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Author: Lisa Tilstra

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"What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?" - mary anne evansThis quote summarizes my life purpose. Life isn't easy. It's complex, filled with the unexpected, and sometimes really hard. While life is full of challenges, I believe there are myriad things we can do to help make life less difficult for each other.On this podcast we'll share stories, struggles, and successes that help us know we're not alone. And knowing we're not alone is one way to make life less difficult.
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My guest today is David Achata.David is a returning guest and if you haven’t listened to our first conversation, I highly recommend it.  It’s episode 83.  David is a leadership and team development coach, the author of several business leadership books, and he brings over twenty years of leadership experience into his work.  He’s experienced multiple career changes, moving across the country and back, supporting his mother through the end of her life, and more.David is a great storyteller, an inspiring leader, a man who practices what he teaches.  In our conversation today, David shares reflections on his most recent book, Executive Retreats for Busy Business Leaders: How to Achieve More by Working Less.  This is a fantastic book reminding us of the value of intentional time away.  More than that, though, David shares how he realized after publishing the book, that his number one audience was himself, hence the title of this episode, Writing a Book to Yourself.David, thank you for jumping into another conversation here. Thank you for your authenticity and vulnerability.  Thank you for sharing your thoughtful wisdom and reflections.  You can find links to David’s books, his website, and social media pages below:www.achatacoaching.comLinkedInInstagram Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Alan Questel.Alan S. Questel is known for his clarity, creativity and down to earth style of teaching.  He brings a depth of understanding, humor and gentle human perspective while creating lively conditions for learning.  Alan has taught thousands of people in over 20 countries.He was trained by Dr. Feldenkrais and has created numerous Feldenkrais programs over the years.Alan was an actor before becoming a trainer in the Feldenkrais methodology.  He is also an author of the books Creating Creativity – Embodying the Creative Process, and Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness… and like yourself more, which we talk about during our conversation today.  This book holds deep wisdom and practical exercises to take action and practice intentional kindness, as well as find ways to like yourself more!This conversation with Alan is a delight in so many ways.  Alan and I didn’t know each other at all before recording this conversation and it was super easy to connect and dive into discovery. Alan, thank you for this conversation.  Thank you for sharing these pieces of your story, for sharing your wisdom, and your passion for helping others connect more with themselves and others through kindness.  If you’d like to connect with Alan, you can find links in the show notes, or go to with Alan:Website: www.uncommonsensing.comYouTubeMake Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Noel Bulger.Noel is a returning guest to the podcast after sharing pieces of his story on episode 100!  Noel is a leadership coach and veteran of the US Marine Corps.  Noel grew up in Ireland and moved to the United States at age 18.  He has had life toss him some difficult curveballs including the loss of his son, PTSD from his time in the military, and a traumatic childhood.In our conversation today, Noel shares reflections on his divorce and the process of healing and reentering relationship after the loss.  His introspection is inspiring, and he shares a beautiful wisdom that has been birthed through pain.Noel works with organization and leaders around the globe helping them develop the skills of leadership, communication, strategy creation, and culture transformation.Noel has degrees from Georgetown and Stanford Universities, Thomas Aquinas College, and the Marine Corps University.  He has been awarded medals of commendation and achievement from both the Navy and the Marine Corps.Noel, thank you for entering into this amazing conversation. Thank you for sharing these pieces of your story, of your healing, of your processing.  Your transparency is an inspiration for so many and you offer peace and healing to others as you have worked intentionally to create that peace and healing in your own life.  Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Federica Vinci.Federica is the Deputy Mayor of Isernia, Italy.  She’s a recognized Obama Leader Europe 2020 as well as a co-founder of Volt Italia, shaking up politics with activist campaigns and strategic election planning.Federica’s background includes International Public Administration and Community Organizing, with stints as a Harvard’s Kennedy School teaching fellow, and a Policy Leader Fellow at the European University Institute.Federica and I met through our mutual friend, Russ Watts, a familiar name here on the Make Life Less Difficult podcast.  And Russ had met Federica through Noel, who has also been a guest on the podcast!  The connections like this that happen make my heart very joyful.Federica is co-creating an ethical political leadership program for aspiring politicians, especially women, from Southern Italy.  She lives in Isernia, finds joy in horse show jumping, and shares her home with her boyfriend, her cat, and her horse.As you listen to our conversation, you may find in yourself a surprising desire to explore the world of politics, particularly the purpose and value-driven approach that Federica takes and is helping others discover.  There are links in the show notes to connect with her.One quick note on some technology glitches… throughout our conversation our internet connection was slightly unstable, meaning a word here and there gets a bit distorted.  My apologies for this; I request your patience as you listen. Fortunately, I don’t think it takes away from the great message and the inspiring stories Federica shared. Federica, thank you SO much for coming on the podcast.  Thank you for sharing these pieces of your journey.  Thank you for sharing boldly, bravely, vulnerably, and with your priceless passion.  May your work grow exponentially around the globe because humanity needs leaders like you!Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Rob Allan.Rob is a Doctor of Psychology, a registered counselor, coach, facilitator, consultant, business operator, author and speaker.Originally studying medicine, Rob has had a career spanning training and development for adult learning programs, private equity and venture capital, serving as CEO of an acquisition and operations company, working two different times for McKinsey & Company, and most recently the founder of Approval Removal, a way to inspire others to live more authentically.  He currently serves clients in a coaching and facilitation capacity as well as seeing individual clients for counseling.Rob is putting the finishing touches on his book, Approval Removal, which is focused on how to live authentically without the need for approval from others.In our conversation today, Rob shares pieces of his own journey that inform his book and his passion for helping others find their equilibrium to live authentically rather than always in pursuit of approval from others.  He shares poignant stories of crisis in his life, experiencing failures that he had long feared and tried to avoid at all costs.  And he shares the lessons learned through these difficult times.Rob and I met through mutual work events and I’m deeply grateful for this conversation and the chance to learn more about Rob’s journey as well as his incredibly impactful work in the world.Rob, thank you so much for your time, your reflections, your wisdom.  Thank you for sharing authentically and vulnerably and inviting us into these insightful snapshots of your life.Connect with Rob:Website: ApprovalRemoval.comInstagram: @ApprovalRemovalLinkedIn Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Andrew Kauffman.Andrew is a returning guest to the podcast and I’m so happy to be continuing the conversation with him. Our first conversation is on episode 117, and I highly recommend listening if you haven’t yet, as Andrew shared pieces of his journey including his experience coming out as gay as well as being a kidney donor to his father.Andrew is a coach, a writer and a teacher of creative writing.   He believes that writing be a transformational aid for healing, in coaching, and in all contexts.Trained and accredited by The Professional Writing Academy in the use of expressive and therapeutic writing, he uses stories, metaphor and narrative tools to help his coaching clients cope with life transitions, and to derive meaning from challenging life events. In our conversation today, we talk about mental health and mental ill-health.  Andrew cares deeply about mental health and wellbeing and his work reflects this compasion.  One of the more specific areas we explore today is around male mental health.  I admittedly am distanced from this topic and it was interesting to explore with Andrew.  I came away from the conversation with a greater desire to be aware of the challenges of various groups of people, how they are both different and similar to my own journey.  Holding the paradox of our differences and similarities is not necessarily easy.  And there’s no easy answers to the challenges of mental health and wellbeing.  I believe conversations like this one are useful, however, despite not having a well-defined outcome or a pretty metaphorical bow to finish it off.  Andrew, thank you again, for stepping into the conversation with authenticity and passion.  Thanks you for sharing vulnerably from your own journey, the places you’ve found answers, and also the places you are still seeking understanding.  Both in conversation and in writing you are inspiring as you model the challenging work that you also facilitate and invite others into as well for the sake of healing and making the world a better place.Please check out the links to Andrews work, his workshops, and to connect directly with him: Andrew is Writer-in-Residence at the UK's Centre for Mental Health. Read his new essays here (Andrew’s latest essay is entitled, Life with OCD: An Anti-Memoir. )In autumn 2023 Andrew will be running Queer Storytelling, a creative writing course for LGBTQ+ writers, together with London Lit Lab. Getting underway in November, he is taking bookings now. He is also facilitating workshops for writers, focusing on writing for personal wellbeing, and as a creative outlet. Do check out his events with The Literary Consultancy in October and November. Again, bookings are happening now. Find Andrew on Twitter: @JKaye82  Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Russ Watts.Russ has been on the podcast several times and I continue to be so grateful for his willingness to jump into conversation whenever I say, hey, we should talk about that on the podcast! This conversation today is special is so many ways.  First of all, for context, if you haven’t listened to Episode 4 where Russ shares stories of two mountaineering accidents he was in, you will want to go back and listen – either before or after listening to this one.  Today’s reflections are around the 2nd story Russ told on Episode 4 of getting crushed in a collapsed snow cave and nearly losing his life.A few weeks ago, Russ shared that he’d had a chance to spend time with his friend Dave, who was a key player in saving Russ’s life after the collapse of the snow cave, and who is also in the midst of his own difficult season of sickness.  There had been a retelling of the story at the request of Russ’s son, and the reflections around the story as well as the experience of hearing/telling the story again were all so magnificent, so I said to Russ: Hey, would you be open to sharing this on the podcast?  And, per usual, he said yes. This conversation has sparked many new and beautiful insights into my own stories, the other people involved, their own stories about the same events, and more.Russ, thank you so much for your willingness to again jump into a beautiful conversation and into the magical transformational world of storytelling.  Thank you for inviting us into the intimate space of your summer visit with Dave and your family – this is a gift and treasure that is beyond the description of words.  I hope it will also be a gift back to you the winds of change continue to blow across our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Julie Perkins.Julie is the founder of Wyseminds, a company that works alongside female entrepreneurs to them be at their best, feel challenged and good enough to be there.  Julie has decades of experience building brands, growing businesses, and going through some difficult transitions along the way.  In our conversation she shares her wisdom of lessons learned and how she now helps female founders stay focused on their purpose and passion while sorting through the challenges of being a founder and entrepreneur.I really enjoyed this conversation with Julie.  She and I didn’t know each other before connecting for the podcast and it was easy connection and conversation from the beginning.Julie, thank you for sharing these pieces of your story and journey.  You share with authenticity, and passionate energy; with a wisdom that comes from walking the difficult parts of the path, choosing intentionally, and creating the ultimate trail for your purpose and passion. I know these stories are only a glimpse into your many stories and experiences, and I look forward to learning more about you and from you in future conversations.If you’d like to connect with Julie, there are links in the show notes.Connect with Julie:  Wyseminds websiteFree ResourcesLinkedInMake Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Michelle Hervy.Michelle is a Menopause Awareness Speaker and Midlife Coach.  After having her own less than perfect entry into the world of menopause, Michelle is dedicated to guiding individual and businesses through the transformative midlife stage.  Her work emphasizes self-care, lifestyle assessment, and the profound impact of mental and physical health on work and family life.  Michelle is a staunch advocate for gender equality in the workplace and society, actively promoting women’s empowerment.  Her expertise extends to being a Menopause Wellbeing Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Coaching for Performance and Success, but first and foremost, years of managing a family, a career, moving countries, and a major hormone imbalance!Michelle and I met through a book club here in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where we both live because of our spouse’s work.Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm is bright and delightful.  Her sense of humor always keeps me laughing!Michelle’s work with menopause awareness and education meets a tremendous need in our societies.  I’m appreciative of her practical and understandable explanations of things and wisdom of questions to ask health care professionals, as well as recommendations of what to pay more attention to in the journey of menopause and midlife.Michelle, thank you so much for the work you do.  Thank you for sharing about menopause and midlife, normalizing the challenges associated with this season of life, and helping other women know they are not alone!Connect with Michelle:LinkedIn Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is John Tilstra.John is, as some of you know, my husband.  He and I have talked about doing a podcast conversation together for all of the two years that I’ve been doing the Make Life Less Difficult podcast and we finally did it!  You’ll get to hear the story behind the delay in our conversation so I won’t spoil that here.In our conversation today, we share pieces of our own journey, being in relationship with each other.  While some couples find each other and experience smooth relational sailing for the majority of their time together, John and I have experienced fairly rough seas that have at times battered the proverbial relationship sailboat.We have found that being real about those struggles has been part of our strategy for making it work.  And we’ve also been helped by others who are willing to be real with us, helping us know we aren’t alone…. It doesn’t fix all the issues, but it does make the difficult times less difficult.I’m really grateful to have found a deep friendship that underlies every part of our connection and relationship.  Having been through some extremely difficult times before meeting John, that has impacted our relationship and made it more difficult many times.We also choose to live a life with a great many stressors.  We’ve now been married for 12 years, lived in the US, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, been apart for a year as John worked in Iraq and I lived in France, and as of this recording, we are just finishing up 3 years in Sri Lanka and getting ready to move back to the US for the first time since 2012.  We’ve travelled the globe, climbed a lot of literal and metaphorical mountains, been struck by lightning in the Alps, almost died on our honeymoon, lived on a sailboat, camped in snow, hiked through swamps, and are currently training to do the “rim to rim to rim” at the Grand Canyon.  For those of you who know us, you know we both seem driven toward the difficult.  So, a conversation about making life less difficult is extremely apt!John, thank you for your steady friendship.  Thank you for the conversation here, for your willingness to dig in and share authentically.  Thank you for being a great partner in life and adventure, and for helping me become a better person along the way.Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Sandene Chetwynd.Sandene is a Leadership and wellbeing coach based out of Melbourne, Australia.Sandene has a passion for supporting leaders to identify the combination of skills, behaviours and habits that will make them be better and feel better at work – to be able to have a career that is both rewarding and sustainable.Sandene partners with her clients to help them grow in their self-awareness and other-awareness, improve their communication for more effective and impactful conversations, and develop trust-filled relationships to support self and others in mental health, collaborating, and networking.Sandene and I met through mutual work events, first of which were online and have since moved to in-person.  From our first moments working together there was synergy and connection and that has grown delightfully as we get to know each other more and more.Today in our conversation Sandene shares reflections on pieces of her life and journey that are personal and impactful – growing up with a father who had bipolar.  She shares glimpses into what it has taken to absorb, process, reflect and rewrite part of her story as an adult so that she can have the best possible relationships in her life now.  There’s so much wisdom in Sandene’s sharing and it’s a beautiful gift to see how she has taken her life experiences and challenges and has come away with a passion for supporting and helping others find wellbeing. Sandene, thank you so much for sharing these pieces of your journey and story.  Thank you for demonstrating the courage you help others find for themselves.  I’m truly honored to host this conversation today. One final note before getting into our conversation.  Our connectivity during our recording had some challenges.  We worked through them and I’m grateful for Sandene’s patience and resilience through it all.  But just in case you hear a glitch or two, you’ll know what it was.Connect with Sandene:WebsiteLinkedInMake Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Kenza Barrada.Kenza is a returning guest and if you haven’t listened to our first two conversation together, I highly recommend them (episodes 113 and 119).Today’s conversation happened in response to the earthquake that happened in Morocco just last week.  So you might guess that this conversation has some heaviness to it and we felt the heaviness of our hearts.Late on Friday night September 8, and extending into the early morning hours of September 9, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco, with an epicenter just south of Marrakech.I reached out to check in with Kenza, as she and her family have a farm and homestay there.  I was glad to hear they were safe and yet the devastation for many is intense.  Kenza and her community were first responders to nearby villages, and they continue to put together relief efforts now alongside the military and international aid groups who are present and assisting.Kenza offered to share her experience and some stories of what has happened in the first days post-earthquake here on the podcast and we recorded this on September 14, 2023, just 6 days after the earthquake hit.  At this point in time almost 3000 people are known to have died, tens of thousands are without homes, and many are still missing.In the midst of the tragedy, Kenza shares stories of dignity, generosity, solidarity, hospitality.  Humans helping humans, coming together as communities and neighbors.Please note, the stories shared are intense and if you feel like you may not be in a place to listen or absorb them, please take care of yourself first and foremost, even if that means not listening to this podcast.  I’ll also let you know that our audio quality may not be the best, as we had some internet connectivity issues, but fortunately we were still able to have and record this conversation.Kenza, thank you.  Thank you for sharing about your family, your community, your neighbors, your country.  Your willingness and ability to reflect on this experience in the first week after it has happened is remarkable and helps us see into hearts and communities in a special and unique way.There are many ways to support relief efforts and we talk through the various options at international, national, and the local levels.  There are also links below in case you want to donate or support in some way.Ways to donate:Internationally: Red Cross Relief Fund | Global GivingNationally:  Bank Al Magrib Relief FundLocally: please contact Kenza via LinkedIn or InstaGram - Razala HomeMake Life Less Difficult
In today's episode, I shares reflections and ideas on strategies for giving feedback.  This topic comes up a lot in my work as a coach and facilitator.Looking at several different models of giving feedback will hopefully provide new perspectives, ideas for skills to develop, and considerations on how to adjust the style of feedback for the situation and individual.  I believe these ideas and skills can be practical and beneficial both in professional and personal settings!I'd love to hear what you think.Make Life Less Difficult
Brief Reflections

Brief Reflections


A few minutes of reflections as I take a small break and have a few weeks without new episodes released.  As my life enters quite a few major transitions, I want to continue this podcast in a way that will be sustainable.  It looks like this means there may be some inconsistency in releases along the way, and I'm processing how that will impact me, as I really love having these conversations and sharing them.Thank you so much for listening!  I look forward to continuing the journey together, whatever shape it takes!Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Amy Achata.Amy is a clinical mental health counselor.  She believes meaningful connection changes people – and this is what the therapeutic process is all about.  Amy is passionate about encouraging growth and restoration for those questioning their purpose or identity and searching for meaning.  Amy works with people facing grief and loss, generational trauma, religious trauma, anxiety and identity questions and more.Amy has multiple degrees, including two bachelors degrees in addition to her masters.  She spent a number of years focusing on raising her two children as her family moved all over the United States.  Now they reside in the Chattanooga, TN, area.Amy likes to knit, read, practice yoga, sip coffee, and having deep, meaningful conversations and connection. Her favorite place on earth is the beach.Amy and have known each other from a distance for many years through her husband, David, who has been a guest on my podcast.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to connect more with Amy and learn more about her journey and story and I’m honored to host this conversation with her here today.Amy, thank you so much for your willingness to connect, for your authenticity and exploration of life, emotions, growth, and deep connections.  I look forward to more conversation with you both on the podcast and hopefully over coffee as well!If you are in the Chattanooga area and looking for a counselor, Amy is practicing at Scout Counseling and is currently taking in-person clients.  Her contact information is here:Email: aachata@scoutcounseling.comWebsite: Life Less Difficult
My guest today is… well, me.  Which sounds a little strange to say! Today’s conversation is a little different as it is hosted by Russ Watts who has been a guest on the podcast several times, after being my very first guest on episode 4.  It was with some trepidation that I stepped into this idea of being the guest for a conversation and see where the conversation would go.  I am a firm believer in continuing to stretch and challenge myself and this is one of those ways that I’m living into that.  It’s surprising to me how nervous I felt to be on the other side of the conversation, even though I’ve enjoyed being a guest on other podcasts quite a few times.  And it really gives me so much gratitude for my guests, for their willingness to talk with me, share their stories, and explore life’s varied pathways.Russ, many thanks to you for graciously hosting this conversation and holding a space for exploration and meandering through some of my own stories and reflections.  Let’s do it again sometime! Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Severine Flores.Severine is a certified executive, teams, and organizational culture coach with more than 20 years of experience living and working across Africa, Europe, and the United States.  She facilitates conversations to help organizations and teams become more effective, develop and implement a shared vision, and work collaboratively across diverse backgrounds.  She also focuses on emotional intelligence, personal awareness, and how to create a culture of trust and accountability.Severine is currently based in Nairobi, Kenya.  She loves spending time in nature, walking in the forest, bird watching, and developing her sewing skills.  Severine and I first connected through the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching network, as we were creating a network of coaches who were based in Europe and Africa.  Our lives paralleled in multiple ways including coaching, the diplomatic circles, and life as expats.  When I connected with Severine to talk about being on the podcast she shared a part of her life that I didn’t know about.  Her and her husband’s journey with infertility.Hosting this podcast is such an amazing honor, as my guests bravely decide to share pieces of their story that may not get shared in every day settings.  My hope continues to be, and I know this is Severine’s hope as well, that someone listening will know they aren’t alone on their journey.  Many women and couples have complex journeys around fertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, and more, and yet often don’t have a safe space to share.  Severine, I’m so grateful for your willingness to share these parts of your story.  Thank you for courageously talking about a difficult topic, sharing not just answers, but questions and continued challenges.  I truly believe we become stronger as we become more connected through the sharing of our stories, through hearing stories like yours, and by realizing we are all in this together.Severine’s contact information is here if you would like to connect with her:severine@authentique-leadership.comwww.authentique-leadership.comMake Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Titus Mott.Titus is a returning guest, having first been on the podcast at the very start, episode 5.  Titus was directly influential in me having the courage to start this podcast, through a couple of things we collaborated on – me being a guest on a podcast he was doing at the time plus us recording a few potential episodes of another podcast idea we had.  Ultimately that podcast wasn’t formally published, but it really sparked the interest and ideas for me to launch the Make Life Less Difficult podcast.  So, many thanks to Titus for his influence on my life and journey!I recently listened back to episode 5, my first conversation here with Titus, and had such a great time listening, I reached out to Titus and said, would you please come back for another conversation?  Titus’ initial response was, “I don’t know, I’m doing a lot to make life more difficult right now!  I may not have anything useful to share!”  Titus has recently had a total knee replacement and is in the midst of a difficult recovery period.  Knowing this, I asked Titus if he’d be willing to jump into the conversation in the midst of the difficulty.  Because so much of life, in my own experience is indeed “in the midst of”.  While it’s lovely to be on the other side of difficult times, I find the middle of difficulties very real and relatable.  And the question of what can make life a little less difficult in the midst of the difficulties taps into my deeper curiosity.So, Titus said yes and I’m so grateful because our conversation brought me so much inspiration and I think it will for you too.Titus, thank you SO much for your willingness to jump into conversation about being in the midst of a difficult season of change and transition.  I know there’s many layers of the difficulties life has tossed your way lately and we mainly talk about your knee, but your wisdom and insight extends far beyond a joint replacement.  I am always energized after having conversations with you and this one is no exception!  You are brave, courageous, and wise, and I’m so grateful for this time together.Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Priscila Hernandez, or more commonly known as Pichi.Pichi is from the beautiful country of El Salvador in Central America.  She works for the US Embassy in San Salvador, her country’s capital.  In addition to a busy job in the consular services section of the Embassy, Pichi is also part of the Adjunct Faculty program, conducting training for colleagues at embassies and consulates throughout Central and South America and in Fort Lauderdale where we first met.  Pichi has a presence that is notable from the first moment of interaction.  She has an energy that naturally connects people, she’s quick to shine the light on the talents of others providing encouragement and affirmation, and she’s deeply knowledgeable about the topics she teaches.  A couple of months ago, in April 2023, we were together for a training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the topic of my podcast came up.  We chatted for a bit about the podcast and why I do it.  And as Pichi heard me talk of the impact stories can make on others, helping make life a little less difficult when we know we aren’t alone, she told me with a solemn clarity that she indeed had a story she could share.Today, as Pichi shares this story, I didn’t know the details before we begin recording.  My breath was taken away as she revealed a story of betrayal, heartbreak, and relationship loss, and her journey to letting it go, forgiving, and finding healing.We talk about the emotional fitness Pichi embodies, the self-awareness, and personal responsibility she has embraced in such an inspirational way.  Pichi, thank you SO very much for sharing these pieces of your journey with us here.  Your wisdom, strength, emotional resolve, and humility are incredibly inspiring.  You are a living model of making life less difficult for others by sharing your story and encouraging others through theirs.Make Life Less Difficult
My guest today is Laura Baringer.Laura is passionate about living an authentic, values-drive life and continuously figuring out what that means and how to do it.  She’s a former executive and strategy advisor in the global health, adolescence and gender fields and recently opened the first African branch of an NGO, managing a multi-million-dollar adolescent health program.Laura now works as a social impact and start-up advisor with a focus on East Africa, as well as running her own coaching practice, focusing on helping others find alignment in international work and living environments. She also works with entrepreneurs and small business owners helping them expand and grow their businesses.Laura has lived in the US, Central America, Africa, Europe and now calls Utrecht, Netherlands, home where she lives with her husband, two kids, and dog.  She loves the outdoors, running, yoga, and home design.Laura and I first connected through coaching a couple years ago and it’s such a delight to reconnect with her through this conversation.Laura, thank you for your willingness to share these pieces of your story and journey!  Thank you for sharing your insights, reflections, and wisdom.  And thank you for investing in others, helping them find their center and grounding in a way of life that often lacks stability!  Connect with Laura:·      LinkedIn·      Website (Laura & Sarah)Make Life Less Difficult
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