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The Spark Sisters

Author: Flame Schoeder and Jeanne Ivy

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A show from Flame Schoeder and Jeanne Ivy about living from your authentic spark.
12 Episodes
Grief & Authenticity

Grief & Authenticity


What happens when a season of personal hardships collides with a grief-inducing event—and is it possible to hold onto authenticity during such “perfect storms?” In this impromptu discussion, which may be the most raw Spark Sisters’ most raw episode yet, Jeanne shares how a recent grief has impacted her. Together, she and Flame discuss the value of remaining authentic even when times are tough.Related resource: Jeanne mentions The Live Your Values Deck by Lisa Congdon and Andreea Niculescu.
Rugged individuality is often characterized as a hallmark of the American way of life, but is it authentic? How are they the same? How are they different? In this episode, Jeanne and Flame explore all this, plus a vision for society that builds on the best of all of it.
Advice & Authenticity

Advice & Authenticity


Have  you ever felt like the most well-meaning advice didn't apply to you? In this episode, Jeanne and Flame explore why that might be and how to approach advice. They answer the question , "who is the best person to give you advice and why?"
Authentic productivity

Authentic productivity


The Spark Sisters kick off their second season by discussing the "quiet quitting" phenomenon and how it relates to productivity and authenticity.Related reading: Jeanne mentions a thought-provoking Twitter thread by Anne Helen Petersen, the co-author of the book Out of Office.
Hear what Flame's path of authenticity looks like. In her search for happiness, she found her own path, guided by the events of her seemingly random life. Ultimately, her core values and quest to be unconditional love became the foundation for her authentic life.
Authenticity is an inside job, but in this episode Jeanne and Flame discuss how people can support those around them to be more authentic--especially managers. Through polarity management, curiosity, psychological safety and a partnership view, authenticity becomes usable and a real contribution to our environments. It also makes life easier.
One of the greatest challenges we face as human beings is how to be more authentic in our day to day lives. In this episode, Flame and Jeanne explore why it's such a challenge and how to truly "show up" anyway and thereby become more confident, joyous and successful so that you can make the unique contribution you are here on the planet to make.
What does it look and feel like to be authentic in our personal relationships? The Spark Sisters examine the distinction between transactions and actual relationships. Then, Jeanne and Flame explore the overall purpose of relationships and how authenticity empowers an “upward spiral” in them that can catalyze personal growth.
Authenticity at work

Authenticity at work


Jeanne and Flame discuss why authenticity matters in the workplace. They connect the concepts of genius, intuition and creativity with authenticity.Related reading: Flame quotes Marianne Williamson, specifically “A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of ‘A Course in Miracles’.”
In this first episode, the Spark Sisters, Flame and Jeanne, explore what living from your authentic spark means today and why it matters to the human race. They consider how wholeness and integrity contrast with the vulnerability and suffering of the human condition. They also share a few ideas to help you discover and keep returning to your authentic self.Related reading: In the discussion, Flame mentions Joseph Campbell who was a comparative religion and mythology professor. Campbell’s whose seminal work, “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” helped define aspects of the universal human experience.
Our new podcast invites you to listen in as we chat about what we’ve dedicated most of our careers to: helping others discover and own their unique sparks. In this trailer, we’ll provide a little backstory of the show, and give you a glimpse into what’s coming up in the first season.- Flame and Jeanne
In this episode, Jeanne shares how she began identifying and trusting her authentic self—and how that process involved a dark reckoning.* She and Flame also discuss the value of courage, clarity, community and play, as well as the role that systems have in people’s capacity to be their authentic selves.  * This included an incident of near-suicidal thoughts. If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call 800.273.8255 or chat with a counselor online. 
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