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The Life Challenges Podcast

Author: Christian Life Resources

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Join Christian Life Resources as we discuss biblical perspectives on modern day issues.
19 Episodes
Parenthood is hard but there are blessings and joys that God gives to parents.  We will discuss these joys and also talk about ways to encourage the next generation on discovering the blessings of parenthood.
Is parenthood a burden?  We will look at how our modern day culture views parenthood and bring a biblical perspective to the conversation as well. 
Holy Innocents' Day, observed annually on December 28th, marks the day Herod ordered the murder of the baby boys of Bethlehem, ages two and under.   Come along as we remember this day and discuss the importance of this event.
The conception of Jesus can be hard to understand, yet it is the start to one of the most anticipated events in all of Scripture - the birth of our Savior.  Come along as we discuss the pregnancy of Mary and the birth of Jesus.
Are you afraid to die?  While many Christians are at peace knowing they will be with God in Heaven, sometimes there are things that concern us when we think about our own death.  Join us as we discuss not only death but the comfort God's word gives us.
What is death?  How do we define it medically, politically, and spiritually? What should guide us when making end of life decisions?  Come along as we take a look at these questions and more.
Join us as we talk with special guest Tabitha Schroeder about the extraordinary work being done at New Beginnings.  Learn about the mission, opportunities, and exciting plans for the future!  
 Join us as we discuss films with pro-life messaging.  
We will look at Bible passages pertaining to the abortion debate by looking at their context and meaning in Scripture.  Let's dig into God's word and be reminded of his message when it comes to matters of life.
It can be both fun and apprehensive to think about the future.  Join us as we talk with futurist Thomas Frey.  We will also sit down with Bob and Jeff to discuss why Christians might care about the future.  
It can be challenging to live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by wealth.  Join us as we discuss monetary blessings in our current culture as well as important biblical truths surrounding wealth and prosperity.  
Things are changing in our government.  Come with us as we talk about government change and religious freedom.  
Episode 6: Being Me!

Episode 6: Being Me!


What does it mean to be human?   When we understand our human nature, we can value God's gift of life even more. 
Join us as we look at the value placed on human life and discuss practical ways we as individuals and congregations can show love to God's greatest creation. 
Let's look at one of the most popular phrases in the abortion movement.  We will take a closer look at establishing common ground, how to talk to pro-choice Christians, and what the Bible says about bodily autonomy. 
Join us as we take a look at the pro-life movement.  We'll touch a little on the past and talk about how we got to where we are today.  
Let's explore what it means for a Christian to be active in the government.  Bob and Jeff will navigate us through important concepts and things to remember when it comes to Christians and activism.  
Listen to find out why life matters to Christians and how we can start conversations with others about the importance of life.
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