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Gold Digger

Gold Digger


What the heck is Gold anyway? Now that we've talked about Bronze and Silver, let's cover the ye olde Gold.  I have se-ve-ra-l (yes, four syllables) issues with my previous blog post.This is based on a blog post from June 11, 2012. Where I talk about the Wild West of ballroom: VHS to digitalWhere I relate the Sam story: Open(er) ChoreographySupport the show (
Silver Standard

Silver Standard


Are you a Bronze dancer looking for the next challenge?  Are you a Silver dancer who is wondering what you should know? Are you wondering what you'll be working on?Here's my three cents on the fine Silver level of ballroom dancing.This is based on a blog post from June 1, 2012.Support the show (
After you've taken a few ballroom dancing lessons, you're not a beginner, but are you ready for Bronze or Intermediate? Let's explore that land between Beginning and Intermediate and what bridges you need to cross from one to the other.This is based on a blog post from November 25, 2011. Support the show (
This episode is based on the post from October 22, 2011.The floorcraft blog is here: How to FloorcraftThe Toothbrush Exercises are here on the blog and here on YouTube (horrifying, horrifying YouTube).Support the show (
This episode is based on the post from April 27, 2021.If you'd like to catch up on the Social Etiquette series, check this out.If you'd like to ask me a specific question or add to the "terrific vs. terrible social dance stories" post, email me at the show (
This episode is based on the ancient blog post from July 20, 2012.Feel free to use the internet to look up "social dance etiquette"... or look here on Saturday.And when I said "us" in this episode, I meant "you".  LOVE YOU. Support the show (
This episode is based on the blog post from April 18, 2019.The articles I mention from SK Dancesport are here: pros and cons of fake tanning productsAnd here: the perfect tanGUYS. ALL MY FAVORITE TANNERS HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED. But honestly, self-tanners have come a long way, so pick anything and try it out BEFORE YOUR EVENT.Here's the highlighter/under-brow color I recommend : Nylon by MACHere's Boyko.Here's DanceVision.And here's my sources if you want to get nerdy: the show (
How do you go to a competition or prepare for an event and feel great about it?  SET GOALS.  WORK ON GOALS.  I will elaborate on those ideas.This episode is based on the blog from September 13, 2013.This book is worth the money.  It is Dance to Your Maximum by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis. For a picture of my excellent instructor and I at Holiday Classic in possibly 2003, click over here.I'm on Apple Podcasts now!Support the show (
For the original blog post from March 2, 2018, click here.To see a tour of my house where we used to do Smooth rounds, head over to my Instagram after Friday, July 9, 2021.Support the show (
Bad Teaching

Bad Teaching


This episode is based on the post from June 3, 2021.John Danaher is a badass.  Here's some of his words:About teaching too muchHis long ass IG postsSkill acquisition, one of manyMy favorite journalist:Smarther newsSupport the show (
Here's the link to the original post : click hereSupport the show (
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