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Fastest Pod in the West

Author: ProbablyNotJoel

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Hosted by aspiring cowboy @ProbablyNotJoel, Fastest Pod in the West is a bite-sized comedy podcast about movies, friendship, and the size of one’s penis. Theme music by Cuerwo and art by Ali Maslen.
6 Episodes
Nobody listens to this cursed show.
We're back to our regular crew and no one is safe, least of all Woody Allen. I also couldn't find any evidence he finances his own films so just ignore that.
Legend of the Seeker is The Lord of the Rings for people who like to fuck. Also nobody tell Kaleb but I was wrong about the minimum length of a feature film, it's actually just longer than 40 mins.
You're only allowed to listen to Planet Killer if you've finished every episode of this podcast alright muchacho.
Weeb's All That

Weeb's All That


I didn't think of this when we were recording but imagine a movie called "Weeb's All That" and it's about a guy falling in love with an anime body pillow. I personally feel like that would be pretty good.
Lockdown Boys

Lockdown Boys


Jeez Louise this lockdown was a massive bummer. Ah well. Here's a podcast about cowboys and Andre's penis - which is very small, unlike mine, which is very big.
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