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Join us as we take a look at what is happening across the country in a Post-Roe America.  We'll look at some important things to remember as Christians moving forward in our society. Show Notes:
Today we are joined by Rachel Binczak of Kingdom Workers.  We will discuss foster care and talk about the exciting opportunities Kingdom Workers is pursuing in this area.Show Notes:Kingdom Workers Foster Support Program
Join us as we take a look at the topic of bad habits.  
Join us as we break down some common sayings that many people use as comfort during difficult times.  Are these saying always the best?  Why are we so quick to offer these sayings as encouragement?  We'll look at these questions and more as we talk about specific truths and sayings.  
Join us as we look at the topic of assisted suicide.  We look at some of the history and talk about different names and terms it has been given over the years.  We'll also discuss the Biblical and Christian perspective on this topic.Show Notes:Christian Medical Directives Life Holds no Dignity and Answers to Euthanasia Position Statement
Join us as we talk about life expectancy and how it has changed.  We'll discuss some important things to keep in mind and look at how Christians can view aging and longevity.  
Join us as we take a look at the topic of vaccinations.  We will talk about the topic both pre-and post-COVID-19. We'll also look at both sides of the issue and offer a Christian perspective on the topic.   Show Notes:
Join us as we talk with Jason Jonker of Resilient Recovery Ministries.  We'll talk about some of the myths and misconceptions around addiction and the work being done through this Arizona-based ministry.Show Notes:Resilient Recovery Ministries: restinjesus.org
When can Christians compromise?  What does the Bible say on this subject of compromise?  How can we teach this concept to our children?  We tackle these questions and more today!
Join us as we talk about media and culture and the influence it has on us as Christians.  We discuss the importance of filling our minds with good and God-pleasing things using the diet analogy.  Show Notes:
Megan Samelson joins us today to talk about Godly Womanhood.  We discuss different aspects of our culture that impact women and girls.  We also talk about God's view of women and the importance of staying tethered to God.  
Join us as we talk about change.  We will discuss things like New Years' resolutions and what our attitude should be when looking to try to evoke change in others.  
Many of us are probably very familiar with the Christmas story.  We know the baby in the manger is God's son, but do we really take the time to ponder what God becoming man really means for us?   Join us as we look at God taking on human form.  We will look at what it means for Christians, and also the implications when looking at life issues.  
Join us as we talk about  "The Spirit of Christmas."  We will explore questions about the Christmas spirit and discuss its meaning for both Christians and non-Christians.   We will also discuss Christmas traditions and how Christmas can be found in every season of life.
Join us as we talk about the Respect for Marriage Act. Show Notes:
Why is Christian Life Resources worthy of our attention?  What does supporting Christian Life Resources look like? What are the different ways to support? Today we look at these questions and more.Show Notes:Giving Tuesday page:
What happens after an election?  Did things go the way we wanted them to go?  What do we do next?  What is our responsibility as Christians?  Join us as we discuss what we can focus on after an election.
Today we look at rape and incest and how it relates to the abortion issue.  Can you be pro-life and still accept exceptions for rape and incest?  What is the Biblical perspective on rape and incest?  Join us as we discuss this sensitive topic.Show Notes:
What is polygamy?  Why was polygamy seemingly allowed in the Bible?  What should we think about polygamy nowadays?  Does God condone polygamy?  We will look at all these questions and more!
Join us as we look at what it means to be a Christian family.  We will talk about the traditional family and how that differs from a Christian family.  We will also look at how we can be supportive of all types of families in the church.
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