th at 6pm PST for the Lucretia Humphrey and Molly Wingate Interview: Two Quakers Face the Military.
Episode 9, In Search of an Honorable Bank, features an interview with Treasurer of Multnomah Meeting in Portland, OR. Theresa Deibele. Following the interview, hosts Jon and colin offer a remix where they dig into a few highlights from the interview. You too can join us for the next live interview! Join us on Tuesday, April 12th at 7pm Pacific Time. You can find more information, and the Zoom link, here:  For more information on the Soul Force Ones, visit:
In Episode 8 of the Western Friend podcast, the hosts speak with sociologist, writer, and activist Paula Palmer.  A member of Boulder Friends Meeting (IMYM), Palmer  co-coordinates “Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples,” a program of Friends Peace Teams.In this episode, Paula shares about: the importance of collaboration and relationshipslistening and learning from localsQuaker history and boarding schoolsa path towards healingWe were joined by a live audience, and the second half of this episode is the Q and A featuring some wonderful questions for Paula. Would you like to join us for an upcoming episode? Find information on how you can JOIN US FOR OUR UPCOMING LIVE RECORDINGS on March 8th and April 12th HERE.
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