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Navigating the Cloud Journey

Author: Jim Mandelbaum

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Welcome to the Navigating the Cloud Journey Podcast series! This podcast is for cloud practitioners who are responsible for planning, architecting, implementing and operating any part of their organization's cloud tech stack. We are engineers, architects, developers, implementers, researchers and everyone in-between.

Our guests are subject matter experts and everyday cloud people who will share their unique perspectives, actionable best practices, technical knowledge, and more.

If you have would like to be a guest on our podcast, please send an email to

All views and opinions expressed on this podcast by Gigamon employees do not represent those of Gigamon Inc., its affiliates, and/or its subsidiaries. All views and opinions expressed by guests are their own and their appearance on this podcast does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they are affiliated with or represent.The information presented here is for general informational purposes only. Gigamon is not responsible for and does not verify for the accuracy, completeness, or performance of any of the information contained in this podcast. Any action you take upon the information contained in this podcast is strictly at your own risk.Gigamon and the hosts of this podcast assume no liability for any activities in connection with this podcast. This podcast is property of Gigamon Inc., and is protected under US and international copyright and trademark laws.

13 Episodes
Jeremy is a real White Hat who has lived in the weeds of the cyber security industry for over a decade. In this episode he shares his experiences, best practices, and industry recommendations for all  the threat hunters and defenders who are on the front lines of protecting  networks.
When you hear the call  "We're migrating to the Cloud!" does your heart skip a beat? Lifting, shifting, migrating, and building new Apps for the Cloud can introduce  changes and  challenges to your current  development workflow and processes. In this episode, we hear from Drew Horn from Sumo Logic who has experience living in this world and will share best practices to consider and resources that you can use today to accelerate your journey to the Cloud.
Hybrid Cloud? Multi-Cloud? Cloud Native? Whether you're already there or planning to migrate, it's critical to understand the networking implications that can have a big impact on your happiness. In this episode, Jim talks to networking expert Aniket Daptari who shares key architectural considerations and best practices to help minimize the bumps you may encounter in your cloud journey.
AWS has LOTS to offer when it comes to cloud security. In this episode, Jim talks to Ranjit Kalidasan, a Senior Solutions Architect, who will discuss the Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud security and then review the key tools and  observability use cases you need to know about to ensure your AWS cloud solution is protected.
DevOps, CloudOps, DevSecOps, etc…what's in a name? All of these operational titles play a critical role in managing and securing your cloud. In this episode, Jim and Jeff Bozic, Principal Architect at Insight, untangle this alphabet soup and help us understand who the key operational roles, what they do, and why operating the cloud is a true team effort.
UPDATE: We have a new podcast host - Jim Mandelbaum! We will certainly miss Mike V as Jim takes over the reins and we know he will do a bang-up job. Just listen to his fist episode here! - JonNow ... about this episode ....Ensuring  that the right person, has the right access, to the right application(s), at the right time is essential to any organization's security and operational efficiency.  And - when you move to the Cloud, your identity footprint expands and becomes even more complex to manage.In the episode, Jim speaks with Diana Volere, a Senior Security Partner at Netflix. Diana walks us through best practices for identity automation, building authoritative sources, privileged access management, why LDAP and Active Directory are not enough and discusses the new reality of how identity changes when you're in the Cloud.
Ransomware is a hot topic these days. And the bad guys are often innovating faster than we are by easily evading traditional security controls. In this episode, industry expert Ben Stock  from Ordr, Inc. will tell us how both large and small healthcare organizations can prepare for and defend against ransomware attacks.
Meet Carson Sweet. He's the Chief Cloud Security Officer at Fidelis Cybersecurity and has been in the infosec business  for 30 years. In this episode, Carson shares some important best practices and advice that are key to understanding how to secure the Cloud whether your migrating, building new apps, or starting from scratch.
In this episode, Mike is joined by Anita Jindal,  Sr. Director of Engineering at VMware. Anita shares her experiences and advice around building, operating, and securing business applications that leverage Big Data and emerging cloud technologies. Mike and Anita will explore the evolution of Big Data, how the Cloud offers new opportunities for data analytics, what it takes to build and nurture a team of application and system reliability engineers, and Anita's passion for mentoring women and encouraging careers in STEM. 
Monsters in the Cloud? Yes! They do exist and if you're running apps in the cloud, it's likely that you've already been bitten by one and may not even know.Mike and Tobias Kunze from Glasnostic talk about the never-ending Day-2 in the cloud and what cloud operators and software developers need to pay attention to help identify and mitigate operational monsters that can cause havoc in your cloud environments.
We are so excited to have Zero Trust technical expert Chase Cunningham as our guest in this episode. Mike and Chase discuss a variety of topics around the origins of  Zero Trust, important considerations around crafting your Zero Trust strategy, how the US Government has begun to invest in ZT and even a bit about Chase's children's books that teach our next generation  about tech. Enjoy!
In our second Episode, Mike is joined by Ben Stineman, Vice President of Infrastructure and Security at Vinli Incorporated. Ben will explain what it takes to start from scratch or migrate to Cloud Native. As a networking expert, he shares his personal experience at Vinli along with helpful tips you need to understand the ins-and-outs of Cloud Native. 
In our first episode, Mike is joined by Ethan Banks networking expert, podcaster, blogger and co-founder of Packet Pushers Interactive. First, they will discuss what Hybrid Cloud means and then jump into a  lively conversation about important considerations for cloud adoption,  who's responsible for security,  adopting  new tech and processes,  organizational changes, gotchas, and much more.Enjoy!
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