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Understanding Propaganda

Author: Forbidden Knowledge Network

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Everything you see on the news is a lie. Here we help you navigate the sea of disinformation being spread by teaching the fundamentals of propaganda. We will examine the long history of propaganda and we will take a look at how propaganda impacts you today.
35 Episodes
The rainbow frog is back!https://coryhughes.org
Understanding Propaganda is back with new episodes brought to you live on Rumble. Follow Understanding Propaganda on Rumble!'s Website - https://coryhughes.orgPre-Order Cory's eBook on the JFK assassination -
Charlie Robinson of Macroaggressions Podcast joins me on this episode of Understanding Propaganda.Charlie's Twitter - -
This episode I am joined by XCubed420 and we review the infamous leaked document Tactics For Conservative Blogging by Karl Rove. #schlongcovid
Propaganda Review 2022

Propaganda Review 2022


Charlie Robinson joins me on this edition of Understanding Propaganda
Weezy joins me to discuss the abundance of propaganda from the past month.https://understandingpropaganda.com
OMG even more laughable anti-Russian propaganda has been unleashed. Learn to fight propaganda by reading the Doctrine Re: Rumors.
My latest appearance on William Ramsey Investigates. I tell the twisted story of the multiple Oswalds on this episode.https://understandingpropaganda.com to make a donation and gain access to my private JFK chat.
My appearance on FKN this week where I talk about the myth of Lee Harvey Oswald
Cory Hughes talks about the JFK assassination on RedPill78.
Weezy and I discuss well poisoners and whether or not a plane hit the pentagon.
RT America has been shut down permanently. Lee Camp joins us to explain what's happening in Ukraine and beyond.
The war in Ukraine has given us a bouquet of wartime propaganda for us to analyze. The rehashing of old images and video is the theme of the week.
Juan Ayala joins me to discuss propaganda as it applies to the occult, religion, and life.
Charlie Robinson joins me this week to review Lenin's Principles of Propaganda.
On this week's show I discuss the Biden administration's stance on the vaccine before and after Donald Trump.
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