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Rita Moreno has been an icon of stage and screen for over seven decades, making history as the first Latina to win an Academy Award for her 1961 performance as Anita in West Side Story. But life wasn’t always easy for Rosita, as she calls her young self. In this episode of Making Space, Rita gets real about the pressures of Hollywood, her troubled romance with Marlon Brando, and how — at 90 years old — she loves what she does now more than ever. Rita also shares about her path to creative fulfillment and self-acceptance, and reminds us of the power of hard work… Sometimes the impossible is just one opportunity away.For more of Rita Moreno’s story, you can watch NBC’s special, “Inspiring America: The 2022 Inspiration List,” celebrating extraordinary people making an impact. You can watch it on demand on Peacock.Rita Moreno shared a story about her attempt to take her own life. If you or anyone you know is struggling, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text TALK (8255) to 741741.
Famed screenplay writer and author Delia Ephron got a second chance at life and love, both later in life. After suffering back-to-back losses, she coped by putting her pen to paper, offering perspective and lessons of hope and resilience. Equal parts insightful and entertaining, Delia connects with Hoda on everything from finding joy after 50 to the frustrations we all feel when taking the first steps on a new path.
Viola Davis on finding herself. It’s hard to imagine the Academy Award-winning actress survived the childhood she did. Bullied at a young age for being different, Viola now realizes the power — and the potency — of those differences. Viola joins Hoda for an intimate conversation on overcoming trauma and how to shape your own future, one leg of the relay race at a time.
Bravo star, author, and fellow podcaster Bevy Smith had it all: A powerful career, financial success, and a strong sense of self-worth. But at 38, she quit her job to pursue a brand-new career… one she knew would fulfill her calling and sense of purpose. How did she do it, and what advice does she have for other “late bloomers” out there? A master negotiator and firm believer in her own value, Bevy Smith is living proof that it gets greater later.
The last 20 years of Kim Kardashian’s life have been a whirlwind. From busy schedules to booming businesses and ever-present paparazzi, life for Kim is hectic. So, how does she find what she calls a “sense of inner calmness”? Kim is taking a break from keeping up with everything… and making space for Hoda. They talk transitioning out of relationships, lessons learned from Kim’s famous family, and her idea of a perfect afternoon.
It’s been more than five years since country superstar Thomas Rhett has made space for an alone day. So how would the devoted husband and father of four spend time off the grid? And when was he happiest? Hoda finds out. We also hear from Thomas on the impact of his parents’ divorce, the beautiful decision to adopt their oldest daughter and why he never made it prom. As Thomas tells Hoda, that’s just life.
On this episode of Making Space, Hoda sits down with comedian Amy Schumer as she prepares to host the Academy Awards. Amy touches on everything from growing up as class clown to the famous names who gave her advice before this year's awards. Equal parts funny and genuine, Amy also opens up about motherhood, that headline-grabbing plastic surgery announcement, and what makes her own mom most proud.
On this episode of Making Space with Hoda Kotb, when Hoda stumbled upon a clip of singer and pastor Wintley Phipps performing “Amazing Grace,” she was immediately drawn to his voice and presence and knew she wanted to connect with him for Making Space. In this episode, Wintley shares who inspires him and how he’s found his life’s most fulling work. And his wisdom and guidance will have you seeking your own highest purpose.
Hoda sits down with former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho, creator of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Emmanuel shares how he found his calling – not in his strength on the football field – but with the power of listening and sharing the stories of others, first online and then with a best-selling book. Released by five pro teams in five years, Emmanuel learned the true meaning of perseverance. And just like all of us, he’s faced rejection, criticism, and moments of uncertainty. But as Emmanuel puts it, having a setback isn’t failing, it’s falling: and if you can get back up, you win.
Where do you draw your strength? Join TODAY’s Hoda Kotb as she continues on a journey of self-discovery and exploration of the resilience of the human spirit. Hoda hears from some of the people she admires most, and whose testimonies of compassion provide lessons for how to make space for whatever it is you may be seeking in life right now. Like Hoda, you’ll leave these talks stronger than when you started and inspired to make space for growth and change in your own life.
On this special episode of Making Space, Hoda sits down exclusively with Matt Hutchins, whose wife Halyna died after a gun discharged on the set of the film Rust in October 2021. Matt opens up about loss, legacy, moving forward, and how he’s making space to heal.
You probably know Jenna Bush Hager as Hoda’s co-host on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. As you’ll hear, they’re so friendly on air because they’re real friends off-air — and their friendship has only grown and deepened over the years. And because this podcast has been about friendship and wisdom, there’s no better way to bring it all home than with a girlfriend. For our last episode of Season One, we invite you into an intimate conversation, touching on everything from lessons learned by example during childhood to what it means for Jenna to turn 40. Together, Hoda and Jenna talk about birth, love, loss and the importance of work ethic. Plus, a special look back at the highlights and moments that touch on what Hoda is finally making space for.
Nine-time Grammy Award-winner Sheryl Crow has spent the last three decades performing for sold-out crowds and festivals. But rarely do we get a glimpse into her very private personal life. Today, as Sheryl approaches sixty, she sits down with Hoda for a very intimate conversation. They connect over experiences they’ve both endured – like surviving breast cancer and the dissolution of a relationship. They also share a deep joy in simple things like the honor of motherhood later in life and the fulfillment that comes with reaching this stage in the game. Sheryl shares what she’s learned – perspective she’s gained from her own mother, her sons and thirty years in the music industry.
Life Coach Iyanla Vanzant joins Hoda for a meaningful and eye-opening conversation. Stepping away after ten seasons of her smash hit “Iyanla: Fix My Life” on OWN, Iyanla answers difficult questions like how you know when something good has run its course and when (and how) to move on. Plus, picking up the pieces after heartbreak and unimaginable loss. Iyanla’s personal story is one of strength and resilience and her spiritual guidance is something we can all apply in our own lives.
When sportswriter Mitch Albom started meeting with his former professor Morrie Schwartz toward the end of Morrie’s life, Mitch had no idea the impact those meetings would have — not only on him, but around the world. Mitch compiled those lessons into a book, and, nearly twenty-five years and 17 million copies of Tuesdays with Morrie later, Mitch Albom continues to apply the lessons learned from Morrie to live a richer and more purposeful life. Throughout this conversation, Hoda and Mitch connect on love, loss and legacy. As Mitch so beautifully details in this emotional conversation, “what we choose to fill our arms with, and what we choose to carry is actually what ends up defining us.”
Oprah Winfrey and Maria Shriver describe their forty-two-year friendship as loyal, consistent and honest. Together they’ve navigated the ups and downs of life: births, deaths, marriage, divorce—and their own evolution. In this intimate and insightful conversation, Oprah and Maria share with Hoda what their four decades together have meant, and they look ahead to all the beauty yet to come. Plus, how do you surprise the queen of surprises? Oprah opens up about one of the darkest times in her life and how an unexpected moment brought her to her knees.
Best-selling author Anne Lamott knows a thing about overcoming obstacles. Thirty-five years on the other side of her addiction, Anne is the author of 19 books, a mother, grandmother, and in her 60s, a wife for the first time. Anne offers wisdom, candidly, and often, hilariously. She shares what she calls "operating instructions": how to master a life of peace and gratitude—a reminder that grace always meets you exactly where you are.
Pastor Michael Todd is the leader of the Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This dynamic 34 year-old speaks to the power we all have to transform our own lives, turning the impossible into the reachable. He joins Hoda for an honest, high-energy and invigorating conversation, touching on topics from renewing relationships to overcoming struggles from the past. As Pastor Todd has seen in his life—and hopefully you will see in yours after listening—an idea, goal or a vision is only crazy until it happens
At just 22 years old, writer Suleika Jaouad was given a 1-in-3 chance to live after a deadly cancer diagnosis. Today, she's celebrating seven years cancer-free. In a raw and revealing conversation, Suleika shares what it is like to stare down death, and why she feels fighting for your life isn't the hardest part of the journey – it’s what happens after the fight is over. Suleika shares how she learned to anchor herself while swimming in a sea of uncertainty. Plus, her partner and Academy Award-winning musician Jon Batiste joins the interview.
Where do you draw your strength? Join TODAY’s Hoda Kotb on a journey of self-discovery and resilience of the human spirit. Hoda hears from some of the people she admires most, and whose stories of personal triumph keep her going. Like Hoda, you’ll leave these talks stronger than when you started and inspired to make space in your own life.
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Monta Huffman

Hoda, thank you for Making Space for me. I give you 10 *'s

Nov 12th

Monta Huffman

Hoda, thank you for Making Space for me. I give you 10 *'s

Nov 12th

Mary Coster

Thank you, Hoda. You are so REAL in your desire to share with us the soulful stories of your guests. Your undivided presence clearly allows them to feel like they are in your living room in comfy clothing, having a glass of wine by the fire. They clearly trust you and the intention of the interview. Such a breath of inspirational and thoughtful fresh air.

Oct 24th

Cherylee Iannetta

thank you. so loving your show. it is uplifting. I want more! 😍

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So uplifting and amazing!! This started my day off in such a positive way!! Thank you

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This is amazing! What an awesome podcast filled with practical tips to do life better! Grateful for this!

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